Friday, April 06, 2007

No BNP candidates to stand in Rochdale !

So all the 'hoo- haa' from the "best ever Rochdale Organiser" according to himself, and even two BNP meetings in one week, the result is .................nothing !

Not a bloody sausage !

Perhaps, if he had spent half as much time attacking this board and more on organising a BNP unit, things might have been different.

Rochdale has stood nationalist candidates since 1970, almost without a gap !

Perhaps we have got it wrong though.

Is the BNP about holding meetings now, rather than gaining power ?


Anonymous said...

Hey twat! why arnt you standing? If you hate the BNP so much why arnt you standing for the EFP?or even as an independent nationalist.
Check your facts out, there are 4 standing in Rossendale.
We had 2 standing in Rochdale, nomination forms and consent were signed, both dropped out at the last minute.
People cannot be forced to stand
Do you think you will be back in if Jacko wins?
Me thinks not!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Oh dear you are upset !

Should we reveal who this is folks, and put their IP address so there cannot be any mistakes ?

Three guesses as to whom it came from ?

burnley activist said...

Kev Bryan never stood for election years as his wife wouldnt let him ! haha !

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
NorthWestNationalists said...

Rossendale is about 8 miles from Rochdale, a totally seperate area and it is totally rural, no foreigners.

Anonymous said...

Is he from nottingham area ?

Anonymous said...

Vote Kev Bryan vote hey twat !

NorthWestNationalists said...

Silly drunken Kevin Bryan is still sending hate mail to this blog. Kevin stack shelves again that is all you are good for. You have crossed the line by supporting attacks on my wife !

Anyone who votes for you must be mad.

ken searchlight kelly said...

Duh !

Was it fat Kev himself who put the C18 stickers up near to the Riflemans pub where boozer Kev Bryan drinks ?

An arrest is imminent, according to the plod.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Ken Kelly is well known to Searchlight for gun running.

He firebombed a Church in Rochdale in the 80's and served time.

He got Pete Brawley a BM NW regional organiser, a SIX year sentence for firearms.

He supplied Tony Reed Herbert the guns for the ITV programme GUNS TO THE RIGHT. Ray Hill mentions a Rochdale member but NOT Ken Kelly. WHY ?

Kelly supplied the gun that murdered a young lad in the infamous 'Baitings Dam murder' that was on CRIMEWATCH on two occasions.

The police know all this.

So why has the Rochdale BNP Organisers best mate, Ken Kelly, never had his collar felt ?

And more to the point .........Kev Bryan knows all this, but still allows Kelly to attend meetings ?

Anonymous said...

Yeh, but Ken Kelly is Kevs mate !

Anonymous said...

kinky kev should not really be calling hey twat to PB.

bryan is a fat 8888(censored)

5-1 Barker to win !

NWN : We are going to allow this post !

Anonymous said...

we should bebuildinga ground base not squabbling among ourselves, fellow white people are not the enemy.
Wise up and make peace.

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