Friday, March 16, 2007

Eddy Butler and Tony Lecomber have punch-up ?

Last Thursday evening (8th March) in Debden, while returning to his car,Eddy Butler was attacked by a man wearing a white motorcycle hood.
The attacker hit Eddy several times with his fists, shoving him against the car door so hard the door was dented, and then Eddy Butler was knocked to the ground.
On the ground Eddy fought back using a bunch of keys as a weapon and was able to repeatedly hit the attacker’s head. Eventually Eddy managed to get on top of the attacker and gave him a good thrashing with his fists and was eventually able to pull off his attacker’s disguise.
What surprised Eddy was the identity of the attacker, whose face was blackened where it showed through the white hood. The attacker was none other than Tony Lecomber.
By now Tony was pleaded for mercy. Feeling sorry for him Eddy told Tony to go home. Rather surprised the following day Eddy Butler received a phone call from Tony requesting that they meet up for a quiet talk. At any rate, Butler met Lecomber who bought him a drink.
After a while, however, Tony got a bit hysterical and told Eddy he could have killed him if he had had an iron bar. He further claimed that he Butler had taken away his family from him, meaning, of course, the BNP.
It appears that Lecomber really thinks it was Eddy Butler who was responsible for his demise. Little does he know it was actually Nick Griffin who had him eased out of the party without arousing too many suspicions.
Caution was called for since Tony has a lot of embarrassing details about Nick that could be quite damaging.
NWN: This is posted 'anonymously' from a well known nationalist on their direction.


Anonymous said...

Now you see it now you don't !

Seems a thread just disappeared into the ether from Stormfront UK about this very issue.

Anonymous said...

Does lecomber still work for the BNP ?

NorthWestNationalists said...

As far as we know, convicted bomber Tony Lecomber is still on the BNP payroll. He will have gotten the boot; but not really gotten the boot from the BNP.

The very same happened to Mark Collett for his Channel 4 programme.He was given the boot from the BNP, but he wasn't really.

Some people who get the boot from the BNP, do really get the boot from the BNP, such as John Tyndall and yours truly.

Yes I know it's hard to understand but hey, that's Griffin for you !

NorthWestNationalists said...

By the way we are in no way supporters of Eddy Butler either.

It's only a few years back that Butler argued at a Bloombury Group meeting about having blacks in the nationalist movement.Butler is a bum!

I will have to check out my sources.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Its disappeared from the Oldham winkers website too. But we expect that from the reactionaty Oldham nerks.

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