Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why Desire a Muslim State in Eastern Europe?

Granted, we can't read the minds of Jewish congressmen like Lantos, but nonetheless, we can think of a reason for a Muslim state being created in Eastern Europe: such a state would, sooner or later, cause trouble for its non-Muslim neighbors.

And that trouble, in turn, would be a great excuse for America, with its huge military and unlimited funds, to become heavily involved in Eastern Europe.

And by becoming heavily involved in Eastern Europe, America could then help mold and shape political and ethnic issues in the entire region - especially in nearby Russia, which hasn't become the "democracy" that the Jewish neocons in America had hoped for.

The neocons of America wanted easily-manipulated democrazy for Russia, but they got Putin instead, who expelled Jewish billionaires from Russia and who probably won't let any negroes or Pakistanis become "equal" to Whites [1].
Oy vey.
In other words, American policy could be used to make Russia and other Eastern European states more friendly and accessible to the Jews, simply because America would have a strong presence there, just as America has a strong presence in the Middle East now.
Indeed, America could then change certain features of Eastern Europe for the Jews just like it has changed certain features of the Middle East for the Jews [2]. Or, to quote Rabbi Solomon Silvergoldbergwitzfeld, "by using American muscle combined with Jewish brainpower, we can eventually make the world safe for all Jews!":

[1] democrazy = a place where all humans are equal, regardless of race, sex, religion or toilet habits, and a place where Jews can dominate the media, banks and other key parts of society

[2] many people in Eastern Europe hate Jews because of Jewish involvement in communism there, and furthermore, David Duke's book was being sold inside of the Russian parliament building, which we found both astonishing and funny

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