Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two Lancashire towns 5 miles apart ......

Last Saturday afternoon two asian/pakistani drug gangs fought a pitched battle very near to the centre of Bury using guns and machetes.

Meanwhile in nearby Rochdale, a major story in the ROCHDALE OBSERVER last week was the absolute shock and horror , that a C18 sticker found it's way onto a lamp-post in the Cronkeyshaw area of the town. Police and Councillors warned the Public to stay calm !

I wonder how calm they are in Bury ?


rvfr said...

It wouldn't surprise me if they tried linking the two!!

dizzyfatplonka said...

Asian gangs have for a long time been coming over from Blackburn to have pitched battles with their ilke in Bolton.
It was the reporting of these incidents that first made me pick up on our biased media years ago, how they left out the race of the perpetrators unless they where white.

Anonymous said...

The stickers are a typical searchlight/Labour party con trick just as elections loom!
The stickers were found in the Shawclough area of the Healey ward, this tells me that the Labour Party are pre-empting that this will be the ward Rochdale BNP fight again.
Lets see how many arrests they make over the stickers!

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