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The Two Faces of Nicholas John Griffin

Can the real, Nick Griffin, please stand up?

Many current members of the BNP will be aware that Griffin is opposed to all kinds of conspiracy theory. So, here for your viewing pleasure is some early Griffin...

The Emperor's New Clothes

The New World Order is overrated and in trouble, argues Nick Griffin

Spearhead - October 1996

"Some of the finest brains in the financial world now expect a crash on Wall Street, which will reverberate around the other major stockmarkets of the world, and particularly London. After a dizzying surge, which has seen the Dow Jones Industrial Index soar by more than 50% since the beginning of 1994, the question of a severe correction is no longer if but when"
So wrote Patrick Weever in a major article in the Business section of the Sunday Telegraph on August 25th. Now, while there are always a few pessimists around warning investors that 'the End is Nigh', Weever's message is given weight not only by the fact that he is a senior financial journalist, but also by the very significant number of expert analysts around the world who have come to the same conclusion. A typical example mentioned by Weever is Tony Dye, one of the foremost fund managers in the country who is convinced that the Wall Street rocket is due to nosedive.

Barrons, a magazine greatly respected by corporate and individual investors alike, warned recently of a drastic reduction in the amount of money flowing into American mutual funds, which the baby boomer generation has used over the last couple of years to invest in stocks and shares for pension purposes. The magazine points out that the $3.5bn put into mutual funds this July, although seemingly a huge amount, was in fact a drastic drop on the monthly average of $18bn over the previous year. Furthermore, money ploughed into the mutual funds is having less and less impact on Wall Street; sums which a year or so ago would have triggered sharp rises in share prices now have virtually no effect. Concluded Barrons:-
"We are convinced that this palpable weakening of the bull market's biggest source of strength is an extraordinarily significant change and not, in case you're wondering, for the better."
Andrew Smithers, who produces independent analysis for fund managers in London agrees:-
"The stockmarket has only reached peaks comparable with today's levels on three previous occasions. Each peak was followed by a crash which, in turn, was followed by a severe recession. The depressions of the 1930s were particularly severe and at the time there was widespread acceptance of the view that central banks had a duty to avoid creating asset bubbles."
To his alarm, however:
"The US market is now more overvalued than at any time this century."
A large part of the reason for this, says the Sunday Telegraph, is the way in which the US authorities have turned "a blind eye to the asset bubble, turned on the printing presses and dropped interest rates to astonishing lows."
This is in spite of the fact that Alan Greenspan, the chairman of the US Federal Reserve, is supposed to be an arch anti-inflationist. According to Steven Solomon, writing in his book The Confidence Game:
"Even before taking office in August 1987, Greenspan fretted that the stratospheric rise in share prices constituted a speculative bubble divorced from any underlying realistic expectation of future corporate profits or other underlying economic fundamentals. Bursting bubbles historically often triggered financial crises and sometimes economic disasters."
Comments the Telegraph's Patrick Weever:-
"If he was worried then surely he must be catonic with worry now. Why then is he stoking the flames with easy money? Why is such a man letting the money supply rip? Because he is afraid of something worse,' says one money man, hinting darkly that the something might be world depression. After all, we have now had two gigantic rounds of banking failures in America and Japan and these banks have only been rescued by cutting interest rates so that the banks could borrow at rock bottom rates and rebuild their balance sheets by lending at a big profit further up the yield curve. Had there been headlines 'Taxpayers bail out banks' there would have been uproar. But this device surreptitiously achieved the same result. It is one thing bailing out the banks. It would be quite another bailing out the stock market. Yet some bears believe the Fed can delay the crash during election year but that ultimately this will only make it worse."
Of course, conspiracy theorists may see all this is a rather different light. Rather than Greenspan and Co. struggling to keep a rotten and rickety financial system crashing down, they may be deliberately engineering a massive collapse so as to complete the process of concentrating the wealth of the world in their hands by wiping out smaller investors, banks and national governments and providing an excuse for the introduction of a supposedly more stable global electronic cashless society as part of their New World Order.
Now this might be what is going on, and there are certainly powerful individuals, organisations and pressure groups which would strive to find ways to use a new world depression to increase further their wealth and power, but however much they end up benefitting from the collapse, it does not necessarily mean that they caused it.
The same phenomenon would also be seen after, for example a catastrophic earthquake which flattened San Fransisco and Los Angeles. The problems caused by hordes of looters and panic-stricken refugees might lead to new police powers and a more tightly-controlled welfare system which strengthened the Federal Government. As rebuilding got underway there is every likelihood that private property-owners whose insurance policies did not include earthquake damage would end up losing everything, and that many smaller insurance companies would be bankrupted and swallowed up by their larger rivals with the resources to stand such enormous short-term losses. Property developers and big construction companies would make additional fortunes, but small builders might be driven out of business because they lacked the buying-power to obtain building materials which would be cornered by the bigger concerns.
However undesirable all these things undoubtedly would be, and however many little 'conspiracies' had been hatched in the scramble to drag profits from the misery and the wreckage, most people would see that the earthquake itself was the product of natural forces beyond anybody's control. There probably would be a number of Conspiracy explanations - top secret government research programmes, geo-seismic disruption-waves generated from a secret Communist headquarters still operating underneath the Kremlin, and millennial religious fantasies about the End of the World - but it is unlikely that these would make much headway, even among the almost uniquely gullible American public.
Unfortunately, rather fewer nationalists are able to understand the way in which debt-finance capitalism, although a man-made system, has a life and momentum of its own.
The very nature of the Banksters' swindle is that it must periodically collapse under its own weight of unrepayable debt. The debt system is like a juggernaut picking up speed down a winding moutain road. The Greenspans, Rothschilds, Rockefellers and all the rest of them are able to use the steering wheel to keep it on the road for a while, but if they were to slam on the brakes to stop it the whole thing would skid and topple over the edge straight away. So they have to keep hurtling onwards, unable to do more than struggle to postpone the disaster until their New World Order police patrol is strong enough to keep control of the ragged band of looters (Hi mum, that's us!) waiting to fight them for the chance to pick up the pieces at the bottom of the precipice and to decide how to continue the journey.
Conspiracy researchers often do good work in exposing the key players in the New World Order drive, and in alerting us to some of their plans and intrigues. But they can also do us a disservice by encouraging the erroneous belief that 'they' are so all-seeing and powerful that there is nothing we can do to stop them except pray for divine intervention. Talk to such people about the warnings of an impending financial crash and the possibililty of a subsequent depression, for example, and the likely response is either that "'They' won't let it happen" or "'They' will create phoney radical movements as safety valves to dissipate popular anger and use the crash to tighten their grip even further."
When are we going to get this defeatist nonsense out of our heads? The truth is that, while they might be able to postpone things a bit, they can't stop periodic financial crashes any more than they can stop earthquakes; debt-overload and a cycle of boom-and-bust are built into the very nature of their system. And yes, of course they will set up artificial safety valves to try to send the potential supporters of revolutionary change up blind alleys, just as their media prostitutes will lie about us and their parliamentary puppets will pass laws against us. Our job isn't to whine about these tricks being 'unfair', but to organise a decisive minority to overcome such obstacles and turn the temporary popular disillusionment produced by the coming 'bust' into an unstoppable force for a total change of system.
It has been done before, and it can be done again. The very first step is to understand the coming time of opportunity and to inculcate the right confidence in our potential. So stop dwelling on the enormous odds against us and take heart instead from the even bigger problems facing the would-be rulers of the New World Order.
We have already seen that the unprecedented post-war economic prosperity, which has enabled the liberal-internationalists to bribe their subjects into accepting their poisonous social engineering projects such as multi-racialism, is headed for a smash. It's not just a matter of even higher unemployment, falling wages and the dismantling of the welfare state, they are also going to have to explain to an ageing population that their pension funds have gone down the tubes as well.
Even more significant is the fact that, throughout the entire developed world, the overwhelming majority of people have already lost their faith in the insitutions, shibboleths and personnel of the plutocracy - and this before the proverbial has hit the fan. During the last great cyclical crisis of finance capitalism the people of Britain - the declining great power - still had a mystical faith in the royal family, in their own greatness in technical progress and in democracy. The inhabitants of the rising great power were similarly addicted to the myth of democracy and, after a brief flirtation with the likes of Huey Long and Father Coughlin, were easily convinced to stay on board the American Dream.
In their struggle to contain the European revolutions which threatened the Rule of Gold, the predecessors of the New World Order conspirators were also able to count on the myriad of traitors, spies and army corps assembled in the service of Bolshevik imperialism. Even in conservative, deferrential, Britain, the Communist Party had a sufficient mass following to be able to win two seats in Parliament in 1945. By 1975 the CP was reduced to a couple of council seats on the Isle of Dogs, and we all know who won a seat there fewer than twenty years after that.
The collapse on the streets and even in the universities is no less dramatic. Apart from a few dozen misguided Red Irishmen, a few hundred leftist Asians and a couple of thousand sociology lecturers and bulldikes, organised Marxism has ceased to exist in Britain. The same trend may be seen all over Europe - capitalism's communist twin, the Banksters' greatest safety valve by far, has died and rotted away.
From now on the New World Order addicts must provide the muscle to deal with their opponents and impose their will themselves. So the United Nations is to be the policeman of the world, but since that organisation is bankrupt, the honour goes to the United States, with a bit of help from Britain when our Government can find a couple of ageing jets which haven't been scrapped.
And how are the representatives of this all-powerful Conspiracy doing? Well, they beat down the forces of mighty Granada; they inflicted a decisive defeat on the horde of Voodoo priests defending Haiti down to the last white cockerel, and their high tech airpower frazzled columns of retreating Iraqi conscripts. But it was remarkable how quickly that slaughter was used as an excuse to avoid sending ground troops to slug it out with the Revolutionary Guards, with their five years' experience of WW1-style carnage against the equally fanatical Iranians.
Then there was the hasty retreat of the Marines from the exploding trucks of the Lebanon, and the debacle of Somalia, where primitive tribesmen amused themselves shooting down milion dollar helicopters with $25 dollar rifles and cutting up their crews with even cheaper knives. There was the hugely costly operation to bomb the mutually genocidal inhabitants of Tito's former empire into living in multi-cultural harmony. The final nail in the coffin of that particular New World Order fantasy has just been hammered in by the very Bosnian Muslims who were supposed to benefit from the Dayton 'peace' accords, as they voted overwhelmingly for candidates commited to Muslim hegemony rather than power-sharing.
In the same week Saddam Hussein retook the whole of Northern Iraq and executed the CIA's entire network of agents in the country. And Washington's ailing puppet Yeltsin sturggled to keep power out of the hands of the Caesarist maverick Lebed. The massive CIA investment in the summer's Russian elections is already looking to have been money down the drain.
In spite of more than fifty years of ceaseless propaganda from the most efficient brainwashing programme ever conceived, and in spite of their control of every institution in the developed world, the internationalists are losing their grip. The nationalism they tried to drown in blood and fire and smother with lies is emerging as the dominant force in the world.
Meanwhile, a friend living in the south west of the USA mentioned on the 'phone the other evening that whenever he goes out to deliver CDs to record stores he has to wear a bulletproof vest and carry a heavy handgun. He described the situation in America's main cities as one of "low intensity warfare." For all the paranoia about the powers of Mrs. and Mr. Clinton, the FBI, the Bilderbergers, Stealth bombers and those black helicopters, the New World Order doesn't really control much more than the White House - and even that gets raked with machine gun fire every now and again.
Of course, these people are involved in a 'Conspiracy' - if that's the right word for such a blatant desire to own and dominate the entire world. Of course they have most Western politicians in their pockets, and of course their co-schemers have a stranglehold on the world's mass media. But in spite of all that the only real 'success' their agents have had in the last few years is the takeover of South Africa. Apart from that, they have lost control in their showpiece operations in Somalia and Bosnia; their hirelings are losing control in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Austria, France, Belgium and East European countries such as Slovakia; they are struggling to control Russia, Italy, Canada, nuclear Ukraine, Egypt and the Internet. Even in 'stable' states their detested puppet governments are losing control of their tax bases as information technology frees entrepreneurs to work from wherever suits them, and of their streets as the police lose the fight against crime and the fear of crime. They can still count on the loyalty of their political police, but so could Erich Honneker and precious little good it did him once the wheel of History started to turn once more.
So it is time to stop thinking of these people as evil geniuses with the means of total control over a population of mindless zombies. They are ordinary, fallible mortals, who generally owe their exalted positions not to any great talent but to accidents of birth or fate. Their system is kept in power through corruption, sloth and indifference rather than by the wiles of police chiefs and propagandists or a willingness to crush demonstrators under tanks. A Rothschild heir can commit suicide as easily as a depressed bank clerk. Alan Greenspan may now be chairman of the Federal Reserve but not so many years ago he scraped a living as a jazz player.
There is nothing special about these people. They make mistakes. Under pressure they can panic and either overreact or lose the stomach to fight; It happened in France in 1789 and again in 1968, when de Gaulle packed his bags to flee the country. It happened in Russia in 1917. It happened all over Eastern Europe in 1989. It can happen with our masters too. They and their flunkies may still have power, but as things fall apart that means primarily that they have something to lose. We, on the other hand, have nothing to lose and everything to gain - if we have the will and the wits.
Below are Griffins own words, and links. Please note he now denounces those he linked to, and those lucky few able to open wav files can hear him speak!
Nick Griffin
The Carlile Tapes
A leading British National Party activist - Nick Griffin - faced trial in April 1998 under Britain's notorious Race Relations Act, following a complaint by Alexander Falik - alias Alex Carlile - a Zionist lawyer and former Member of Parliament. (For an update on the trial go to the Virtual Trial section)
Among the papers finally handed over to the defence team after the first hearing was the transcript of Nick Griffin's 'interview' with a Detective Constable and Detective Sergeant from Dyfed-Powys CID. This took place on 12th December 1996, in Welshpool police station, to which he had been taken following a five-hour police raid on his home, during which nine officers searched everything from filing cabinets to a box of children's Christmas presents.
The interview lasted for one hour forty three minutes. Mr Griffin freely acknowledged that he was responsible for the issue in question and explained his motivation at length, but refused to give any details of other contributors, printing arrangements and such like. Selected extracts from the transcribed interview are reproduced here, while longer extracts from the tape-recorded interview are available on a cassette tape, as advertised below.
In a major historic development of the use of the Internet to promote freedom of speech and counteract British censorship laws, the BNP Internet site now broadcasts recordings from the police interrogation of Nick Griffin.
Excerpt 1:
The background to these essentially political charges. Detective Constable Addicott asks about the "fourteen points". Nick explains that the 14 words represent a summary of racial nationalist beliefs, and that these do not involve "racial hatred", as covered by the Act.
Excerpt 2:
In a blatant effort to criminalise political views, the police enter into a discussion of race. At one point Detective Sergeant Jones gives the game away: what they are really interested in.
Excerpt 3:
The comic highlight of the interrogation, in which our policemen maintain that a drawing of a Viking princess is potentially "threatening, abusive or insulting."
Excerpt 4:
A cartoon satirising Steven Spielberg, and an article questioning the the extermination of six million Jews during World War II, are used in this trial with the aim of criminalising Holocaust revisionism (as it is already criminalised in some European countries). Here, once again, the true purpose is revealed, as DC Addicott offers his own expert view of what "history bears out".
To take advantage of the excellent production job buy the latest BNP cassette tape! Please send a minimum donation of �7, payable to the 'Carlile Two Defence Fund' to: Nick Griffin, c/o PO Box 117, Welling, Kent, DA16 3DW.


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When Griffin was in charge of the BNP website, he was also proud to put this up. Griffin, is a hypocrite

Video Review - David Cole visits Auschwitz

This article is a review of the video made at Auschwitz in 1992 by Jewish Holocaust revisionist David Cole. The article is a careful summary of what is said. Only the initial part, discussing the history of revisionism, an editor's note, and the concluding remarks, are not drawn from the video. The video tape is available from CODOH, PO Box 3267, Visalia, CA 93278, United States. See advertisement on the Bradley Smith Web Siteand also Links and Free Advertisements at this page.



Shortly after the war, a French socialist named Paul Rassinier did something quite remarkable. He began to write material questioning the official version of what happened at the German Concentration Camps during WWII.

At the time, to question such matters was extraordinary enough - an atmosphere of hysteria against the Germans had been whipped up to fever pitch by the media - but Rassinier added a new dimension, which must have seemed quite mad to some at the time. He himself had spent years in the camps, following arrest for his membership of the French Resistance, and smuggling Jews over the Swiss border - shades of Abbe Pierre - yet he still questioned what was being said about mass murder of Jews and others. Rassinier, who returned to France from the camps on a stretcher, and became a French MP after the war, has rightly been called the Father of Holocaust Revisionism. His best known - and available work - is The Holocaust Story and the Lies of Ulysses.

Following Rassinier's death, which occurred during the 1960s., a series of books and pamphlets began to appear claiming that the Holocaust had been exaggerated. Again, to make such a claim must have appeared crazy to many among a public steeped in daily horror stories about the war - many of the stories, of course, being true.

With a mass media entirely controlled by those all too willing to print anything which supported the post-war version of events, and entirely unwilling to allow any debate, knowledge of the new work being done on the history of the Concentration Camps was confined to a small body of people with access to material published by small organisations. Did Six Million Really Die - a pamphlet still in print - appeared in 1974, and Professor Arthur Butz's Hoax of the Twentieth Century was completed also in 1974, among many other publications.

Until very recently, most of the public in Western countries - in so far as they had heard of the affair - believed that Holocaust revisionism was some bizarre tale thought up by neo-Nazis to rehabilitate Hitler. The few references in the mainstream media were along the lines that revisionists were either denying the existence of German Concentration Camps entirely, or saying that no one had died in them - neither thing had ever been suggested in reality. The media dealt with the matter using their standard method - disinformation.


David Cole is Jewish. He says in his video that both his parents were Jewish, that he wants to understand what happened at Auschwitz, and that he asks people to respect that. He also says that he is visiting Auschwitz as a confirmed sceptic concerning gas chambers, but has no sacred cows. The purpose of the video is to open a, long overdue, open debate on the distinction between fact and wartime propaganda. It is not intended as the last word.

How do we know what happened in history David Cole asks? Are we required to take it at face value? It is regarded as the ultimate sacrilege to doubt any aspect of the Holocaust.

In September 1992, Cole went to Auschwitz with a video camera. He filmed for several hours, taking a tour of the camp with a personal tour guide - for which an extra fee was paid. He then asked to film an interview with the Senior Curator and Head of Archives of the Museum at the camp, Dr. Piper, and this request was granted. The entire film archive was later turned into a video for distribution lasting something like an hour.

The film begins with a brief resume of the concensus about the Concentration Camps. It is undisputed that they existed, and that the largest was Auschwitz. It was liberated by the Allies in January 1945. Those able to work were used as forced labour. The camps contained, among others, resistance movement members, gypsies, and more. The concensus ends there, Cole says.

The official claim is that 6 million Jews and 5 million others were mass murdered in the camps - the largest number at Auschwitz.

Much of the evidence for this contention relies on part or totally discredited Soviet propaganda, confessions, and eye witness accounts, Cole says. Dachau camp was said for many years to have contained a gas chamber, but the claim has now been largely abandoned. The official story has developed since the war, and has been largely accepted without question.

What proofs therefore exist? They are few, Cole says. Allied interception of German coded messages gives no indication of any plan of mass murder. His video is largely about one element in the story, the claimed gas chamber at the main Auschwitz camp.

David Cole describes the essentials about the Auschwitz complex. There were three camps. Auschwitz 1, the first and main camp built as a barracks before the war, is where the museum, and the gas chamber shown to most tourists, lie. A second camp, Birkenau, was built to expand the facility during the war, and an industrial complex, Monowitz, makes up the third area.

Every hour, tourist parties are taken round Auschwitz 1 by guides who use many different languages - Polish, English, German, and French. Half a million visitors go to the camp in southern Poland each year. There is a hotel, restaurants, gift and tourist shops selling film, batteries, and so on. The atmosphere, Cole says, is a mixture of crass commercialism and religion.

The Holocaust is interpreted differently in different parts of the world, Cole remarks. The Jews wish to monopolise it for themselves, but allow attention to be paid to non-Jewish loss of life since it helps to keep the story going. When a convent of Carmelite nuns established itself in part of the camp, the Jews opposed it.The Soviets said that most deaths were non-Jewish. In their post-war films about the Holocaust, Jews often were barely mentioned. The Poles emphasise Catholic loss of life.

The tour around Auschwitz 1 is designed to create an atmosphere. "There is more than enough victimisation to go round" says Cole. The camp prison is described as the 'Block of Death'. They don't show you what might be called the 'Block of Life', and try not to mention it - the clothing and mattress disinfestation buildings in which cyanide containing Zyklon B was used to kill the lice which spread typhus epidemics.

Even supporter of the mass extermination story, Jean-Claude Pressac, says in his book Technique and Operation of the Gas Chambers, that over 95% of the Zyklon B used was for disinfestation. The photos of sick people shown to tourists simply demonstrate what no one disputes - the ground breaking thesis that people got sick in the camp. Despite claims that children were killed immediately on arrival in the camp, Anne Frank and her sister survived Auschwitz, and Anne only died later of disease at Belsen.

Tourists are "primed by a two hour warm-up act to believe that they are seeing a death machine", Cole says - by selective editing of what is seen. The swimming pool in the prisoners' area is not seen. You need to know it exists in advance - the tour does not mention it. Nor is the theatre mentioned. The last photos show a piano and costumes. The Carmelites who now use it as part of their nunnery do not allow photographs.

David Cole paid for a personal tour by a guide called 'Eleisha'. He says he wore his yarmulke for the visit since known revisionists get little co-operation, and he wished to be seen as a "righteous Jew".

The guides, Cole says, are taught a spiel they know not to be true. He probed with what he calls "obnoxious questions" for about four hours.

Everything seen on the tour has a normal explanation, which does not require any assumption of mass gassings. New prisoners had their heads shaved to keep away lice, and were given a uniform. Thus the display of clothing, shoes, and hair proves nothing - even giving the benefit of the doubt to the museum about their authenticity. The tins on show which were used to contain Zyklon B granules likewise. Zyklon B was the premier method of pest control in Europe at the time - typhus epidemics were rife in the camps - and were spread by lice. The Germans, in fact, had special money printed for the camp.

Some of the evidence shown even works against the gassing thesis. The aerial photos, if blown up in size, do not show any evidence of people being gassed. (Editor's note: a group from the BNP, who filmed at Auschwitz recently, reported that the museum display of prisoners' spectacles - supposedly from all over Europe - were all the same make. Shoes were displayed on sloping racks, to make them look larger in number)

David Cole reaches the stage in the tour where the gas chamber is approached. He says that it is a building which really existed during the war, but the chimney - supposedly used to vent the crematorium ovens which are within - is a reconstruction not even connected to anything. He says revisionists claim that the building was a crematorium and mortuary, doubling as an air raid shelter during the war.

Inside the claimed gas chamber there are markings where walls have been removed. Cole says that it once had five rooms, including a bathroom. There is no blue staining on the walls characteristic of the use of cyanide - as can be seen in the disinfestation chambers. There is a manhole leading to sewers in the middle of the gas chamber, and a door leading to a room with crematorium ovens. There are four holes in the roof with small chimneys - which revisionists say were added after liberation.

'Eleisha' the guide says the holes are original, and that the building is in the 'original state', as during the war. She says that the holes were used to drop in the cyanide containing Zyklon B. No walls have been knocked down, she says. Cole badgers her on these points, and the supervisor of guides is called to give a ruling. Cole says he expects either a straight answer, or to be kicked out of the camp.

The supervisor says that the "holes in the roof are not original and were put in after the war". One vote each way, Cole points out. The supervisor suggests an interview with Dr. Piper.

Dr. Piper wrote a book, Auschwitz: How Many Perished,in which he admitted Soviet exaggeration about the death toll, saying that about 1.1 million died in the camp, not 4 million as previously claimed. The camp guide book, as late as 1988, said 4 million, and the Nuremburg trials said more than 4 million. Evidence was given by hundreds of prisoners, and experts, as to the 4 million figure. Cole points out, therefore, that experts can be wrong.

Many revisionists say that the true number of deaths is less than a million. Cole observes that the revisionists could hardly revise the figure more than has already been done by non-revisionists!


Cole begins to interview Dr. Piper. He was apprehensive at being videoed, Cole says. Cole had explained that he did not believe the guides, and that he was only trying to put the record straight.

Dr. Piper says that the building in question was used as a gas chamber in 1941 and 1942, then as a crematorium until 1943. Gassings were then transferred to Birkenau. In 1944 it was turned into an air raid shelter, as a result of Allied bombardment, and the holes in the roof blocked up. He says that the holes in the roof were re-made after the war - to copy the condition of the building in 1941/1942. The reason why there are no gas tight doors is that they have not been replaced.

Why, asks Cole, are tourists shown the building as original? Why hide the facts? The historian David Irving was fined for saying at a meeting in Munich that the building was not original. The German judge refused to allow Dr. Piper to be called as a witness. Was it really a gas chamber in 1941/1942? Aerial photos of the time do not show holes in the roof. Why was it closed as a gas chamber in 1942?

Dr. Piper answers the latter question by saying that gassings were moved to Birkenau for greater secrecy. Cole shows shots of the camp plans, and of Birkenau.

The supposed gas chamber in Auschwitz I was shielded from observation by prisoners. The buildings containing the SS hospital, canteen, and so on, blocked the view from the prisoners' main area. A back entrance to the camp would have allowed bringing in people to be killed fairly discreetly. In Birkenau, however, the supposed gas chambers were next to a prisoners' sports field, and only separated from prisoners' huts by barbed wire, as can be seen in wartime aerial photos.

Further, the way in from the entrance to the camp to the gas chambers was down the middle of the lines of prisoners' huts. Victims would have been marched in right through the camp - a spectacle no one could miss - people being marched in but not coming out. Scarcely secrecy. Aerial photos, released in the 1970s., contradict eye witness claims that this happened.

Cole asks Dr.Piper why there is no sign of the blue staining characteristic of cyanide in the Auschwitz 1 gas chamber.

The famous Leuchter Report, of 1988, analysed brick samples - showing huge levels of cyanide in the disinfestation rooms, but negligible levels in the supposed gas chambers. Both Piper and the Crakow Research Institute came later to the same conclusion - negligible traces of cyanide in the gas chamber brickwork. (Many buildings were occasionally disinfested) Piper says that it was used for only 20-30 minutes a day - explaining the lack of staining - unlike the disinfestation chambers which operated all 24 hours.

But Cole points out that this would mean only one gassing a day. The eyewitnesses have said it went on 24 hours a day. For the death toll claimed, gassings would have to be every half hour. Piper also contradicted himself by claiming repeated gassings. It also seems odd to have used Zyklon B for health purposes in circumstances of a plan of mass extermination.

Cole asks Dr.Piper about a photograph of a supposed gas chamber door with a peep hole shown in Pressac's book. Piper says it can be seen, but Cole says it is, in fact, nowhere to be found at the camp, and has mysteriously disappeared.

Cole says that limited gassings contradicts the idea of an extermination policy. The official story is a "balancing act", and that they "prefer you not to ask too many questions".

Can we trust the Soviets concerning the holes in the roof being present during the war, when they have a history of fabrications? They brazenly claimed 4 million dead at the whole camp, and said that the camp records had been destroyed. Was this well intentioned? It was, in fact, a deliberate lie. The records re-appeared in Moscow in 1989.

Many other fabrications have been spread by the Soviets. Examples are 'steaming' people to death, 'electro' chambers, and even the use of an atomic bomb. The Russians also knowingly deceived the Nuremberg tribunal by saying that Hitler carried out the Katyn massacre. (now admitted to be Soviet work) The recent Demjanjuk trial was based on falsified Soviet evidence.

The story that the bodies of dead Jews were turned into soap is no longer sustainable - but something purporting to be such a thing was shown at the Nuremburg Trials. Leading Jewish pro-extermination theory writers, Hilberg, Lipstadt, and Bauer, all dismiss the soap story. Since the Nuremberg Trials accepted the soap story as genuine when it was not, how much else did they accept that was wrong asks Cole?

Cole points out that since the Soviets massively exaggerated the death toll at Auschwitz - by a factor of four according to the museum - then why should we assume that they were honest about anywhere else? The US Army were also propagandists, producing film about a supposed Dachau gas chamber concealed as a shower - now completely discredited. The British tortured the Auschwitz commandant Rudolf Hoess to obtain a confession. Captain Bernard Clarke bragged about it in a 1983 book Legions of Death.

If internment of another race is a crime, says Cole, then what about the Japanese concentration camps in the US, and the huge loss of life in the camps full of Germans run by the US immediately after the war? Auschwitz is unique only if gas chambers existed.

The issue is far from over, Cole concludes.

Here is a video which should be shown in every school. A genuine historical investigation. The lack of honest debate on the Holocaust could hardly be better illustrated than by Schindler's List - actors playing in the film of a book said by Schindler's own widow to contain untruths.

David Cole - a brave and honest man. Here is a revisionist - like Rassinier - who they cannot honestly smear. We expect they will try though!

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Here's an old BNP book list.
It is clear from some of the e-mails we receive that many of you out there are starved of proper information. You now have a good idea, or at least the growing suspicion, that there is something fishy about what you are being told about the world by the 'controlled media', but find it difficult to put within a framework. For example, many of you are beginning to suspect that, when Britain was told in 1945 that we had won the war, this might not have been quite the truth! Others are beginning to think that the regime and its fellow travellers are not perhaps operating the benevolent affair we are constantly told to believe it to be. You are quite right!

Help is now at hand with our reading guide to being a well-informed person. Amaze your friends! If a student, reduce your uni's own Student Grant to impotent silence in the Winnie Mandela Bar. Leave the left open-mouthed with your argumentation (not difficult actually, since they never put up their views against anyone else, are quite unprepared for debate, and think it rather below the belt).

Some books are available from mainstream bookshops, others from specialist booksellers like the BNP Book Service. The collection is intended to be eclectic, and to avoid anything too obvious.

Now for our top ten books!

1. Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media

by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman

Really a must since the key to it all is the massively fixed media we suffer. A savage but reasoned attack and expose.

2. The Collapse of British Power

by Correlli Barnett

The classic book about Britain's decline up until the Second World War.

3. Churchill's War

by David Irving

Difficult to put down!

4. The March of Folly

by Barbara Tuchman

The late and great American historian's very popular book about how regimes plow on and on with crazy policies - seemingly unable to stop. Sounds familiar?

5. The Hoax of the Twentieth Century

by Arthur Butz

Professor Butz, of North Western University in Illinois, wrote this classic and now standard work on the Holocaust debate in 1974, and it has been reprinted many times. Professor Butz's Web Site is at

6. The Death of Economics

by Paul Ormerod

Packed with insight and information about economics, our present plight, and very readable. Professor Ormerod's paperback gem.

7. The Trap

by Sir James Goldsmith

Chatty but informative attack on politically correct dogma - particularly free trade

8. The Camp of the Saints

by Jean Raspail

The classic underground novel about how Europe is engulfed by an avalanche of immigrants. Chilling.

9. An Intelligent Person's Guide to History

by John Vincent

Far more heavyweight a read than some of the above. Professor Vincent has had all kinds of academic aggravation because of a mild political incorrectness.

10. Stalin, Willi Munzenburg, and the Seduction of the Intellectuals

by Stephen Koch

The horrible tale of how Communism undermined the West. We are still living with the results every day.

(Review in the library)

11. The Founding Myths of Israeli Policy

by Roger Garaudy

The essential book by the former French Communist philosopher, for which he is being prosecuted in France. One book in our list you don't even have to buy meanies - you can read it free on the Web!

Eleven books in the Top Ten? So we give Value for Money!


Supplementary suggestion: Karl Polanyi's The Great Transformation is being increasingly quoted, and creating quite a stir. First published in 1944, it is about how British society was half-destroyed, during the 19th. century, to create a national labour market. Everyone had to be thrown to the mercy of the market, on the principle that it would resolve all problems. Sounds familiar? Now the same thing is happening, again at the behest of capital, to create an international labour market.


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Jimmy Two Shoes said...

Griffin knows the truth: that's why the sucking up to the Kosher crowd to protect his position and income is so much the worse.

behind blue eyes said...

Is it any coincidence that just as the Zionist World Order goes into full momentum with regard to the EU, the destruction of the family, the ruthless promotion of homosexuality, the attacks on Christianity, the Orwellian surveillance state and the forced (upon us)immigration and multiculturalism etc that one of major obstacles to this happening viz a viz Britain Nationalism is imploding and heading for an apocalyptic future.

'Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing.'

Griffin has sold his soul to the Synagogue of Satan. The Jews know that their religious foes are Christianity and Islam. In order to deal with this problem they have come up with a scheme that will have Christian and Moslems tearing at each others throats. They have and are still allowing Europe to be flooded with Moslems. They will then orchestrate false flag attacks - 7/7 being one of them - and use people like Griffin to stir up hatred against the Moslem bogeyman. Why else would Lord Rothschild recommend Salman Rushdie to be knighted? Why did Griffin and Collet get off and John Tyndall was jailed? Why were the Heretical Two found guilty?

John Tyndall at the 1998 BNP conference quite categorically stated - and Griffin was a couple of feet away - that it was the Jewish Lobby who were trying to get the meeting stopped by threatening various hotels.

Look at the Excalibur book section now. No books on the World Revolutionary movement, the HoloHoax, Freemasonry or Zionism etc. However there is plenty on Islam!

yorkie said...

Reading the first article reminds me that Griffin is a piss-poor writer (by turns sneering and ingratiating) and always has been.

He hasn't got a clue about economics - anyone can cut and paste a few dire warnings from nervous market analysts.

Anonymous said...

"Look at the Excalibur book section now. No books on the World Revolutionary movement, the HoloHoax, Freemasonry or Zionism etc. However there is plenty on Islam!

03 August 2008 00:13"

The only book the BNP should stock in the future is

'Griffin, A Man For All Treasons'

Anonymous said...

"To take advantage of the excellent production job buy the latest BNP cassette tape! Please send a minimum donation of �7, payable to the 'Carlile Two Defence Fund' to: Nick Griffin, c/o PO Box 117, Welling, Kent, DA16 3DW."

Griffins old defence fund scam that he also pulled at his Leeds trial. Both occasions he was on legal aid. What suckers we are...

Anonymous said...

I totally and whole heartedly agree with Behind Blue Eye's statement, just look at the infighting between Hamas & Fatah in Palestine which is orchestrated by agents of the Jews to create internal problems between people of the same race with the ultimate aim of their eventual destruction. Gri££in's pay masters must be laughing their heads off at this very moment in time!

Anonymous said...

I hop everyone is paying £5.00 for the new Great shite records new poster that still has Colin Auty on it. This must for every households wall must cost at least 30-40 pence to produce so Collet is only making £4.40 a sale.

The plus point is that you can have Dave (club hand) Hannam looking down on you as you make love to the wife (No doubt the wife will want this handsome chaps face on the bedroom wall).

I wonder what they will have as poster subjects next month.

Maybe S5imon Darby naked in a hide watching sparrows being chased by leagle chaffinch Lee barnes, perhaps griffin can join him shooting at the afore mentioned feathered friends, I hope the gun does not explode this time though.

I heard that Septembers posters will feature a happy family sharing scene with Collet griffins wife and daughter. I dont know what they will be sharing with stoat face Collet. Maybe griffins knows, Fnaarr fnaarr.

Purging the Cyclops said...

Griffin always slagged off Christianity, now he backs a Neo-Con version of it to batter Islam and make some shekels.

The man is a shyster: always has been, always will be.

How many "defence funds"?

How many house renovations/extensions and barn conversions?

How many policy u-turns and reversals?

How many "give us yer fooking money" mail outs?

The whole Trafalgar Club shenanigans should make people realise that this con man is in it for the wonga!

strassers confused ghost said...

'yorkie said...
Reading the first article reminds me that Griffin is a piss-poor writer (by turns sneering and ingratiating) and always has been.'

It's a spectaculallry confused article which somehow manages to link the CPGB with the French Arostocracy of 1789. What ever else Griffin is he is not a brilliant theoretician- he is forced to rely on Barnes for that!

Anonymous said...

"'yorkie said...
Reading the first article reminds me that Griffin is a piss-poor writer (by turns sneering and ingratiating) and always has been.'

It's a spectaculallry confused article which somehow manages to link the CPGB with the French Arostocracy of 1789. What ever else Griffin is he is not a brilliant theoretician- he is forced to rely on Barnes for that!

04 August 2008 06:24"

Griffin, is piss poor at everything, which is why he relies on the uneducated to support him. Those with any intelligence saw through him years ago, and those with intelligence who cling at the top, do so to fill their own pockets, as has been seen elsewhere on here.

I pity the BNP members, really I do, but Griffin, is not your saviour, and for years he's only been saving himself at your expense.

He lives a lavish lifestyle, we live in council houses increasingly disinfranchised from a country we thought was ours.

Anonymous said...

"...lavish lifestyle..."

This is a joke, correct?

Written by someone who is either trolling or knows nothing about the leadership of the BNP (other than what they read on ridiculous websites like this).

Do you think the leader of the BNP should live in poverty?

What do you mean by lavish? Two homes? Three cars? A villa in Spain? None of them apply to Nick Griffin, but I would like a bit of context, please.

Or perhaps the BNP should have a leader whose wife works in the NHS and whose family live on a small-holding (it is ceratinly not a farm or even a country pile) in the middle of Wales?

The comments in this thread are laughable and pitiful at the same time.

Benjy said...

"...lavish lifestyle..."

This is a joke, correct?

Do you think the leader of the BNP should live in poverty?

And the above is just a little contradictory.

Has it ever been revealed EXACTLY what Gri$$in is paid? After all when he was criticisng JT and challenging for leadership he promised us "transparent accounting".

u no me Gri££in said...

"...lavish lifestyle..."

This is a joke, correct?

Written by someone who is either trolling or knows nothing about the leadership of the BNP (other than what they read on ridiculous websites like this).

Do you think the leader of the BNP should live in poverty?

What do you mean by lavish? Two homes? Three cars? A villa in Spain? None of them apply to Nick Griffin, but I would like a bit of context, please.

Or perhaps the BNP should have a leader whose wife works in the NHS and whose family live on a small-holding (it is ceratinly not a farm or even a country pile) in the middle of Wales?

The comments in this thread are laughable and pitiful at the same time.

04 August 2008 16:12
Whoever wrote this is a prat.
Not you Nick is it? I hope so, I’ll say it again a little louder just in case; PRAT.

Gri££in earns from the Party 25k pa,Jackie Griffin earns, as a very well qualified nurse 35k pa.

Gri££in DOES NOT need to touch the lump sum of these combined incomes as he draws cash from expenses and through Collett’s little leaflet scams and other nest eggs; more to follow.

60k a year in the bank? Life must be so tough being a dictator and nationalist wrecker!

Anonymous said...

"This is a joke, correct?

Written by someone who is either trolling or knows nothing about the leadership of the BNP (other than what they read on ridiculous websites like this).

Do you think the leader of the BNP should live in poverty?

What do you mean by lavish? Two homes? Three cars? A villa in Spain? None of them apply to Nick Griffin, but I would like a bit of context, please.

Or perhaps the BNP should have a leader whose wife works in the NHS and whose family live on a small-holding (it is ceratinly not a farm or even a country pile) in the middle of Wales?

The comments in this thread are laughable and pitiful at the same time.

04 August 2008 16:12"

You ever been to the expensive restaurant that he and his wife pig out at in Ludlow?

Small holding? Do you know how many hundreds of acres he really owns? Why not speak to the Welsh nationalists that he employs, you know, the ones who burn down English cottages.

The truth is mate, you don't know what Griffins owns, and your attitude shows you're too much of an idiot to even find out.

behind blue eyes said...

'Griffin always slagged off Christianity.'

This is hardly surprising when you consider he's a high ranking Freemason just like his al fella. Freemasons worship The Great Architect of The Universe aka Lucifer.

'Do you think the leader of the BNP should live in poverty?'

No, I think he should live under a rock the putrid corrupt Freemasonic state asset slug. He and his cabal are destroying the BNP and need to be kicked out on their slimy arses.

The first time I saw Mark Collett I said to myself now there's a Red Sea Pedestrian if ever there was one. He reminds me of Wormtongue in Lord of The Rings.

Anonymous said...

"He reminds me of Wormtongue in Lord of The Rings.

04 August 2008 21:24"

I'll wager he cries like him too, especially when he sees the shit, Griffin, has put him in.

Anonymous said...

What a two faced bastard he is. Griffin has got more spin than Blair. Who and what is Griffin, I'll be damned if I know, or anyone knows. said...

behind blue eyes said...

The first time I saw Mark Collett I said to myself now there's a Red Sea Pedestrian if ever there was one. He reminds me of Wormtongue in Lord of The Rings.


Collett went up to one of our people at a concert and started ranting on against Creationism.

The relevance seemed bizarre, but he'd obviously been primed by his boss that we'd all cry tears of blood if he acted like that.


Seems full; of his own self-importance in a "dont you know who i am" manner...

Nemesis said... said this about Mark Collett -

"Seems full; of his own self-importance in a "dont you know who I am" manner..."

We all know who Mark Collett is.

A jumped -up prick whose balloon is about to burst.

When you hear it go 'pop' know that the knives will be out for him.

Collett will be held accountable for his crimes against nationalism.

He has screwed nationalists rotten so that he can makes thousands from their sacrifices.

How he still manages to keep his ugly mug fist-free I can only wonder.

No doubt sooner or later he'll be smirking on the other side when one of the many whom he has upset or insulted wreaks vengeance against the Wormtongue.

That'll be justice at last.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...