Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Pressure builds up on Nick Griffin to leave !

"The Nottinghamshire village of Brinsley hosted the first ‘Voice of Change’ conference yesterday (27th).
113 patriots attended the event despite the best efforts of some of Griffin’s cabal to put people from their regions off with threats of expulsions from positions and ostracism. The venue and date had previously been set aside for the BNP’s annual January Organisers’ Conference but that was before Sadie was purged by Griffin.
Former South East Regional Organiser Cllr Roger Robertson chaired the Conference and introduced each speaker on stage in turn. First to speak was former Head of Administration and Scottish Regional Organiser Kenny Smith.............................

News coming in of this meeting seems very positive.

At last, a plan to revitalise the BNP and put honesty and democracy back into the movement, has shown itself to have a great 'head of steam' within the BNP.

Correctly, at least one main speaker drew attention to the fact that some have pointed out Mr.Griffins dishonesty in dealing with people and money has been happening since 2002. This blog when in it's first stages, has been pointing this out since late 2001 !

A new Leadership challenge is the way to take back, what was, in effect 'hijacked' by Mr.Griffin and his cronies in 1999 .

BNP Reform people where at the meeting, and it was good to hear that Richard Edmonds and Mike Easter were there to offer support and listen to the complaints and concerns of seemingly many other BNP members and activists.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that many of the 'reformers' were up Gri££ins backside until he turned on them.

Until then, they happily took part in the slandering and forcing out of veteran nationalists.

Anonymous said...

"Until then, they happily took part in the slandering and forcing out of veteran nationalists."

Very true, but you must also remember these idiots are brain-washed and told who the bad guys are. Sadly, they believe it until it's their turn.

Anonymous said...

They are ADULTS, not children. If they are that stupid, they should never have occupied the positions that they did.

And never should, ever again, either.

founder member said...

Yes the rebels did not lend any support to the veteran nationalist who were hounded/expelled and lied about and neither did they give any help to us when
We were dragged in front of griffins kangaroo tribunels found innocent and guilty in the same breath and then suspended or expelled and proscribed and are still being lied about.

However we will still have our day of justice.

But this is in the past .we are now in the present and in dire need of some unity amongst nationalists
Although it is not forthcoming to some of us, we are still beyond the pale at the moment,
but we are doing our utmost to inform the rebels with whatever evidence we have against griffin we will bring him down.
keith axon,

Barry said...

Upon joining the BNP,I was told that all of the other nationalist parties were "extremist" and "discredited the movement" - so were not to be contacted or spoken to.
I discovered that the real reason for this BNP policy, was to prevent members from meeting the people who knew the truth about Gri££in.

There are still thousands of members who are unaware of this truth - they are not stupid, but have been deliberately lied to by their branch organisers and the VOF.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...