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The BNP and Zionism

Subject: Washington Times on NeoCon/"Nationalist" alliance


The below analysis published in the Washington Times on 11th April about how and why ultra Right Wing Zionists are cosying-up to various "Nationalist" groups in Europe) should be read with great care.It substantially conforms with the analysis which I expressed to you more than a year ago, and which I have rehearsed in many subsequent postings and bulletins:

1. The Jews were the force which, via money power and media power (and hence political power) encouraged mass Coloured Immigration into Britain and elsewhere in Europe as a means of disrupting and subverting White-Gentile nations, underminding their sense of racial and national solidarity and, thereby, enhancing the power of Jewry which, by strict application of racialist policies, protects itself from the debilitating multi-racial chaos swirling around in the gentile world.

2. In recent years Jewry has woken up to the fact that the numerical size of the Muslim population in Europe is growing at a huge rate, as are other non-White immigrant groups. The growth of the non-Muslim/non-Whites doesn't bother Jewry as these people are not co-ordinated by a common political loyalty or religious belief.
The Muslim non-Whites, on the other hand, DO have a common religious and political focus (just like the Jews) and, what is more, on account of the Palestine situation and, latterly, the Iraq situation, the Muslims are politically and religiously opposed to Jewry.

3. Hence the Jews feel their domination over the body politics of the European nations will become progressively diluted if the Muslim populations (however poor) increase within European nations while the Jewish populations (however rich) decrease -- either proportionately or in absolute terms. However much gentile politicians lust after Jewish cash and media patronage, the bottom line for them on polling day is the number of votes for them in the ballot boxes.
An increasing Muslim population might be able to muster cash as well as votes to influence our craven politicians.

4. Thus ten or more years ago the Jews set about trying to devise a plan whereby the Muslim population can be cowed, discredited and, ultimately, forced out of European nations (a policy inclusive of keeping Turkey out of the EU!) on the grounds of their proclivity to "terrorism", whilst at the same time not discrediting and dismantling the "multi-racialist project" or stopping further non-White immigration (providing it is not Muslim!) -- regardless of the fact that the number of White casualties from Afro-Caribbean violence and crime in Britain far exceeds Islamic extremist terrorist outrages, such as the 7th July tube bombings in London.

5. Part of this Jewish project has been to infiltrate and adjust the policies and strategies of European "Nationalist" parties so that they accept the de facto multi-racialist situation of their respective nations; abandon their anti-Jewish policies; and concentrate their energies on making war on "Islam"/the Muslims -- a strategy which the ignorant rank-and-file 'lumpen' of "Nationalist" parties will not be able to distinguish from the earlier Nationalist campaign against ALL Coloured Immigration, for repatriation and a total rejection of the multi-racial concept. This cynical Jewish strategy is summed-up in their "Clash of Civilisations" construct which suggests falsely that Jewish values are part and parcel of Western/European/Christian civilisation; that Jewry and Israel are part of "Us"!

6. We have seen exactly that policy transformation enacted before our very eyes within a year of Nick Griffin taking over the British National Party in 1999. We saw it enacted within the Front National in France, especially after Jean Marie Le Pen's daughter, Marine, got elected to the European Parliament and immediately joined a delegation to visit Israel.

It is no doubt as a result of that visit (probably including a ritual visit to and a genuflection at Yad Vashem) that she came into contact with the Israel ultra-Right: Bibi Netanyahu and Conrad Black's wife, Barbara Amiel.

I am quite sure that Nick Griffin has been lobbied by Marine Le Pen in this regard, and that it was thanks to her that early last year Griffin was telephoned by Amiel with an opening gambit: "Isn't it about time we were talking to each other.....?"Regards,Martin Webster.

http://washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20070410-100624-4394r.htmWashington Times - 11th April 2007TODAY'S COLUMNIST
In bed with Islamists

By Paul Belien

For almost four decades, Muslims have been the fastest-growing segmentof the population in Western Europe. As a consequence, the Muslim vote isbecoming ever more important.This first became apparent in the September 2002 general elections inGermany, when Socialist candidate Gerhard Schroeder beat Conservativeopponent Edmund Stoiber with the slightest of margins -- barely 8,864votes.Germany is home to almost 700,000 Turkish-German voters -- inaddition to nearly 3 million non- (or rather not-yet-) voting Turkishimmigrants.

The Muslims voted overwhelmingly for Mr. Schroeder.

They did so again in 2005, though then the native, or "German-German,"vote went to the right to such an extent that it resulted in a narrow victoryfor Christian-Democrat candidate Angela Merkel. As time goes by, however,it will become ever more difficult to counter the Muslim voting bloc.

Last year the Muslim vote tipped the balance toward the left in the localelections in both the Netherlands and Belgium. The Institute for Migrationand Ethnic Studies of the University of Amsterdam found that 84 percent ofthe Turkish immigrants in the Netherlands voted for the left, as did 90percent of the Moroccans.In Antwerp, Belgium's largest port, the anti-Islamist Vlaams Belang partywon 33.5 percent in October's local elections.

Sociologist Jan Hertogencalculated that without the immigrant vote the VB would have polled 40.4percent and would have beaten the Socialists.Most of the immigrants who came to Europe during the past decades wereattracted by the generous welfare benefits that Western Europe lavishlybestows on the "underprivileged." Today, as more and more young Muslimsreach voting age, European parties have begun to cater to Islamist causes.Left-wing politicians in Europe introduce separate swimming hours forwomen in public pools, impose halal food on cafeterias and demand thatschools banish the Holocaust from history lessons.Pundits who predict that Western Europe is about to witness a shift to theanti-immigrant right are mistaken. This trend will be over by the end ofthe decade, when the impact of the immigrant vote will move Europeanpolitics dramatically to the left. The right's chances of winning electionsare dwindling.

The anti-immigrant right realizes this. As Filip Dewinter, the AntwerpVB leader, said after last year's elections:"I am a realist. The number of potential voters for our party is decliningyear by year... In the past ten years the number of new Belgians inAntwerp -- half of whom are Moroccans -- has doubled. ... If the number offoreigners in Antwerp continues to grow by 1.5 percent a year, as itcurrently does, then in 20 years from now there will be more people offoreign than of indigenous extraction in this city."The Muslim vote is also bound to have a major impact on the upcomingFrench presidential elections on April 22. More than 10 percent of theFrench electorate is Muslim. Since Muslims are the youngest part of thepopulation, representing almost a quarter of those under 20 years of age,their political importance will only grow.In some French cities already half the inhabitants are Muslims. This makesit all but impossible for the right to win in urban constituencies -- unlessvirtually all the indigenous "French-French" cast a right-wing vote.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the candidate of the ruling center-right UMP party, seemsconvinced that many indigenous French might, indeed, do this. Hence, he isspeaking out loudly against an Islamist takeover of French urbanneighborhoods, such as the Parisian suburbs.If Mr. Sarkozy's strategy proves to be the right one, it shows that manyFrench have come to realize that these elections offer the last chance topreserve something of the old France.Some politicians on the European far-right, however, seem convinced thatthe Islamization of Western Europe has become inevitable. Like the partiesof the left, they hope to counter electoral decline by striking a deal withthe Islamists.This explains why last week Jean-Marie Le Pen, the leader of theanti-immigrant National Front in France, emphasized that, unlike Mr.Sarkozy, he does not want to "clean the suburbs out with a high pressurehose." (NWN: And hence why Sarkozy beat Le Pens populist nonsense. Griffin take note ! )

Mr. Le Pen told the Muslim youths in the suburbs: "You are the branchesof the French tree. You are as French as can be."

We are on the eve of a crackup of the so-called European far right betweenpro-Islamists and anti-Islamists. This rift was one of the reasons why theAustrian Freedom Party fell apart.Within the French NF, too, traditionalist Catholics feel less and less at easewith the pro-Arab policies of those who consider America to be a greaterthreat to Europe than North Africa and who prefer Hamas over Israel.One might argue that anti-Semitism is at play here. But it might also bejust the same political opportunism that has affected the left.

=======================================From: [deleted] <[deleted] @[deleted] .fsnet.co.uk>To: Martin Webster Date: Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:02 AM

Subject: Stop The BNP


Martin, Something of interest. [deleted] http://www.somethingjewish.co.uk/15th April 2007Vote to stop BNP by: Ben Simons The Board of Deputies of British Jews is calling on all communities to unite in making sure voters across the country reject the far right British National Party (BNP) in May's local elections.The move comes following a record number of candidates who will be standing for the BNP on May 3. More than 800 BNP candidates will be contesting seats compared to 363 in 2006 and 221 in 2004.

"This development demonstrates once again the danger of complacency when it comes to the far right," said Board president Henry Grunwald. "Holocaust denial and Jewish conspiracy theories remain core elements of the BNP¹s ideology." Grunwald added: "Any gains in the party¹s popularity damage society as a whole by stirring up tensions between communities and undermining the values of tolerance that have allowed the Jewish community, and other minorities, to flourish in Britain.
Most importantly, this is a wake up call for us to work with other communities in making sure that we get out the vote to oppose the BNP at election time."
But in an email to SomethingJewish.co.uk, the BNP claims Grunwald is wrong.

"Can you show me where 'Holocaust denial and Jewish conspiracy theories' appear in BNP literature, web sites, manifestos, etc? I've never seen them," said BNP national press officer Dr Phill Edwards."It's an own goal by Henry Grunwald because he is demonstrating his own paranoia and insecurities which, unfortunately, so many Jews seem to possess."The BNP has Jewish members - I know one of our elected councillors is Jewish and I know at least two regional organisers who say they are Jews. Grunwald is out of touch and does his people a disservice."

Meanwhile, Holocaust survivor and Unite Against Fascism supporter Henry Guterman has spoken of his concern."Having lost many members of my family in the Holocaust, I do not want to see a repetition of the Nazis systematic annihilation of many communities who spoke up against their evil policies."That is why I am determined to fight the BNP who are trying to copy Hitler¹s method of coming to power."

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