Saturday, February 09, 2008

Senior Stormfront moderator outs himself in support of Griffin

Today, 06:53 PM
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Griffin Griffin Griffin )
NWN: This guy Andy Robertson/JJT should resign his post just like his hero Nick Griffin. Stormfront has abused it's position for years, and has tried to corrupt British nationalism thereby. Almost every thread is now a battlefield.
We now have a virtual 'civil war' on SFUK, as the Griffinites have spouted so much personal poison and lies.
The Griffinites are dwindling in number and influence, hence the threats from Griffins idiots.


NorthWestNationalists said...

JJT pays for his position on SF. He did that from day one.

If Andy isn't state, I will bear my arse on the town hall steps !


Anonymous said...

What is suspicious about JJT is that he subscribes to every mainstream theory of how the world works. I know of nothing "controversial" he subscribes to. He believes the Muzzies planned 911.

I was a BNP member for six years. JJT has been a moderator on SF for the same length of time. I may have meet him at one RWB. I know of no one in the West Mids who has had substantial contact with him and I know of no activism he has engaged in.

He appeared from no where to be a moderator on Stormfront without any nationalist CV that I'm aware of.

Obviously ,this leads to other questions about "who is who ?"

legend john charnley said...

"He appeared from no where to be a moderator on Stormfront without any nationalist CV that I'm aware of."

That's why the older nationalists cringe !

jack heatherington said...

state supporting state !

Anonymous said...

jjt will have been on the whisky again.

Anonymous said...

Don't people realise that the state wants you to support, Griffn. They know Griffin will ensure the BNP fails time and time again.

seventhvictim said...

I still find it hard to understand why anyone (outside the Libdems)would be so keen to publicly support a man who would tolerate would be paedophiles in positions of authority in the party.

JJT, if you are reading this be a decent chap and tell us why- after all you have young daughters yourself.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is backed all the way down the line by the state.

Go figure.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...