Sunday, January 20, 2008

NWN has for years been questioning the role of the moderators on Stormfront UK

Now many are following suit !

We have Andy Robertson/John Joy Tree (boo) , Godwinson/Charlie Schmid ( an honest bloke really) and Red X Knight , some guy from that 'hotbed of white British nationalism', Ulster (Kerr ?).

There is a scramble now, as Red X and Goddy have had enough. We are not surprised.

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Re: Critics of main British Nationalist Party - The one and only thread


Originally Posted by JohnJoyTree
Right, that's it

All future Anti-BNP threads or pro-BNP threads in response will be fused into this one

All future anti-BNP posts (and pro-BNP replies to them) outside this thread will go to the bit bucket

How very high-handed. Stormfront Britain has three dedicated mods: Spartan, RedXKnight, and godwinson. I can't see JohnJoyTree anywhere, though he is a mod on Stormfront Italia. Have the three mods with direct responsibility for this forum been consulted and agreed to this? I've PMed Spartan and godders to ask. RedXKnight has chosen not to receive private messages ... maybe he can reply directly here.

Originally Posted by PaganBrit
Some good points there. Unfortunately there are those who think splitting the nationalist vote and setting nationalists against each other is a good idea. What's even more unfortunate is that people fall for the ol' divide-and-conquer strategy every time.

Who are these people ... precisely?
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Anonymous said...

Just to set the record straight. I can understand speculation but must make it clear that I am not a moderator on Stormfront. Life's too short for that role

David Kerr
Belfast, Ulster.

I'm in Orlando. said...

Why not have Chairman Sid as Stormfront Mod.

He did a good job on VNN in between getting banned 3 times.

Sids latest post "I'm in Orlando".

Thick cunt, giving his location away so the MI5/Reds can go Rooting and Tooting in his house

Anonymous said...

Stormfront has eaten itself.

Eastender said...

stormfront is Fed.

avoid it

Siegfried said...

Gri££in split the NF. The only thing that finished his political career at the time was the disintergration of the NF into smaller factions. At the same time Tyndall's newly formed BNP grew at the expense of the NF and Gri££in's insane man management.

Maybe history has to repeat itself.

Anonymous said...

please add this link to your great site,Dissenting Voicesfeel free to drop by, nationalists always welcome.

NorthWestNationalists said...


you need a password etc; to get in !

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