Friday, April 27, 2007

STORMFRONT Mods censoring posts & subverting the BNP leadership election

NWN: We have received the following posts that have been deleted from SF UK by John Joy Tree/ Andy Robertson, which we are reproducing in full below. This form of censorship by the Griffinite toadies must cease !

Some Noteworthy Stormfront Posts by Tyndallite No. 1

The following post by Tyndallite was recovered to another forum (there was another one supporting Chris Jackson which has apparently been deleted by mods) has earned the poster a threat from the BNP to the effect that if he doesn't delete it he will be expelled!!

What price the "Free Speech Two" eh??

Originally Posted by Tyndallite


* Le Pen only gets 11% (half the vote that he expected)
* Trails in a dismal 4th place.
* 90% of the French electorate vote (which is almost everybody), thus giving a much truer indication of the French voters' opinions, and thus showing that Le Pen only has about a 10% core vote of the electorate to count on.

Perhaps the reason for this dismal showing is contained in his statement to immigrant youths living in ghettos:“You are the branches of the French tree. You are as French as can be.”, and also by his watering down of his policies in general (remember the black female on one of his election campaigns?).

This should be a lesson to be learnt for the Griffin camp and their liberal limpdick 'thinkers', who constantly like to tell us how clever they are with their "we want immigrants in the party" type claptrap (and other such silly 'ideas').Le Pen's watering down of his rhetoric and policies, and his arsekissing to the immigrants, obviously didn't cut the mustard with the electorate.

Although the people are fed up with the immigrants, they have chosen to side with the equivalent of the Tories (perhaps a 'better the devil you know' feeling), rather than go with Le Pen, who they may now see as a man who doesn't have any clear ideals, a man who just says whatever he thinks the electorate want to hear.

This shows the danger in adopting such a mercenary tactic. Obviously, extremist type comments should not be used by Nationalists, but by trying to be all things to all men, a party could simply be seen as 'just like the others'. If this becomes the case, and Nationalists do appear to be just like the rest, then why would the electorate bother taking a chance on Nationalists in the first place? Better the devil you know, is a principle that should not be overlooked by the BNP 'intellectuals' (the same 'intellectuals' you may remember who were calling for immigrants to be let into the party).

No. Nationalism should always show itself as different to the opposition. The myriad opposition parties, should all be shown to be one and the same ideology, Internationalism. Nationalists should always distance themselves from this Internationalist paradigm, and ALWAYS be crystal clear about immigration. Le Pen muddied this clarity with his own waffle ...... and paid the price.

And the second deleted post is;

Another Tyndallite hit....

Originally Posted by Tyndallite

(1) Marine is the main person responsible for Le Pen's watering down of his policies, so I don't personally have much faith in her 'judgment of the situation' abilities.

(2) This election reminds me of the Thatcher lies of the 79 general election. France seems to have regressed 30 years.

(3) Sarkozy and his Tory types will not be able to solve this issue.

(4) I predict a riot. I predict that the immigrants will now go on even more extreme burning sprees in order to humiliate Sarkozy.

We should not water down our BNP policies any more.

Ignore the sawdust Caesars of the BNP with their silly limpdick liberalism. We should educate the present incoming party members. They need to be educated to understand that the political classes are not letting all these immigrants in out of a mistake of policy (as Tory types wrongly believe).

The political classes are letting them in because they wish to deliberately exterminate the white race.The difference between a Nationalist, and a know-nothing tory type pratt (and the majority of the British public), is the conspiracy theory that we whites have been marked down for eradication (whether Jews are behind this conspiracy is a secondary question, and not the important fundamental issue).

The fundamental issue is that our members understand this deliberate extermination policy, for if they don't, they may drift back into lib/lab/con if those parties begin promising to crack down on immigration etc (like the public did in 79 when Thatcher started peddling her bull**** about how we were being swamped by alien cultures).

The present bunch of party members seem to be airhead (although well intentioned) naive tory types, without a clue as to the big picture.

They're easy-come-easy-go (and easy to manipulate, just how Griffin likes them I suspect).The present party leadership strike me as similar to the liberals in their denial of information to others. For example, Lib/Lab/Con politicians have all had a grounding in Classical civilisation, but deny such knowledge to our young people (by ensuring a study of Antiquity is kept off the school curriculum).

By the same token, Griffin and co are well aware of the real issue of white extermination being a deliberate policy by the establishment (the conspiracy theory), but deny such knowledge to the members.

We can learn a lot from Le Pen's recent dismal performance.


Anonymous said...

1 question, why were jews dragged into that post.
If hating on the jews is what is expected from a traditiuonal nationalist then count me out. The only religon I will ever talk foul of is islam (and scientology but that doesnt count) and if that isnt traditional nationalism then I dont want to be a traditional nationalist.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well bye bye and shut the door on your way out matey !

Nationalism involves loving your own people first, not turks , jews or 'armenians'.

You are in fact a reactionary tory type.

The BNP is supposed to be a political party.

So why attack a religion ?

Anonymous said...

Joy tree lives close to Brighton. He has spent many £1,000s to be a mod.

As the yanks say...........

go figure !

Anonymous said...

why is anything contrary to the BNP leader's modernisers and Talmud-huggers deleted off Stormfront?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...