Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Lance Stewart and Arthur Kemp

NWN would like to ask readers just what are the real jobs these two characters have within the BNP ? We wouldn't trust Nick Griffins judgement with the time of day, so allow us please, a cynical view .


Anonymous said...

Helping Gri££in stay in power.

Preston Paul said...

keeping AN EYE on those who might upset Gri££in'$ gravy train.

Who, apart from Gri££in has Freemason connections?

Anyone out there have any ideas?

seventhvictim said...

A likely candidate would be Simon Darby. It would certainly explain how he seems to have frinedly contacts with Labour and Lib Dem councillors

Hercule said...

Arthur Kemp is a proven grass. Ask anyone who was involved with the FSID internet mailing group a few years ago when details of a discussion about Collett appeared in Searchlight.

Simon Smith said...

Arthur Kemp stayed at mine after speaking at a Birmingham meeting once. It's worrying. Who knows the Truth ? Is it possible that he may ultimately prove to be one of the "good guys" ? His continued association with Gri££in clearly taints his reputation - HE MUST KNOW WHAT NG IS !

His testimony was important in seemingly "convicting" Peter Rushton of being a Red. Does anyone have a copy of Mr Rushton's repudiation of Arthur Kemp's testimony against him ?

Question to the previous poster:
"How do you know Kemp leaked something to Searchlight ?". Thanks

Anonymous said...

you folks at NWN blog seem to have upset the griffinites.

nick gri££in/ptd , Dave Howard/yorkshire loyal,pete williamson/sgic and wttl have started up a thread against pb on stormfront.

i thought naming of nationalists was forbidden on SF ?

Purging the Cyclops said...

i thought pete williamson was a BPP/WNP "neo nazi" -- if so who is Gri££in's BNP getting his support?

and why are nationalists still using stormfront?

i'm convinced now it's a CIA/Fed pressure valve...

certainly the BNP have a monopoly on what is allowed and what isn't.

Stormfriont was a supporter of Kevin Strom. A paedophile.

brighton sofa soaker said...

Pete Williamson became a griffinite after Griffin spoke with him in Brighton when he was the VNN UK moderator. He is also a member of the c.u.n.t. group, as is Dave Howard.

The CUNT's are now supporting old time nazi Eddy Morrison.

Nazis and Griffin together ? Seems so !

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that Arthur Kemp used to post under his own name on SF, and now he doesn't.

Anonymous said...

"i thought pete williamson was a BPP/WNP "neo nazi" -- if so who is Gri££in's BNP getting his support?"

How dare you criticise williamson. He is a VERY IMPORTANT NATIONALIST LEADER - and was once seen drinking in the RWB beer tent

"and why are nationalists still using stormfront?"

Probably because it's a sounding board. I suppose we try and get letters printed in the Bilderberg press

"i'm convinced now it's a CIA/Fed pressure valve..."

Yeah. I would be interested in learning more about Don Black. I don't think he's too smart. Why didn't he get a longer prison sentence for his mercenary antics (cf Lecomber)

Anonymous said...

Is that definitely Lance Stewart in the photograph?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone actually KNOW anything about this Lance Stewart? (Never mind what HE says. Is there anything else from anywhere else?).

Units? Service number and history? Postings?

Just who the hell is this guy?

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Peter Rushton is an odd fish. But why do Griffin and Kemp really hate him? Why were they so keen to railroad him out the door and to stop people talking to him?

It stinks. Time to look a lot harder at Kemp and his past.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Williamson's departure from the BNP was not all that it seemed.

Perhaps he has never stopped working for Griffin.

Anonymous said...

williamson posts on SF that he won't get involved in internal BNP politics.

he is forever sticking his nose in internal BNP politics, the man is a liar.

that is why eddy morrison is pissed off with williamson.

Anonymous said...

EM is pissed off with Williamson because he is trying to steal the BPP from under Eddy's nose. Notice how in SF Sid never mentions Eddy's name in connection with the BPP?. It's always "my party" etc. Sid has inveigled his way into the BPP on the orders of Griffin in order to make sure it never becomes serious competition to the BNP. Think about it, who would be impressed by the thought of poor old Sid as a leader? Not Lady Renouf anyway, that's for sure, she saw him in the carpark! Mind your back, Eddy, you have a traitor in your camp.

Anonymous said...

Pete(SID)Williamson, this man grassed on ROGER and got him banned from VNN for telling the truth.

Eddy warned Sid about posting on VNN, now Eddy as packed in with the BPP.

Sid got booted out of the BNP for wondering into womens tents at the 2006 RWB, Sharron said he was a pest.

Anonymous said...

SIDs put more weight on at Christmas.

He is now upto 26 stone, but at 6ft 8 ins its not a bad weight.

Eddy told him "Lose weight before you speak at another BPP meeting".

Most of the weight as gone around his chin.

Sids neck is 28 inches and he now snorts like a pig, not much help when speaking.

seventhvictim said...

I kind of assumed that SGIC and the C.U.N.T people are on the pay roll. It certainly would explain why Sid went from Griffin hater to Griffinista so quickly

Anonymous said...

I'm in London at the moment Simon, but I'll try to dig out some of my old stuff re Mr Kemp!


Anonymous said...

pete williamson is a current card carrying member of the BNP,he also plans to put himself up as the next BPP leader,why would a BPP member carry a BNP current membership card ?

BPP members beware Williamson hees a BNP snake and Gr££inite

Jeannine said...
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Tameside Citizen said...

Better late than never!! His full name is Lance Mcgregor-Stewart and he was deputy chief constable of Durban

Tameside Citizen said...

Better late than never!! His full name is Lance Mcgregor-Stewart and he was deputy chief constable of Durban