Friday, March 23, 2007

Is Kevin Hughes still in jail ?
If he is, then what is displayed on the above picture should have been happening. The above picture shows a demonstration outside Walton Jail, Liverpool, in late 1980.
It was yet another 'FREE PETE BARKER' activity.
The cost of the 'demos' in terms of policing became astronomic, and the 'Establishment' very quickly decided 'enough was enough'. They released Pete on parole within weeks of them turning down his appeal , which then sparked the anger and demonstrations from the British nationalist community, - then the major NF demonstrations started nationwide .
'Demos' also helped other nationalists in their time of great need, for example; Joe Pierce and Robert Relf.


Anonymous said...

I think Hughes is still inside.

Anonymous said...

Kev will be released on the 25th may and people should make he effort to be there to give him the biggest applause when he walks from them doors.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Kev get remission? And I htink it a disgrace that the BNP never organised any kind of protest. If Griffin and Collett had gone down they would have been squealing for demos!

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