Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Just a thought !

While the heartlands of the BNP such as Lancashire and Yorkshire are suffering poor morale 'because' of Nick Griffin. Where are all these many new BNP candidates coming from, to stand in these rural areas in Mays elections ?

We spotted loads of newcomers who were fast-tracked by Griffin after 1999, when he hijacked the BNP, such as traitors Andy Sykes and the ex-BNP Treasurer John Brayshaw who scuppered Burnley BNP on his own,at Griffins behest, amongst others.

We have had a white muslim ,also a guy in Barrow who has black grandchildren and that idiot Martin Wingfield promoted this in VOF.

'Arshad Mohammed'(sic) is standing again for the BNP in Bradford.

There are several jews that we know about in the BNP. God knows how many there really are, or who really runs the BNP now, because Nick Griffin does not.

And more to the point, what is the ideology of these new people , have they got one ?

There are strange happenings occuring.

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jcb said...

Nick Griffin has always wished that these posh areas would support the BNP.

Why ?

Because Griffin comes from an upper class posh background. Griffins Dad Edgar was a Tory grandee till he 'got the push' a few years back.

Griffin pushed the South West UK over and above the rest of the Country (for the, at that time forthcoming EURO elections of1999)from 1998 at AC meetings. That was before we found our heartlands in West Yorkshire and Lancashire. If it had been left to Griffin we would still have been getting 1.5% votes like we did, and will still get, in these posh areas.

Talk about pishing against the wind !

Oh, and also, while we were all focussing our attention to the biggest ever nationalist push in the UK , Griffin had his eye(no pun intended) on the leadership of the BNP. That is why he threw his challenge in at THAT crucial AC meeting, that was finishing off all the plans for that campaign.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...