Thursday, March 01, 2007

"Lost Tomb of Jesus": The Talmud Makes its Way to the Discovery Channel

by Michael A. Hoffman II

The Discovery Channel's documentary, "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," is the latest predictable bigotry from the usual suspects.

Though Hollywood director James Cameron is the visible spokesman, according to the New York Times, Simcha Jacobovici, an Israeli, is "the documentary's director and its driving force."

For obvious reasons the media are not emphasizing that fact.

Zionist reporter Laurie Goodstein, writing in the Feb. 27 edition of the New York Times, treats the alleged discovery of the "grave of Jesus" as worthy of serious contemplation, while regarding any Christian outrage as slightly comical: "It's going to get a lot of Christians with their knickers in a knot unnecessarily."

No such laisssez-faire insouciance from the Laurie Goodsteins of the world greeted Prof. Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University earlier this month, when he asserted in his Italian-language book, "Pasque di Sangue" (Bloody Passovers) that medieval and Renaissance Judaic ritual murder of Christian children was in some cases factual.

The Zionist media and the ADL had more than their knickers in a knot over Toaff.

They responded with one mighty voice of howling wrath: this was fantasy, not history; anti-semitic racism from a self-hating Judiac opposed by every historian on earth and despised by every right-thinking human on the planet.

Serious contemplation of a new discovery? Fuggetaboutit!

To learn the extent to which Judaic supremacy is triumphant in our time, all one has to do is compare the treatment accorded to each of these 'discoveries.'

The Jacobovici/Cameron hoax is presented by the media as a thoughtful alternative to uptight fundamentalist orthodoxy. Pros and cons are debated in an atmosphere of civility and reason. Criticism is entertained, mainly in order to appear balanced amid ample shades of gray. But any vehement, sustained outrage against the claim that Jesus Christ's tomb has been found, with the suggestion that he was buried next to his sex partner, Mary Magdalene, is scornfully dismissed as nutjob religious fanaticism.

In the disparity between the treatment of the two controversies, we find the strength of Judaism and the anemia of a Christianity which, in American society, is little more than Churchianity, in spite of the fact that the President of the United States is alleged to be a "devout Christian," along with a sizable portion of his Republican party, who will no doubt blow off ineffectual steam over "The Lost Tomb of Jesus," just as they did with "The Da Vinci Code," even as the producers' cash registers ring a merry tune.

After all, Martin Scorcese, the director of "The Last Tempation of Christ," a movie that portrayed Jesus as a demented sex freak and coward, has just won the Academy Award.

Far from being courageous heretics, Jacobovici and Cameron are conformist front men for the dictates of dogmatic Orthodox Judaism, just as Dan Brown and Hollywood director Ron Howard with their "Da Vinci Code" book and movie vomit, were fronting for the Kabbalistic gnosis of the western secret societies.

The Establishment will deflate the impact of the Israeli origins of this grotesque insult to Christ by trotting out a few Orthodox rabbis who will say they side with Christians against it.

These "good rabbis" are part of the charade, necessary to successfully deflect attention away from the Talmudic nature of the production. How many of the handful of supposed "Orthodox Judaics of good will" will come forward to condemn the film as having been inspired by traditional Judaic teachings about Jesus?

Rather, they will indict the "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" as a "liberal" rather than a Talmudic evil.This writer would be more than happy to have Jerry Falwell, Franklin Graham and John Hagee condemn an English translation of Ariel Toaff's "Pasque di Sangue" even as it was published from coast to coast. Their condemnation wouldn't faze me in the least; neither will any window-dressing theatrics from those token "good Orthodox rabbis" detract one iota from the success of "The Lost Tomb of Jesus" and the fact that the hidden hand of rotten rabbinic tradition is all over this degenerate project.

In the run-up to the publication of his book, Prof. Toaff started out defiant: "The author of a book on the use of blood by Jews in Ashkenazi communities in the Middle Ages said... in the face of the furor its publication aroused, 'I will not give up my devotion to the truth and academic freedom even if the world crucifies me." Within a week of Toaff announcing the book's publication, he did just that, under threat of expulsion from his university, arrest by Israeli authorities and credible death threats.

While the infantilized goyim are told it would be racist "anti-Semitism" for us to give Toaff's thesis a hearing, to defend him or demand that his book go forward, it is noble, adventurous and truly adult of us to give thoughtful consideration to Jacobovici and Cameron's "Lost Tomb of Jesus."

If America were really a "Christian country" the sponsors of this subversive, antichrist filth would face fiscal bankruptcy from an iron-clad Christian boycott of the cable TV network associated with the film, and every corporate sponsor connected with it; and moral bankruptcy due to near-universal revulsion and social ostracism. But nothing like that happened to the influential Ron Howard, the fantastically wealthy Dan Brown or Academy Award winner Scorcese.

Surely Jacobovici and Cameron are emboldened by the fact that America is the place to score against Christ while stuffing one's pockets with cash.Jesus Christ, the New Adam, never suffered physical disintegration on earth. That was God's curse on the old Adam. But the Talmud, Kabbalah and Toledot Yeshu have always accused Jesus of being a con-man and sorcerer who learned his magician's trade in Egypt, and who is even now being cooked in hell in his own feces.
From hell, the Talmud has Jesus advising we the living to obey the Judaic authorities in all things.In our misdirection and paralysis, it appears Americans are dutiful followers of that hell-bound, faux Talmudic "Jesus." After all, lots of money (perish the thought, says Cameron) is going to be made off the Tomb of Jesus scam, and when did any red-blooded, rabbi-fearing American ever interfere with a guy's ability to make a buck? It's the American way!

The truth is, Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of the Father, from whence He shall come again to judge the living and the dead, and of His kingdom there will be no end. Are you listening, proud, arrogant, profit-loving "Christian America," facilitators of "The Da Vinci Code" and now "The Lost Tomb of Jesus"?

Are you listening Hollywood?

Are you listening, all of you who make common cause with Talmudic rabbis and Israeli Zionists?

His day, the Day of Judgment by the Jesus you allow Hollywood to say lies moldering in dust for the TV cameras to ogle and the DNA ghouls to sample, is coming, and when it does, all those who tolerated or -- God forbid -- promoted this diabolical charade, will have their fateful appointment with eternity.

In the meantime, a kind of ritual murder of the reputation of Jesus Christ is unfolding before our very eyes, scandalizing millions, including our children.

It's legal.

It's profitable, its Talmudic, and it's all happening right here in "Christian" America, light unto the nations and bosom buddy of God's Chosen People, of whom Simcha Jacobovici is a sterling example.

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you understand the concept of churchianity as opposed to christianity, this is whats leading many people astray nowadays because they follow the church like sheeple instead of realising the church is the people.
They listen to preachers rather than believe in a living Christ within them, all being led astray.
Much of the USA bible belt sells God, so really worships mammon.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Americans like these kind of films due to the over-zealous way in which Christianity is portrayed to them. You have ridiculous 'pastors' screaming at the top of their voices, putting their hands on peoples' heads and saying the devil has gone now.
Christianity is big business in America and lots of people see through the charlatans so maybe in the back of their minds, the people are getting one over on them and not Christianity?

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