Saturday, March 10, 2007

If your wife was on the receiving end of a threatening phone call, what would you do?

What if it was from a so-called, "fellow nationalist" ?

What if a BNP Organiser was involved ?


Anonymous said...

The Rochdale BNP Organiser is frightened of his own wife. That is why he has never stood before.

He lied when he invited John Tyndall to speak at Rochdale.

JT corrected him.

Burnley bods.

NorthWestNationalists said...

We are awaiting news about all this from within the BNP.

Kevin Bryan, the Rochdale BNP Organiser has been passing the private phone number of the owner of NWN to, how shall we say it, none BNP members.

Bryan has also passed info to other rather strange nazi groupings.

Kevin Bryan has also shown that , what should be total confidentiality to BNP members, he is prepared to breach.

Bryan cannot be trusted with members information.

More to follow.......

More news from NWN asap if and when......

Anonymous said...

Kev Bryan is a friend of nazi gunrunner Ken Kelly.

Kelly should have been named in SEARCHLIGHT books but they didn't. WHY ? They all knew his name.

Kelly is known to have supplied a gun to Tony Reed-Herbert for the GUNS TO THE RIGHT TV programme.

Kelly also supplied the gun to the killer of the Baitings Dam Murder .

Wny have the Police never questioned Ken Kelly about all this ?

Leticslad said...

Is this the same Kev Bryan who was going to incite a "vote of no confidence" in Bev Jones (the then NWRO) and the very next week had her speaking at one of his meetings?
And the same Kev Bryan who the NWRO previous to "Big Bev" had for a long period, no time for, as he grew tired of hearing his excuses as to why he couldnt leaflet/attend meetings/speak etc etc/
Not to mention the supporting J.T one minute then sweet talking Griffin in the next breath?
Not changed a lot then eh? !!!

Anonymous said...

Kevin Bryan sold steve smiths books at his meeting and although he promised to send Steve a cheque several times he never did.

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