Wednesday, March 21, 2007


We all know the banks are thieves, but did you know that they have no legal right to impose excessive charges when you go overdrawn?

Legally, the banks can impose an admin charge of around £4 to send letters saying you've gone overdrawn - they cannot charge £30 and more!

There is a website with details on how to reclaim these charges, for the last six years. Have a look. All it will cost you is a stamp, and if like me you've been stung a few times, you could (also like me) get back hundreds!

Hit them where it hurts, and help yourself too!

Please pass this link on so anyone you know who has been overcharged can get their money back!


NWN : Nicked this from the latest FC 2860. Wieselstool Fined. US of Gay? Zionist Lobby Clears Way for War. Holocaust II? Jailing Politicians. etc.

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