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Not All Change Is Good

(NWN: We have stolen this essay from the below blogsite link. Well worth a read.)

There is a change happening within nationalism, this change has insidiously crept in, at first unknowingly, however it is fair to say that the instigators of this change have all but won.

Forces diametrically opposed to nationalism have infiltrated our very ranks, under cover of what I dub “plastic patriotism”; this spurious patriotism has the very real potential of undermining real nationalist principles.

Unfortunately, for nationalism within this country, there have always been splits; these divisions have done nothing more than help the nation destroyers gain full Control of our countries fortunes whilst we as nationalists bicker.

In the past, the disagreements were in the main centred around the degree of credence given to national socialist ideology as it applied to Great Britain.Many of our nationalist leaders in times past, asserted that National Socialism had absolutely no bearing upon our countries fight and that National Socialism belonged where it was in the past.

This opinion didn’t in fact help nationalism within our once great country, as the owned media still likened nationalism with Mr Hitler’s Germany.

As nationalists, we all realised that there was (and still is) a largely Jewish element affecting both our countries fortunes and also that of nationalism. We couldn’t as nationalists shy away from the very real truth of historical Jewish involvement with the revolutionary left and their contemporary financing and support of pro-migrant causes, detrimental to our nation state.

However we were unwilling to adopt national socialist imagery, dress or methodology recognising that this was the domain of hobbyists who stood not a chance of gaining public support, in fact the very opposite would occur, adopting national socialist appearance would alienate the very people we were trying to attract.

There is a very real threat from Jews, not individually of course, there is no reason for extreme hatred of this race individually, however elements within the Jewish community actively support in whatever way the non-European takeover of our countries.

Historically this is perfectly understandable for whatever reason it cannot be denied that the Jewish Diaspora has suffered.

The Jewish community advocates for multiculturalism for this very reason believing that they as a people are far safer in a multi-ethnic environment than a mono-ethnic one. The Jewish nation is perhaps the most ethnocentric of all exhibiting advanced evolutionary stratagems throughout recorded history. However there has been a shift within Jewish thought, which has had a quite remarkable knock-on effect. Jews will fight for a multi-ethnic society for the reason I have given above so a person considering themselves first and foremost a Jew will advocate for this form of society regardless of their alleged party political allegiances whether left or right.

Paradoxically the Jewish community whilst wishing to remain in a multiethnic environ finds itself in a catch twenty two position, in that by supporting mass non-European migration for their own group interests, they have helped introduce their greatest contemporary foe.

There are reports that anti-semitic attacks are on the rise throughout Europe, and I believe this to be an obvious result of placing two implacable enemies within the same territorial area.

The Jewish community finds itself in an intolerable position, do they continue to support mass migration, thereby running the risk of communal attack, or do they now support anti-immigration parties.

Many Jews have moved further and further to the right however, this is purely a group strategy and has no bearing on individual thought. For ethnocentric reasons the Jew must now endeavour to combat the Islamic threat, it is for this reason that the Muslim community finds itself besieged in the press and general mass media.

Many within the nationalist community fall for this completely we see so-called nationalist parties combating the Islamic menace but very little else.

The Jewish Diaspora support Israel unequivocally, even should one of their fellows criticise the state of Israel then the whole community will attack with a vengeance.

Again the irony is that the socialist left have now split from their support of Israel, the very movement started by the Jewish community as a communal defence has now turned against them.

The left openly decry the actions of Israel, and extreme left-wing elements of the left have even set up a political party peopled by ardent anti-semites.

The Jewish community is tiny, their power however is tremendous currently they are manipulating public opinion in an anti-Islamic direction whilst still advocating a racially ambiguous society. Their traditional support on the left has all but deserted them albeit for some within leftist academia and even this is questioning, so they have turned to their greatest friend the followers of mammon, conservatives.

For the Jew’s conservatives have to win the next election it is imperative, however they must win this election on an anti-racist ticket, they must throw away there old persona re-establishing themselves as a centre left party.

The conservatives have always preferred to follow the pound rather than the flag however, they have in times past presented themselves as defenders of our country, even their name implies that they believe in this.

This insidious party have done more damage to our country than can be imagined, they have swindled generations of our countrymen into believing in their sham patriotism.

Whilst waving the flag at every available opportunity, these capitalistic vermin have prevented an indigenous fight back acting as a safety valve to native dissent.

For some within conservative circles their parties manoeuvring to the left has caused many to re-evaluate the traditionally dubbed far-right parties. Many of these conservative’s see the use of our country’s flag, hear the word British and they are off, indulging in their predilection for pomp and ceremony.

These conservatives find that they are urged by society to attack the invasion of our country by Islam, however they baulk at addressing other non-European invasion. They consider it their duty to defend against Islam whilst becoming misty eyed over our country’s past, a past that they had everything to do with destroying.

Conservatives follow capitalism, they have come to believe that capitalism is a western invention, and that by supporting capitalism they are supporting western civilisation, how fooled they are, how little they have looked into our glorious past.

Capitalism is a purely foreign creed to western man, we are not a collectivist people, we evolved as an individualistic race that is true, although governed by a highly developed sense of altruism which is the complete opposite of capitalism.

Conservatives can never be true nationalists their over riding instinct is to stick their nose into the trough indulging in their avariciousness. It is these people that are her majesty’s opposition, what a frightening thought in this supposed democracy, that we the people have only the choice between two extreme evils.

In shedding off their image the conservative is beginning to show their true colours, they will pale visibly if one should call a spade a spade.

They will disparage a man for speaking as they find, it seems that we must all learn “Newspeak” our very words are to be censored by the egalitarian elite.

Of course they are right, if one can change the speech of a nation, then one can change the nation, disallow words and one can veto whole systems of thought controlling the masses through communal self policing.

Eric Blair’s big brother society is truly coming to pass however to quote the author himself “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear” or one could go with “Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious”. In this day and age, we are not permitted to tell the truth, to recognise that the races of man are different, or that each race of man naturally works in its own group interest.

We are to watch how we act, what we say and with whom we associate, what a wonderful free society we are letting them fashion for us.

It seems that we must capitulate to foreign invaders, these savage creatures running amok in our towns and cities, least they feel offence.

We must skirt around the issue of Jewish ethnocentrism least we be accused of anti-Semitism, we must allow Marxist principles of thought control to become the norm within our land, re-titled political correctness.

But what of us have we no right to our own language or in fact our own homeland, do we exist purely to give succour to all of the peoples of this world. I say we are not, we have a right to our own countries, to live as we have always lived, we as a people have the right to throw off the shackles of political correctness.

Why should we let a warped minority shape majority thought, are words really more detrimental to mankind than the implementation of the authoritarian state they have in store for our descendants.

Is the word nigger and such like really as bad as the bloodshed taking place in Iraq on democracies behalf, is any word alluding to ones race even in a disparaging manner to be condemned.

Not all words are positive and yet without derogatory words we lose elements of description, is it just us the white race that have deprecating words then.

I live in a multi-ethnic environment, and so I have learned words of insult used by all races one towards the other.

Each man has a right to respect, however each man also has the right to the use of their common language, each in-group will have disparaging names for the out-group. If we seek to control the use of language then we may as well give up, let their coming new world order impose its evil today.

Until our majority status within Europe has ended the egalitarian elite will seek to control our every thought and action, and yet when the day comes that we as a race have amalgamated into a coffee coloured mass, then they to will find themselves controlled.

I cannot lie I what both my country and Europe for Europeans, however this is not hate, I would not laugh at the plight of a Negro lying injured at the scene of a road accident, walking by without offering aid. I wouldn’t let a Muslim child die without trying to help, or let a Jew drown, recognising that we all have a right to our individual homelands is not the same as hate.

Realising that all groups compete for limited resources and wishing for my people to succeed in the race is only natural no matter what they tell you.

Some will read the articles I and others write and think us haters as you have been taught to, you will think us anti-Semites because we contest Jewish control or racists because we advocate a return to an all-white Europe.

What a racial nationalist feels is first and foremost an affinity with their own people, we are the true conservatives wishing only to conserve our race and our territory.

The Jewish race as I have mentioned in this article exhibits extreme ethnocentric attitudes, as does the black race albeit to a slightly lesser degree. Each race and in some cases creeds displays a protectionist attitude and yet it is only whites that are pilloried, that is a truly racist act as a race with no group defence has absolutely no chance of survival.

The white race those awake to our plight looked to nationalism and for a while it looked as if maybe we had hopes of forming a bulwark against an anti-white world.

However, we find that nationalist parties in their headlong pursuit of the vote have completely abandoned their people in their hour of need.

Today the BNP never fights against Jewish control, never contests black immigration, it stands purely against Islamic colonisation. (NWN emphasis)

It is still able to hint at its origins by condemning Marxism, especially as the left has formed their unholy alliance with Islam. All this is in keeping with current orthodoxy but in no way should this be confused with nationalism, it would seem that our nationalist parties are just dressing themselves in the clothes recently discarded by the conservative party.

Incrementally we the white population of this country (and others) are left with no defence our political parties have become infested with little more than Tories playing at nationalism.

This has created a change within nationalism that is forcing many to abandon party politics leaving nationalism true nationalism with no political voice.

In the long run I can see no other choice but for the formation of a new nationalist party, a party that adheres to the true principles of nationalism. This new party if it has to be formed should in no way seek to ape National Socialism, it should contest Marxism because it is evil not because it has sided with Islam. This new party should revert back to nationalisms racialist origins in that all men have the right to live unmixed in their traditional countries of origin, in freedom. The control of finance and the press should never again rest in the hands of a few individuals and all men should be free to think and say what they truly feel.

Of course there can never be true freedom, individuals such as paedophiles, would of course have no voice and should they transgress against the innocence of the child they would quite soon have no life.

Homosexuality would once again become a private matter for the individual concerned not flaunted in the public eye as a superior lifestyle choice. A true nationalist party would fight on its traditional ground it would not cede ground to the forces of our nation destroyers.

We should remain true to nationalist principles not become just another party, changing policy to capture the public vote.

In adopting the clothes of the old Tory party nationalism has left our people undefended and yet we have never needed true nationalism as much. Our people are crying out for change I would hope nationalisms leaders would lend them their ear. 14


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