Saturday, March 24, 2007

March 19th 2007

Statement from the EFP Leadership

NWN : We are going to allow this post to have its own thread. It was posted earlier on a thread on this board. We have no problems with Steve Smith.

It is important that the England First Party clear up a few misleading statements that have been made about the party and its officials lately especially so in various editions of the Lancashire Telegraph. It has been reported and claimed that Steven Smith the new chairman of the England First Party is a senior member of the British Peoples Party. Whilst he is a member which, his joining was a show of solidarity it is not true for him to be described as a senior member he does not have any influence or input into the political direction or internal workings of the party and is 100% committed to the England First Party only. Also any functions organised by the British Peoples Party that are attended by senior members of the English First Party are attended in a personal capacity and their attendance should not be seen as having the official endorsement of the England First Party. Also it has been claimed in a misleading article entitled ‘England First pair quit party’ in the 5th March edition of the Lancashire Telegraph that Mark Cotterill had left the party. This is completely untrue and Mark Cotterill is continuing as the Party’s Nominating Officer and remains a fully paid up member of the party. A request for a correction was submitted to the Lancashire Telegraph which the journalist on the story had promised but it failed to materialise. A letter is due to be sent to the editor of the Lancashire Telegraph again requesting a correction and reminding him of the Code of Practice that is laid down by the Press Complaints Commission in relation to the accuracy of reporting. Hopefully the above statement will clarify and dispel any further misleading and inaccurate reporting with regard to the party and its officials in the future.Issued by the England First Party leadership - 19th March 2007©2003-2007 England First Party, All rights reserved. This is a website for ,The England First Party, PO Box 331, Blackburn. BB1 2WU. Lancashire. a registered political party in Great Britain. Email enquiries may be sent to and written correspondence should be sent to the above address.
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rvfr said...

That clears things up. Let's hope the efp goes from strength to strength and gets a councillor or two in. It will be good for nationalism.

Anonymous said...

anyone ready to state the REAL reason why Cotterill stood down?

He said it was 'cos he moved just down the road... someone out there must have some inkling of the truth behind yet another lie!

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