Friday, January 11, 2008

A trip down memory lane

The following article first appeared on NWN in Sept 2006

A terrible sickness pervades

By Julian Graeme

Very rarely a day goes by without hearing stories of an expulsion, suspension or a disciplinary hearing of some unfortunate BNP member.

I would concede that the BNP, like any other organization, has to defend itself from attack from without, or from disruption within, its confines. There does, however, appear to be an inordinate wave of unrest among the more experienced nationalists in the party. People I have known for years are coming to me with stories of suppression and threats. Many of them are afraid to say or do anything in case they offend some minor lackey with the result of their being disciplined or worse.

The BNP is a voluntary organization and as such, is dependent on its success by attracting more and more members to swell the ranks. Indeed, increased membership is more important than a full coffer it is the life-blood of the party.

Members generate funds and all the money in the world wouldn’t do a blind bit of good if there were no dedicated members to use that money wisely and to the best effect.

I remember the early days of the BNP when there were only two paid positions in the whole of the party. Regional Organisers, Press Officers (we had one!) and others in prominent positions, worked for the love of the party not seeking any reward whatsoever other than the satisfaction that they had played a part in building up a party of nationalist unity.

Expulsions were a rarity and those who were given the boot, deserved it!

People like Hill, Hepple, Clayton-Garnett and Cotterill who were exposed as either infiltrators or turncoats. By and large, disputes were settled within local branches before they mushroomed into a major incident.

Today, the BNP is a party run by fear.

A loyal official can be replaced at the drop of a hat anytime, anywhere often without good reason and to the detriment of the area in which he or she was involved. Every day, there are new policies introduced that often dilute the original. Moderation is the name of the game and even the mildest of racial bias is not only frowned upon but stifled at birth!

I have met newer BNP members who openly declare they have no racial prejudice nor would they demur from allowing ethnics into their family circle!

Yet they loudly declare they are nationalists!

What have we seen within the BNP recently? We have seen election victories and annual mass rallies. We have seen an influx of non-white members, a selection of Asian candidates to represent British Nationalism and last but not least, an open declaration of support for the bandit state of Israel! The election victories are not down to the sole efforts of the new leadership. These results were the direct consequence of the work put in at local levels and all credit to those who achieved these results. The Red, White and Blue rallies are purposely designed to attract younger members and to provide entertainment to their liking. There is nothing wrong with this but I have noticed that there are no longer annual general meetings where each and every member had a chance of attending. These meetings were always well organized and gave members a chance to put their own points of view forward. I have spoken at many of these AGMs in the past and always found then both informative and enjoyable. Why, then, are they no longer held?

Is the leadership afraid of too much criticism?

Do the party leaders wish to shy away from unpopular policies?

Probably it’s because they fear the presence of so many dissenters under one roof may spark off a call for resignations! The BNP cannot go on for ever and a day watering down policies. There will come a time when the party will change its name to accommodate the new resolutions. The word ‘British’ will become redundant in favour of something more all-embracing. ‘National’ will be dropped as it implies racial preference. What the hell we will be left with, God alone knows! Probably something like ‘The Progressive Party’ or some such nonsense!

The electorate believes that the BNP supports the white community 100%. It will serve no purpose foisting on the voters a nationalist candidate from an ethnic community. They want a change; they want a party they can identify with themselves. Unfortunately, they won’t get this within the present climate of BNP policy. Surely, it’s time to call a halt to this charade of moderation and return to the basic roots of nationalist principles.

Julian Graeme.


NorthWestNationalists said...

'Julian Graeme' was of course, the late John Wood.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

to true.we are a dying breed that have been kicked to the curb by the populists who call themself nationalists who kno nothing about nationalisim or its past or our our strugles for the love of the cause and the party that we loved and built from scratch we did not ask for money...we sacrificed our careers and mariages. the newbies whow have had many titles inflating their little egoes with wages as well,have now been cut down because they tried to exercise democracy but it never existed to begin with in griffins BNP.
money that some of them have been reciving is now gon so stop winging as if they wer not paid enough shame on you.
buid from nothing that is what we did.
you voted for griffin you got griffin and now you are paying the price.....
I rest my case.
keith axon.

racial nationalist said...

All these comments about people being nazi's. griffin ,collett,etc
grahem,smith.etc.etc Well all i can say is the majority of them would not get down the street of the NSDAP headquaters as they would not pass the stringent qualifications needed to be presented with the party badge.
so please do not insult the NSDAP.
with these people.
But me thinks i would certainly get past the security in the street and through door and i might just qualify.?? maybe.
keith axon

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the amusing thing about all this is that so many of those who have today been trampled on and expelled, are the very people who were not so long ago busily helping Griffin to trample on an expel others.

Anonymous said...

not me .
keith axon

keith axon said...

Im Keith Axon !

The blade said...

Some of those that made John Woods last moments in life a misery include;

Tommy Williams(Sheffield)

Dave Howard(Sheffield)

Pete 'SID' Williamson(Brighton)

Howard was such an imbecile he even turned up at John Woods funeral.

Mind, he is as thick as pig shit.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...