Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Has Mark Cotterill really packed in ?

The ex(?) - EFP leader has been sited 'snooping around' in Blackburn, knocking on activists doors, according to one good source. Any truth in this ? Seems strange !


Anonymous said...

I heard he tried recruiting nick holt and john murphy from blackburn and was rebuffed in no uncertain terms. When he realised efp couldn't get anywhere in blackburn he decided to go to preston and try his luck there.

Anonymous said...

the real truth is that he was told by a main face at blackburn to leave as all he was starting to do was split nationalists and cause mither

Burnley Dynamo said...

Think it was the other way round Nick Holt has been in, out, in, out as far as the BNP are concerned and has twice hinted he may join the EFP. Nick has also leaked emails to H&D when in dispute with Goodwin. The EFP did get somewhere at one time and got 2 elected this enraged Griffin and meant the policy of splitting was to restart. Wonder who the main face was to tell him to leave Blackburn sounds like fantasy stuff to me I mean hes just going sell up and move to another town because someone told him too. This time round EFP have kept out of potentially good BNP wards (Ewood and Shadsworth)despite having candidates even to the extent they left Meadowhead to the BNP despite winning it so comfortably last year. But the BNP decided to split the Mill Hill vote by putting up a 70 year old lady who up to press hasnt even leafletted against an EFP candidate who has worked the ward all year and left Blackburn BNP because of the lack of stability. Seems Blackburn BNP arent exactly angels when it comes to mither and splitting. Sad thing is with Meadowhead being left to the BNP and there being two seats they havent even got a leaflet round the ward. This could have been won especially with the EFP standing aside.

Sad but true !