Friday, March 30, 2007

College These Days, and, The Institutions of Liberalization Are Not So Needed

If people were taught what they needed to be taught in the first 12 grades of public school, most of them wouldn't need college [1]. In fact, today's colleges exist largely to liberalize young people by filling their heads with left-wing, egalitarian propaganda. This, of course, transforms our culture into crap. As the great Dr. William Pierce noted [2], our society only needs a small percentage of college-educated people, and even then, they should study only certain, "real" subjects [one can get a decree in nearly anything today]. The rest of the citizens can learn trades, work in public service, etc. Isn't it time to stop spending big money on a largely-worthless college education for Sally or Linda which will only turn them into unhappy, liberal feminists?

[1] we wasted vast amounts of time in public school learning about, for example, the Black "civil-rights" movement and Martin Luther King, Jr.

[2] see the pamphlet "The Roots of Civilization" by Dr. William L. Pierce, which is vital and timeless reading. Only an abridged version of the pamphlet is currently available on the internet. Quoting Pierce in the paper pamphlet: "Twelve years of elementary and secondary schooling, properly organized, is sufficient for all but a small percentage of a nation's youth." Pierce says that our whole system of elementary and secondary education needs to be reorganized in order to move away from our current educational system framework, which amounts to "style in the place of substance." This important pamphlet, which every White person should read, can be ordered from National Vanguard Books, Hillsboro, WV., or visit this webpage:

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