Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Griffin 'spills the beans' on Stormfront UK forum
Today, 09:24 PM

Purging The Droid
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Re: Critics of main British Nationalist Party = Permanent Juveniles ?
Originally Posted by Doriot
Of course the adult thing to do would be to ignore the financial corruption, sexual perversion, a chairman whose work rate is equivalent to a snail, the downright peculiar policy initiatives, the South African staffed security dept, the alienation of decent activists and Orwellian cries of state agent when anyone raises any criticism.The adult thing to do would be to assume that this manifestly corrupt and quite frankly incompetent leadership is the best we can do and is going to save Britain and the White race.
PTD/Nick Griffin
You can try as hard as you like, but when all is said and done you and others like you are on your way out.
Once the results come in from the GLAs and we have two seats on the London Assembly then, for you Nutzis and other oddballs, reds and infiltrators , it's game over.Graham and the rest of them are yesterday's people, haggling over which councillor said what as if any of them are in a position to make a difference!
Watch the GLA elections and understand, we are about to enter a new arena and a new age.
I have not the slightest sympathy - not one jot, pregnant or otherwise - for any scumbag or traitor who tries to distract us from our goal.Forgive my intemperate language, but we are either in the business of saving our country or we are not.
I am not prepared to allow this to be jeopardised by the Nutzis and their race-freak ideals.
Our mission is to preserve our culture, when all is said and done race is not the issue, only culture and nationality. If you don't like it, frankly - sod off!


Anonymous said...

Griffin is just one arrogant gobshite !

Siegfried said...

"race is not the issue, only culture and nationality"

So technically speaking he would allow as many Africans into the country as long as they adopted our culture and became British citizens. The man is insane, how can you have culture without race.

This little pipsqueak (as Valerie Tyndall calls him) has never done a decent days work in his life and has done nothing but sponge off his parents and now sponge's off British Nationalism. I am sorry to say but if the election of BNP Councillors on the GLA is going to keep this arrogant decadent state aided fake nationalist in power, then I hope they get nothing.

In the long run it will be better for our RACE and NATION.

Shaymen on Tour said...

Our mission is to preserve our culture, when all is said and done race is not the issue, only culture and nationality.

What utter nonsense, so under Griffin's BNP we are to believe that as long all non-whites take on our culture then everything will be ok.
Our culture and way of life is embedded in who we are as a people, WHITE EUROPEAN!!
Wake up members before it's too late!!!

Nick Griffins cat said...

Griffin/PTD is now saying he never wrote that note ?

What a berk he is.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pete.

Any chance of putting Griffin's Voice of Freedom rant up as jpg's?

I've read Sadie's comments as EIE but can't relate them to anything without seeing the rant.

Purging the Bowels said...

If nationality, rather than race is the issue, then Gri££in is by his own definition nothing more than a Tory.

Final Conflict said...

Griffin has been taking that line for AGES.

Why are nationalists so surprised.

Under his arguments the millions of Asians here would be fine if they all converted to Christianity, Hinduism, Odinism or Judaism!!!!

truth said...

1982 founder member said...
We must keep up the pressure on nick griffin all the evidence against this despot are out there on his financial impropriates and dodgy dealing and his lies, and his purging of people who have discovered his megalomania and total destructive behavior .
Even if he is not a state operative his megalomaniac and disruptive behavior will bring down the only hope we have of any sort of political power with the party that has cost us all so much in the way of personal careers and marriages and personal safety.
The BNP must be saved before its to late ,we are at the eleventh hour act now before the BNP becomes a replacement for the CONSERVITY PARTY In other word a establishment party that will be impotent to save our RACE and NATION read the history of this megalomaniac NOW- NOT –TOMORROW… BUT NOW.

eavesdropper said...

Would you please edit Purging the Droid's post to include the paragraphs he used?

BTW, I'm pretty certain PTD is Nick Gri££in himself, the BNP chairman.


eavesdropper said...

I've been looking through some more of PTD's posts.

I think Nick Griffin may have used this user ID in the past, indeed I think it quite likely.

However, most of the posts are by someone else I believe, one of his circle very likely, but he just doesn't seem smart enough to be a party leader (however flawed), he seem guileless, almost.

A nasty enough piece of work, though.


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