Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The BNP Constitution

It has reached our ears that the BNP constitution affectionately known as ‘The Barn Door’ to wiser nationalists, is about to change, yet again. We hear that, Nichol’arse Gri££in, is about to add a little something extra to secure his throne in the form of…………

Should we have a drum roll?

A challenger can only challenge once. Yes, once you’ve challenged, Gri££in, you can never challenge him again, it must be done by new blood.

What do you think of this latest addition to the barn door? Leave your comments here.


NorthWestNationalists said...

That doesn't surprise me at all.......in fact, it is to be expected from that crook !

founder member said...

The crook in question is Nick Griffin.
Who will do anything to stay in power but we have the ammunition to bring him down, yes, it’s all their folks READ the following list
ELC.by M. Webster.
The griffin file. By various contributors.
Attempted murder.
Now look at this mans history.

Now Look at his history of expulsions and proscriptions.

We are on the eighth edition of the constitution and are awaiting amendments to this edition in time for the leadership election 2008.
If anyone has a copy that they can PDF to this blog please let us have it urgently because it has been withdrawn from the web.
If you looked at his cv., you would not employ him as a toilet cleaner because the toilet paper, brushes, mops, and soap would be sold off.
I rest my case for the prosecution
Keith axon.

Anonymous said...

A brilliant idea! Presumably, then, the BNP should only ever stand against a sitting MP/councilor once?!

But to be honest, I don't see how this new rule would be particularly useful to him in his current situation. Surely the next challenger is unlikely to be the same as the last one?!

The bloke's lost it.

founder member said...

You cannot chop and change the challenger every year.
You must be consistent.
Consistency is far better than spasmodic bursts of enthusiasm.
So do not be a silly boy.
The momentum and consistency must be kept up.
So who are you? Show yourself instead of hiding under anonymous

Keith axon

Anonymous said...

"We are on the eighth edition of the constitution and are awaiting amendments to this edition in time for the leadership election 2008."


String him up, or kick him out. Have you seen the size of the farm he's built on membership money? BNP members are mugs. If the REDS are looking in, did you get that? Not "THUGS" but, MUGS.

Siegfried said...

Gri££in will never give up the cash cow of the BNP. For a man who has never done a real job in his life, this must be a dream come true.

If an alternative organisation was formed in 2000 whilst John Tyndall was still alive, it would probably be bigger than the current BNP. All the people that NG had betrayed would have a new home and it would be full of talent.

Gri££in gets rid of anyone who speaks out against injustice and who has talent in case they become a threat. The party will eventually consist of idiots and yes men.

Anonymous said...

"The party will eventually consist of idiots and yes men."

It already does.

pete said...

Can somebody please edit the Wikipedia entry for BNP.

It gives the impression that the rebellion has already been killed off, thanks to Mark Collett's affinity to Wiki as a propaganda tool for Nick Griffin's corrupt and perverted cabal.

Sadie has only but begun. People need to be told the horrid truth about the bnp, and the honest truth about Sadie and the rest of thre hardworking dissidents, not Griffinite bullshit spin.

seventhvictim said...

Now that the BNP's finances are being investigated by the BBC it can only be a matter of time before Nick Griffin is behind bars. In which case Collett might become leader a lot sooner than many people think. Scary isn't it

founder member said...

When is someone going to supply us with the BNP constitution the eight editions? Instead of wintering on about nothing.

Someone one at the s graham camp meeting said that the rebels should not contest the leadership election this year.
Obviously a naive idiot or a griffinite in the audience.
Not to contest the leadership election would be suicide and letting griffin of the hook, we cannot let this megalomaniac of the hook for one moment the pressure must be relentless.
And in the next breath the S.graham camp are now suggesting that the challenger should be some one other than Chris Jackson, are these people mad or just weak. Lets see some leadership from the S.graham camp please instead this stumbling around like leaderless privets instead of generals who know where they are going .

This Post was not allowed on the S.Grahem EIE site, because the do not like us who are beyond the pail telling them how to suck eggs.

If Chris Jackson does not challenge the leadership election this year, the rebels will have lost the fight.

Keith axon.

Anonymous said...

As long as they thought that they were on the way up, they defended Griffin and were only too happy to do his dirty work.

Now that he has turned on them, they have suddenly discovered all sorts of reasons why he's no good and must be removed.

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...