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Dear Israel,

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to file and look forward to reading it at some stage over the Easter Holidays.In the meanwhile, I think Michael Jones should be told that it must have been the late John Tyndall (not "Joseph Tyndal") who he heard addressing a meeting in Washington, and who by that time (circa 1982/1999) was Chairman of the British National Party, having resigned from the National Front, of which he was chairman during the 1970s I'm quite sure John Tyndall's shade will be more irritated at somebody not remembering his name than by somebody who challenged his platform assertions.

I'll send a correction to Mr. Jones myself, if you let me have his e-mail address.

As to the "Joseph" part of the error, perhaps Mr. Jones -- an American, who you say is a Roman Catholic -- was confusing Tyndall with Joseph Pearce, who used to be leader of the Young National Front when Tyndall was NF Chairman, but who converted to Roman Catholocism, proclaiming "anti-semitism is evil".

Joe was rewarded by Holy Mother Church for his abandonment of nationalism and "racism" not only with an annulment of the marriage (at which I was present in a Methodist church) to the mother of his first two children (it was thought he had a "vocation for the Priesthood") but also, after his "vocation" evaporated, with a sinecure as "Writer in Residence" at a Roman Catholic university in the USA, where he now resides with what the Church regards as his first and only wife and what he described in a Church magazine as his "first child".

I don't know what the situation is in the USA, but certainly in Britain, practising Roman Catholics who are also active in politics are for the most part very much identified with:

(a) Pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist attitudes;

(b) Militant multi-racialism and advocates of a total "open door" immigration policy (especially to Roman Catholics!).

I have tracked down the name of the Roman Catholic speaker (Austen Iverleigh) of the "Strangers into Citizens" organisation who I heckled at an RC church meeting in Pimlico last month; in particular, I have tracked down his article in The Spectator:>


>> The Spectator - 17th March 2007>

Let¹s sort out the migration mess

You might care to look up what a contemporary "Left Wing" British Roman Catholic is writing in Britain's premier "Right Wing" ultra-pro-Zionist weekly magazine; how he characterises those Britons who cherish their identity (we're "hatchet-wielding Glasgow Nazis") and, in contrast, how he characterises aliens who invade our land , forge our passports, perpetrate tax and welfare swindles, import diseases, consume our health services and otherwise contravene our laws (they're lovely people with so much to contribute!).

In my view Iverleigh's article is even more invertedly-'racist', illogical, immoral, ill-informed and smug than the emetic garbage I heard him utter a couple of weeks ago.

I identify contemporary political Roman Catholocism with "ethno-masochism", a cult devised by those neurotically obsessed by guilt -- which they somehow conflate with religious piety -- to induce White-Europan people, by means of mendacious propaganda, to inflict upon themselves self-genocide (suicide) via uncontrolled immigration and racial miscegenation.

Old-fashioned Roman Catholics might describe "ethno-masochism" as the product of the same kind of mind-set which produced the Jansenist heresy, whose adherents used to dress in rags, sleep in dung-heaps, eat raw turnips and encourage other Catholics to behave similarly if they were to avoid Hell-fire.

All the best,

Martin Webster.

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