Sunday, April 15, 2007


To see the front cover and details of contents - follow this link to the FC blog.

Contents include;

Charlemagne - Europe's Emperor; nationalist balladeer Stigger interviewed on Skrewdriver, Warlord etc.; the Banking Swindle - and much more.

We'd like more outlets, mail-order firms, organisers and activists or take 5 or more copies.

The rates for multiple copies are: 1.30 pounds each inc postage in the UK 1.35 pounds inc postage outside the UK [airmail to Europe, surface mail elsewhere].

The mag retails at 1.80 pounds [price on cover - 2.90 euros/4.50 dollars]

Bringing out the magazine, one of the few remaining truly independent mags out there, is an expensive business - and without your help and support in ensuring quick distribution of copies, it makes the job of publishing FC 100 times more difficult.

Your help is vital!

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Final Conflict said...

cheers dude!

we appreciate support from all patriots...

FC is the only genuinely independent nationalist magazine. It is well-presented, glossy, with intelligent and thought-provoking articles.

It takes the correct line on Multi-Racism/Immigration, Zionism, homosexuality... and all the other evils that plague our land.

Anyone wishing to help - even in a small way - can drop us a line at FC!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...