Thursday, January 24, 2008

BNP chief on police march


Thousands of police march in London over 'unfair' pay
Evening Standard comment: A march that discredits police
A senior member of the BNP marched at the head of a huge police demonstration over pay in London today.

Richard Barnbrook, the far-Right party's leader in London, walked alongside top members of the Police Federation and at one point was yards from Liberal Democrat Mayoral candidate Brian Paddick.

Mr Barnbrook, a BNP councillor in Barking & Dagenham and a candidate in the election to pick London's next Mayor, told the Standard he took part to support the police and denied his presence was an embarrassment. An estimated 22,500 off-duty police officers, many wearing white baseball caps with the logo "Fair play for police", walked from Park Lane to Millbank, passing close to the Houses of Parliament.

Police Federation officials claimed they were powerless to prevent Mr Barnbrook from marching. Spokesman Metin Enver said he was not invited specifically but police officers recognised him when he turned up. He said: "Some of my colleagues saw we had the BNP Mayoral candidate with us. The one thing we want to make clear is we didn't invite him. It wasn't a closed march. He chose to attend by his own accord which is his right in a democracy. It is disappointing if anyone chose to join the march for their own agenda.

"We didn't ask him to leave because whether we like it or not we live in a democracy."

NWN: Comments please ? Certainly, we need an honest Police force, but I remember the way that the miners were treated by the Police in the Miners strikes of the 1980's.

Coppers also waved wads of £10 notes at the workers at fleet street /wapping industrial dispute too, trying to take the piss out of the strikers.

The Police were raking in the dosh especially with the overtime payments in these 'politically motivated actions' by the Thatcher regime.

So many people now won't support them, when they should be supported, and why should they ?

We ourselves, either NF or BNP have suffered by Police 'dirty tricks' , harassment, and in some cases beatings over a 30 year period to my own knowledge.

Certainly the Barnbrook pic was a stunt, which Herr Griffin is known for. But if it wasn't for the London Evening Standard making a story out of it, no one would have known !

The story was positive to the BNP.

Now the question is; why did the press give good publicity to the BNP ?


Anonymous said...

There's no doubt that police are very well paid now compared to 30 years ago.

Although one must accept that because of the intervening decades of multiracial regression, their job is a lot more unpleasant now than it was 30 years ago...


Anonymous said...

Fair play to Barnbrook, reminds me of when Martin Webster marched through Hyde in Gtr. Manchester with just as many coppers around him. Great publicity for the BNP, put that bent ex-copper Paddicks nose out of joint too.

Siegfried said...

Barnbrook is Gri££in's poodle and does not go to the lav without his permission.

AS Martin Webster said the state like Gri££in because he is corrupt and in the long term divisive, so it would seem likely that they would give the bnp positive publicity to consolidate his permission.

Whether the bnp gets a man on the GLA won't be decided by how many leaflets the party puts out, but by whether the state deems it necessary and gives them positive publicity and a 'leg up'. Why they would give the bnp a leg up is a matter of speculation, other than keeping Gri££in in charge it might be convenient to have an anti-islamic voice in the country to help sway public opinion towards future confrontations with the Muslims??

tonydj said...

Seigfried said:-"...but by whether the state deems it necessary and gives them positive publicity and a 'leg up'. Why they would give the bnp a leg up is a matter of speculation... "

Good point!

Let's speculate! The current crisis is receiving scant media coverage because the BNP is performing a usueful purpose, if not several useful purposes. They are a safety valve and an apple barrel.

The first use is self evident, as long as The BNP exists other more radical movements have competition. The "apple barrel" means Nationalists are all together and watchable. If the barrel breaks there are loads of loose apples (Loose cannons?) rolling about uncontrolled, unwatched, leaderless.

Get my drift?

Anonymous said...

In earlier years, Barnbrook would have been quickly identifed and hustled away, if not actually arrested.

Not this time however. Quite the reverse in fact.


NorthWestNationalists said...

Absolutely right Tony DJ and anon.

Proof if proof was needed that Gri££in has sold us out for his own monetary gain.

I wonder what the history books will write about Nick Gri££in ?

Anonymous said...

Gri££in is not paying him enough, he is still wearing that shitty suit !

Anonymous said...

The Governments paid thugs also attacked the Countryside Alliance.

NorthWestNationalists said...

The Police are now looking around for support.

They need to earn it in our book. They have been too selfish in their own interests for us.

As a matter of fact, they are very well paid compared to all other unskilled occupations.

They also parrot, "We are only doing our jobs !"

That was not deemed as innocence at the Nuremburg trials.

We need an honest Police force. We also need an honest judiciary.

We have neither, and that is why we cannot bring back capital punishment until these issues are sorted out.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...