Saturday, April 28, 2007

Addenda by Martin Webster :

"Last Wednesday (25th April) I sent you (Ed:NWN) a bulletin with the Subject line: "The Times boosts Griffin/BNP (again)".
In this I discussed the promotion being given to the British National Party leader Nick Griffin by certain elements within the British media, especially The Times and the Telegraph group, which relentlessly promote Jewry's interests in all fields, at home and abroad.
I singled out for special attention the former assistant editor of The Times, Michael Gove (now a Conservative Party MP) who accorded Griffin his first substantial and respectful coverage in the mainstream media, and commented on Gove's association with The Times' deputy-editor Danny Finkelstein who also writes regular columns for the Jewish Chronicle.
If any of you felt that my interpretation of the Jewish promotion of Griffin was 'over-the-top', then I invite you to read the following information which appeared in today's (27th April) issue of the Jewish Chronicle.
I run out below the relevant text of that report and explanatory comments.This additional material should be pasted into my 25th April posting in-between the paragraph which read:"At the last general election Gove was successful in getting elected to Parliament. He and Finkelstein are still reported to be leading lights in Cameron's strategy department..."and the paragraph which read:"In my view, Gove, Finkelstein & Co are using -- one might almost say running -- Griffin/the BNP for the joint benefit of Jewry and the Conservative Party. It's a kind of double-whammy..."Regards,Martin.
Additional Material: Stop Press! --
The Michael Gove, Danny Finkelstein, David Cameron, Conservative Party and Jewry link-up (and their joint interest in manipulating the BNP) became all the more obvious in today's (27th April) issue of the Jewish Chronicle, which on page 16 runs a report headed: "Janner's son is a Cameron donor".
Readers should be aware that the "Janner" in the headline is 'Lord' (Greville) Janner, former Chairman of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and former Labour Member of Parliament for Leicester North-West, who on his elevation to the House of Lords became head of the Holocaust Education Trust, in which role he was one of the leading players in the Zionist 'Holocaust' shake-down of Switzerland a decade ago.
The JC report reads:"The son of veteran Labour peer Lord Janner was named this week in the House of Commons Register of Members' Interests as a donor to Tory leader David Cameron's private office."Daniel Janner, QC, declined to say how much he had given, but said that he had been influenced by his friendship with former 'Times' journalist and Surrey Heath Tory MP Michael Gove 'for whom I have the highest regard'."Mr. Janner, who once stood as a Labour candidate in Bosworth, said that although he had been a Conservative for years, the clash of politics had not harmed his relationship with his father....."....Other donors to the Tory leader included Jewish philanthropist Trevor Pears, who gave an undisclosed personal donation to Mr. Camereon's campaign."
Mr. Cameron also declared a flight from London to Manchester provided by the Community Security Trust when he addressed a CST function in the North...."The CST is the 'spook' and security organisation of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. The CST president is 'Lord' Michael Levy, currently at the centre of the "Loans for Peerages" scandal currently rocking the Labour Party.
A Metropolitan Police report on the matter is now pending with the Crown Prosecution Service. Levy is Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair's principal fund-raiser and his "Personal Envoy" in the Middle East.


NorthWestNationalists said...

Excellent research once again by time served nationalist, and legend in his own right.

This guy was THE dynamo for the National Front in the 1970's.

We can't wait for his opinion of appalling 'Griffinite' John Bean !

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell talk about fingers in pies, that story reads like a steak 'n' kidney served up by Sweeney Todd.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...