Saturday, March 31, 2007

Rochdale BNP announces no BNP meetings in Rochdale !

Just been looking at the report on the BNP main website , where the headline "Two meetings in Rochdale in one week" is displayed.

As the report actually tells us, there were in fact, no meetings in Rochdale !
So Rochdale BNP should call itself the Rochdale & Middleton BNP, or ,the Rochdale & Rossendale BNP, or the Rochdale, Middleton and Rossendale BNP.
After all, that is how Oldham BNP came into being. It used to be all Rochdale BNP; then Rochdale & Oldham BNP, then Oldham BNP got it's own 'head of steam' when we handed it over to Mick Treacy and over 40 + others in Oldham , then it fell on it's backside !
It is only a week or so ago, that the Rochdale BNP Organiser told this writer, that he was the best Rochdale Organiser ever !
But then again he, Kev Bryan, is not from these parts.
Rossendale and Middleton are further away from Rochdale than Oldham is.
Note: Bryan in fact wrote that this writer deserved all he got, including all the threats, vandalism and so on, and, even his wife being threatened. These are criminal acts and the Rochdale BNP Organiser supports that !
'Low lifes' like Kev Bryan and Pete Williamson give our cause a bad name. Until we rid ourselves of them, and the 'top of the tree' Nick Griffin, then we will not advance.


Anonymous said...

Middleton comes under the borough of Rochdale does it not? Doug Winthrop

Anonymous said...

Rossendale and Middleton are In the Borough of Rochdale.

Why dont you turn up at the meetings and help out.

observer said...

Am I missing something here?

But under Griffin, the BNP is advancing!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well hello Jason, sorry Dougie !
WE thought you were a real white nationalist, have you now changed ?

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