Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Outrage at BNP merchandise

BNP flog fake Victoria Cross

THE British National Party is selling replica Victoria Crosses to fund extremism, The Sun can reveal.
In a breach of strict protocol, the far-right outfit is hawking life-size replicas of the nation’s highest award for bravery along with its famous scarlet ribbon for £12.
Also for sale on the party’s official website are replicas of three World War II campaign medals and a World War I medal.
The Ministry of Defence last night said the sales were not illegal but branded the fake medals “an insult to both the Queen and our brave personnel”. MPs also rounded on the BNP for exploiting the heroism and sacrifice of servicemen to fill its coffers.

What do we at NWN say?

1, Tasty advert in the SUN for the BNP, thank you
2, If you prefer to buy your fake from the British Army, go here


Nemesis said...

Maybe they should be selling Nazi memorabilia - considering what an utter fascist despot Gri££in is.

Griffo would look rather good wearing his Iron Cross First Class - along with his jackboots, coalscuttle helmet and SS uniform.

Suits the man down to the ground that would.

NorthWestNationalists said...

These types of medals are for what ex-forces call WALTs.

If any idiot decides to wear them in public, they will get their collars felt !

Anonymous said...

A BIG non story in light of the fact that these fakes are available all over the place. What it has done, is give the BNP major tabloid coverage, but I'm sure that was the SUN newspapers intentions. A pat on the back for the journalist.

Anonymous said...

Fake medals for fake nationalism?!

Anonymous said...

The job of the media is to cool down the BNP when it is too hot and keep the pot from being too cold at other times. The main job of the media is to not to let the pot boil or cool down.

It must hold out the "promise" of Nationalism without ever getting there. That is the BNP's "function".

Anonymous said...

He would be a disgrace to any UNIFORM FROM ANY OF THE ARMED FORCES OF THE WORLD as he has never so much as swept a barrack room floor.
so DO NOT INSULT THE UNIFORM OF THE German armed forces or any other uniform but as to suggesting he should wear a uniform a [nazi]uniform ?but why bring up a nazi uniform,why not a soviet commissars uniform ? or the form of dress relating to the soviet KGB/NKVD the [cheka] for instance?
You seem to have a nazi bee in you bonnet.change it for a communist bee in stead.
keith axon

Nemesis said...

OK, point taken.

Griffin, would look great in a NKVD Soviet Commissar's uniform, or even a Red Guardsman of the Red Chinese Army.

Either way Griffin is a totalitarian whether in Nazi or Communist uniform and wearing his fake medals.

Neither National Bolshevism or National Socialism has any connection with British nationalism.

These alien ideologies have no connection, similarity or historical origins with British nationalism. They are Imperialistic and expansionist and sought to destroy other national soveriegnity, cultures and peoples.

Having said that we should have the greatest respect for the average German soldier, Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine serving member of the German Armed Forces. They were (overall) terrifically professional and skilled men who were consistently let down by their political leaders.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
Not every member of the German armed forces was a member of the NAZI party.
The NSDAP [ NAZI ]party membership was aprox 8.5 million members [ not so strange that the figure of 8.5 million should be relevent ] but it is because the german armed forces wer from 1935 to 1945 was aprox 18 million servicemen and woman so the proof that not every German was a member of the NSDAP is a point.
but the media and some so called nationalists use the media words and label every German a member of the NSDAP how stupid they are.

keyser soze

Anonymous said...

Darby must read this blog :)

"I am not going to go over old ground and as such suggest that those of you not familiar with this story and its subsequent and most ruthless demolition on our main website should go here first.For those wishing to see the proof that the National Army Museum is actually selling these medals as well a visit here will suffice."

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...