Wednesday, January 30, 2008

BNP Accounts go under the BBC microscope


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12 February 2008
The major political parties' fundraising methods have all come under close scrutiny recently, but concerns are now being expressed over the finances of the British National Party. Fran Abrams investigates."

This programme promises to be a treat with a star studded BNP and ex BNP line-up.
We hear that the 'Civil Liberty' connection to the BNP, and its finances, are also being discussed.

All things being equal, it's about time the BNP's accounts received the same coverage as all the other parties.


Anonymous said...

I've heard, Sharon Ebanks, intends to mount a legal challenge against the BNP, and Civil Liberty, because they raised money in her name, and never handed it over. If successful she has stated she wants the BNP members who donated that money, reimbursed.

An American member who gave £100, asked for his money back when he heard Sharons court costs were not paid by the BNP, and Edgar Griffin told him it was a lie, and that the BNP had paid her costs and that Sharon was a well liked current member of the BNP!

Anonymous said...

The time has come to get rid of Gri££in before the london elections, and this is it.

Anonymous said...

All very true, anonymous.

Has anyone ever bothered to ask, what exactly, Civil Liberty, is?

Is it a registered charity, a ltd company, sole trading company etc

In fact it is none of the above, so, can all you kind people out there start sending me thousands of pounds? I've decided to call myself 'Free the Bluebells'

See how easily the BNP members, including myself, were/are sucked in?



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