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Clio Gagged: How Jewish Supremacism gags History
A Talk given in Teramo University, Italy, by Israel Shamir at the Conference on the Holocaust and the Middle East:
Clio Gagged, on April 18, 2007
Preface Commentary by David Duke — “Clio Gagged” is a recent article by that intrepid Jewish writer, Israel Shamir, a man I believe to be the most courageous and intellectually honest Jew in the world. Shamir, an Israeli former member of the IDF, has dared to present the other side of the Jewish-Gentile conflict.
In a media saturated by Jewish power, only one position on this conflict is permitted: Jews are always innocent, Gentiles are always guilty.
Anything else other than this simple polemic is deemed anti-Semitism.
In truth, since the Jewish sojourn in Egypt, through Roman occupation of Jerusalem, the Babylonian Capitivity, their Middle ages presence in Eastern and Central Europe, to the present modern state of Israel, Jewish ideology and power has been far more chauvinist, intolerant, hateful and ultimately murderous than that of their antagonists.
As my book, JEWISH SUPREMACISM shows, no major writing on Earth comes close to the ethnic supremacism and hatred of the Talmud. Obviously, as a person of Jewish descent, Shamir has no wish for reciprocal hatred or harm to fall upon the Jewish people. As a person of European descent, neither do I, but I am committed to exposing and defending my people from the threat of Jewish supremacism.
Shamir, perhaps Quixote-like, seeks a new path for the Jewish people, one that seems an unlikely development in a Jewish extremist power structure that has refined and fortified itself for 3000 years.
One thing that Shamir and I know is that Jewish Supremacism poses a great threat to the heritage and freedom of the European people, and indeed to all peoples on Earth. It has led not only to the ethnic cleansing and barbarous oppression of the people of Palestine, its media occupation in America and Europe have undermined every worthy tradition and morality of the culture of the West, its political power has led to the opening of America and Europe to invasion. It is why American treasure and blood are shed in the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan, and it leads us to a possible apocalypse against Iran. (NWN: Our emphasis )
Shamir is not only brilliant in his ideas, but his knowledge and literary ability make his articles a joy and marvel to read. Read and learn!Clio Gagged – Israel Shamir One should not be amazed that the gentle muse of history, Clio, finds herself gagged. History is not a peaceful collection of facts and trivia. History is a perpetual tug-of-war, for its re-writing may change the world. One can’t change the past, so goes the old adage, and it is true. But if we are dissatisfied with our present, we may change our understanding of past, and this will change our future. This has been known since time immemorial, and this is why history was given into custody of sacred keepers, to ensure the power structure and some continuity.
Whoever controls the past determines the future. The subject of this conference deals exactly with this topic: we are dissatisfied with present, we turn to the past, and by re-assessing it we plan to influence future.
If some parts of the historical narrative are strongly defended, or perverted outright, the more reason we have to attack it.
By no means is the Holocaust the only vigorously defended domain of history, where an offender may find himself in deep water. The old case of Jewish human sacrifices re-emerged recently in Italy, with the publication of Professor Ariel Toaff’s book, Passovers of Blood . As you may already know, Prof Toaff proved that some Jews accused of kidnapping and killing Christian children in the Middle Ages were actually guilty as charged. They were executed for brutal murder, and they weren’t victims of alleged Christian prejudice or primordial antisemitism.
One may think it would be a reason for celebration: the criminals were not libelled but properly punished; justice was carried out, and modern Jews should be happy that the medieval anti-Jewish prejudice is but a myth, akin to the myth of Germans turning Jews into soap.
But the Jewish organisations were not happy at all.
They attacked the Jewish Professor of Medieval Jewish studies in an Israeli University; the mentally tortured, almost crucified professor Toaff withdrew and destroyed the book (mercifully in our days it is not that easy, and the book can be read on the web on ), surrendered the small amount of money he got from the publisher to the Jewish inquisition of ADL, and was forced to a new act of repentance .

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