Friday, January 04, 2008

Worst job in the World ?

How on Earth, Adrian 'Maz' Marsden, got himself 'roped in' to be the new Yorkshire Regional Organiser, we have no idea !
Griffin appointed himself in Lancashire to stop the North West Region appointing Chris Jackson. Griffin will stop at nothing when he sees a challenge to his authority. He isn't here to stand in the Euros, he is here to try to hold the growing rebellion in the ranks.
We also have some mighty capable people running around outside the BNP at the moment and the numbers are growing. So Herr Griffin is deeply worried about this region.
In Yorkshire, by contrast , they are even more in opposition to the Nick Griffin 'sham and scam' ! The news from the recent Leeds BNP meeting was that it was only marginally short of a lynch mob for Mr.Griffin and his cronies .
'Maz' will not get anywhere in that position. Except to be isolated by the Yorkshire and Lancashire BNP regions.


Anonymous said...

Isn't he the one who pretended he had been beaten by government officials to get attention?

Joe Owens said...


Eastender said...

i have finally understood what a Griffinite is.

It's not political. You can be a liberal, a NAzi, a Jew, a poof, a hardliner, whatever...

A Griffinite is above all a liar and a lover of money and position.

End of.

Anonymous said...

"Joe Owens said...

12:46 PM"

Yet another fine and trustworthy selection by Griffin, then.

Black Rat said...

No, he said he was beaten up by spooks, in fact it was by local thugs opposed to the BNP

The false beating up was claimed by Andy Sykes before he was exposed

Good on the man- trying his best to save the local BNP from disloyal elements and thugs

LancsMan said...

'Good on the man- trying his best to save the local BNP from disloyal elements and thugs'

Is this a sick joke???

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...