Tuesday, April 03, 2007

BNP smearmonger hard at it again !
News from our London supporters tells us that long time poison pusher Tony Lecomber, is hard at work doing what he does best - producing and distributing poisonous and lying tracts.
It seems that he has been smearing a long time nationalist, in the capital this time.
Lecomber is well known for forging signatures and sending poisonous hate mail in the East End of London on several occasions, and the production and distribution of a 'comic' that attacked nationalist legend John Tyndall .
We won't need to mention his convictions for bombings and his many other violent escapades over the years. Current BNP leader Nick Griffin has allowed and encouraged Lecomber to behave this way, and in spite of many,many complaints, he has refused to sack Lecomber.
As far as we know, Lecomber is still a paid official of the BNP.

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