Sunday, April 01, 2007

£7m fraudster freed over his flashbacks to the Holocaust

Last updated at 23:24pm on 30th March 2007

'A heavy burden': Mendel Rand

A Holocaust survivor who experienced flashbacks to his war ordeal after he was jailed for his part in a £6.9million money laundering operation was freed as an 'act of mercy'.
Since being incarcerated five weeks ago, 76-year-old Mendel Rand, originally from Poland, had relived daily the trauma of being kept hidden from the Nazis in horrible conditions as a boy, the Court of Appeal heard.

Mr Justice Openshaw accepted that 'the wretched old man' had suffered enough punishment for his involvement in the crime which had brought shame to his family and disgraced him in the eyes of his strict community of Hasidic Jews.

"The resultant shame will no doubt bring a heavy burden for him to carry for the rest of his life," said the judge. "We think, as an act of mercy, he should be allowed to go free."
NWN: Judge Openshaw is also jewish, we are pretty sure that it is the very same Judge Openshaw who used to sit at Preston Crown Court and who threw out at least one murder in that town where a gang of asians murdered a white lad in 1998.
He also let off many asians in the Burnley riots from the early 1990's, but gave out swingeing sentences to whites who were involved in the Burnley riots.
Judge Openshaw is a racist !

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