Tuesday, January 01, 2008

John Tyndall - a British nationalist hero

Turn your speakers up !


NorthWestNationalists said...

My deepest confessions to supporting Nick Griffin, against this man, John Tyndall

Anonymous said...

excellent stuff nwn !

Anonymous said...

Its good to see JT again !

NorthWestNationalists said...

How did John Tyndall lose the BNP leadership elections ?

It's a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

If John Tyndall had kept hold of the reigns of power as tenaciously as does Nick Griffin today the BNP would look something like the Germany NPD does today. Totally nationalist, no softly-softly approach, a true racially-aware party AND most of all a successful party – both from the point of view of electoral successes as well as with most of its members pulling together for one end – to save our country and our race.
Instead of that we have a party divided and unable to get its act together.

Anonymous said...

Er ... the problem is that the BNP DOES look like the NPD today.

Riddled with state agents.

Anonymous said...



1.1 The BNP is collapsing. It never had a viable plan to attain its ultimate goals and has always had unrealistic expectations of the electoral process. Moreover, it relied excessively on powerful leadership figures who were vulnerable to a variety of negative influences. The chickens are coming home to roost with a squawk.

1.2.There is currently no viable alternative plan. On the ‘far-right’ the NF and the BPP have produced nothing resembling a strategic plan. The NNP has ceased to exist and the Freedom Party is inactive. The only nationalist organization on the ‘far left’, the CPBML, adopts a sit-back-and-wait strategy. The ‘middle ground’ is occupied only by globalists.

1.3 There is a danger that the security services may step in and create false-flag organizations to take over from the collapsing BNP. The state has an interest in controlling anti-Establishment activity and this is a perfect time for it to pounce.

1.4 There is likewise a danger that any organization created from the ruins of the collapsing BNP will make the same errors as the BNP and its predecessors, notably an excessive faith in the electoral process and an over-centralized leadership structure.


2.1 The plan must be viable. In other words, it must not rely on unrealistic assumptions about what people will do or the resources that can be obtained.

2.2 The plan must take us forward. This does not mean that it must lead directly to utopia or heaven on Earth but rather that it should take us from a position where we are weak and divided to a position where we control territory, resources, hearts and minds -- a springboard to greater things.

2.3 The plan must be relatively resistant to subversion by the Establishment and the security services. No plan will be immune but we do not need to make things easy for those who would disrupt activity.

2.4 The plan must not provoke confrontation with forces that are vastly superior to us in terms of their resources and ability to damage our initiatives. Thus we need to keep within the law and to avoid provoking direct conflict with ‘rentamob’ elements or with the media.

2.5 The plan must not rely excessively on leadership figures. The role of leaders should be primarily to publicize the plan and encourage people to participate. They are facilitators or pioneers.

2.6 The plan should appeal to a broad spectrum of patriotic opinion ranging from the ‘modernizers’ to the ‘hardliners’.

2.7 The plan should be tailored for activists rather than armchair supporters. If the activists can create something worthwhile, the armchair supporters will either follow or drop out, as they wish.

2.8 The plan should be directly relevant to our people in their personal lives -- rather than demanding their time and money in return for nothing it should actively enable them to improve their quality of life and to create a better future for their children.

2.9 The plan should not CONFLICT with the plans of other patriots. Rather, it should complement those plans -- it should be seen as an addition rather than an alternative.


3.1 Throughout the plan that now follows it is essential that everyone engage maximally in propaganda activities, setting up Web sites, blogs, maintaining a high profile and arguing for the plan at every opportunity.

3.2 Likewise it is essential that networks be created of people who are following the plan in order to build a sense of community and to encourage others to pursue the plan to the end.


4.1 Each activist should use the time and money that he would otherwise donate to the BNP or other organization to invest in learning a PORTABLE TRADE.

4.2 By a PORTABLE TRADE I mean a trade that is not restricted to any one geographical area.

4.3 Examples of PORTABLE TRADES might include electrician, plumber, hairdresser, builder, taxi driver, anything to do with medicine. Such trades can be practised in most parts of Britain and, most important, can be practised on a self-employed basis.

4.4 Examples of NON-PORTABLE TRADES might include train driver or public servant. These are restricted to particular places and cannot be practised on a self-employed basis.

4.5 Many PORTABLE TRADES can be learned over a period of a few years, either by attending formal courses or through self-education.

4.6 A particularly interesting class of PORTABLE TRADES is those that can be conducted via the Internet. These typically DO NOT include those trades that involve setting up a Web site (which must then attract ‘hits’ and are thus vulnerable). Rather they involve either providing a service such as Web design or (that most capitalist of activities) or buying and selling (commodities, shares, currencies). The latter can be practised using ‘dummy money’ until one is able to show a consistent ‘dummy’ profit over several months, after which one ‘goes live’ on a tiny scale and ‘ramps up’ activity if success results. Non-Internet trades would typically involve the provision of a service that is required in most human communities.

4.7 The stage of self-preparation will typically extend over several years and thus there is a need for leadership figures to provide sustained propaganda and encouragement during this period. This would be their principal role.


5.1 When you are proficient in a portable trade, look for a place in the north-west of Scotland, particularly the islands, in which you have an opportunity to practise the trade.

5.2 These territories have numerous advantages:

-- they contain some of the cheapest property in the UK in terms of what you get for your money (you can thus actually make a profit by relocating);

-- they have a low non-white ethnic population;

-- very low crime rate (mostly associated with drink, driving and broken-hearted lovers);

-- low population so less competition for most resources (e.g. health, etc.) and thus higher sense of security and standard of living;

-- in stark contrast to the rest of Britain these territories are actually experiencing a REDUCTION in population numbers, in some cases to an extent that is worrying (school closures, islands becoming non-viable) and thus they are actively welcoming new businesses and particularly young families (although, interestingly, plans to encourage asylum seekers to come, although they exist, have not had much of a response);

-- the natives are reasonably friendly to those who behave and who are friendly back;

-- excellent place to educate children in safety in almost all-white schools;

-- there is an emphasis on community that does not typically exist in England;

-- some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.


6.1 If even a small number of activists decide to pursue the plan in the same area then they can quickly build a small and intimate community in which they have a powerful voice and real influence on local affairs.

6.2 Once such a small and intimate community has been established, the entire plan will become vastly more attractive to those of our persuasion and a ‘mushroom effect’ might be expected to result.

6.3 Those already in the community can offer help and assistance to others who wish to join.


7.1 The first aim of the plan will be to create a ZONE OF SAFETY in which patriots of many different opinions can live among those with similar (if not identical!) views. As huge swathes of Britain are lost irretrievably to foreign hands, we will at least be able to protect ourselves and our children from some of the worst and most direct effects.

7.2 The second aim of the plan will be to encourage our people to engage in SELF-IMPROVEMENT. Rather than sitting back and grumbling, or engaging in fairly useless activities (in the greater scheme of things) such as trying to win insignificant council seats, it will encourage them to work to improve their lives, to learn a useful trade, to enrich themselves, to build rather than simply to complain.

7.3 The third aim of the plan will be to CREATE A NEW FORM OF POLITICS that helps to maintain an existence for our people and a future for our children in very adverse conditions without in any way harming other peoples.

7.4 The fourth aim of the plan will be to PRE-EMPT THE CREATION OF A ‘NEW BNP’ that might simply repeat the errors of the existing organization and encourage patriots to follow a more productive path.

7.5 The fifth aim of the plan will be to CREATE A SPRINGBOARD to inspire similar projects elsewhere in the world and to produce a viable strategy for opposing the politics of neoliberal globalism.


8.1 If you agree with this plan, please say so loudly and repeatedly in every forum and at every opportunity. Argue for it and consider ways in which it can be developed and improved. Above all, implement it in your own life and encourage others to do likewise.

8.2 If you disagree with this plan, rather than simply dismissing it in its entirety, please be constructive and produce alternatives or suggest how the plan could be adapted so that it might be more acceptable to you.


I now call upon the following leaders to state a position on the plan and to indicate whether they might be prepared to publicize it (either as it stands or in an amended form), to conduct propaganda for it and to work for its incorporation into their general political planning:

-- the leaders and principal voices behind the Enough is Enough faction;

-- the leaders of the Freedom Party;

-- those playing a leading role in the Final Conflict project;

-- the leaders of the former New Nationalist Party;

-- the leaders of the British People’s Party;

-- the leaders of the National Front;

-- the leaders of the November 9 Society;

-- all other leaders of patriotic organizations who wish to secure an existence for our people and a future for our children.


If this proposal -- which is only a tentative suggestion put forward to help secure a way out of a crisis -- finds significant support from the above leaders then I would be happy to host a conference to move this project forward. Such a conference would need to be held at a time convenient to all players and the venue could be either in the territories concerned or at some other mutually acceptable location.


This plan is an adaptation of a synthesis between the pioneer little Europe (PLE) approach and the community-building approach that I have been advocating for several years as one alternative to conventional politics. It has rough parallels in projects such as the volkstaat project in South Africa (which has given us communities such as Orania and Kleinfontein) and the religious community-building projects that have been executed with resounding success in the Filadelfia region of the Paraguayan Chaco. Whereas foreign examples may provide inspiration about what can be done and what should be avoided, we need to apply foreign examples with great caution to our own context. We also need to learn relentlessly from both the triumphs and the failures of the past.

BP said...


Just to show the impact JTs NF had heres a Guradian article from today (2-1-2008) with a nice mention for the NF and its use of the Union Jack. Good photo of a march too: Honour Guard and MW

Anonymous said...

J T lost support in the midlands because people like s and sharon edwards ,w carr ,n deering,lee windridge and others believed n.g was a man of honesty??? when e w carr who had been in nationalist politics for over 30 years choose to belive griffin ,this man a friend of Collin Jordan's who would would have advised him to avoid n.g as you would a plague decided to disregard all sound advice.
the above midlanders then all conspired to remoove j.t's top man from the west midlands by freezing him out to the fringes of the region ,in other word i was sent to coventry.
I will be telling my side of this saga verry soon.
Keith Axon

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...