Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Shooting the messenger !
We have noticed that the more IQ challenged idiots on Stormfront UK, have taken to attack this blog, rather than the message that Chris Jackson has chosen to challenge Nick Griffin for the BNP leadership. And so it has been in history !
We also note that Stormfront UK , needs to rid itself of it's pro-Griffin 'populist nature', if it is to allow a true democratic approach to this forthcoming BNP election later this year.
The moderators of Stormfront UK, in particular John Joy Tree from Southern England, should be kept well away from any moderation involved in this BNP leadership election.
Stormfront has a very poor record of not allowing people who supported John Tyndall and his viewpoint, a say on that board.
This writer is still allowed to be 'slagged off' on there and by name, by miscreants and anonymous people, such as the alcoholic leaders of the BPP by Stormfront, when we are not allowed the right to reply. This is patently unfair.
ALL Stormfront moderators/nationalist internet moderators, should be known to the memberships, and not be allowed to hide behind a silly internet name.
Why should very senior nationalists be banned by secretive numbsculls ?
The movement needs more open-ness .

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