Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Britain in Crisis

Below is a trailer for the forthcoming movie I.O.U.S.A
We encourage you to watch it.

M&S reviews redundancy benefits
Marks & Spencer is in talks with staff representatives about changing benefits surrounding redundancy for UK workers.

Trinity Mirror seeks job cuts and integration in Midlands shakeup
The Birmingham Post is switching from broadsheet to a tabloid format as part of sweeping changes to Trinity Mirror's Midlands publishing operation, which will also see 65 editorial posts axed.

In a radical overhaul of its Midlands operation, Trinity Mirror is creating two large new integrated multimedia newsrooms in Birmingham and Coventry providing editorial for five titles, including the Birmingham Post and the Coventry Telegraph.

If the global economy is as safe as houses, then there's a crash on the way
"Data compiled by Lombard Street Research shows that the M3 'broad money' aggregates fell by almost $US50 billion in July, the biggest one-month fall since modern records began in 1959."

This might, on its own, be dismissed as Ambrose doing what he does best, hunting down headlines. But this article does not exist in a vacuum.

Unhappily, Professor Nouriel Roubini is in a glum mood even by his standards.

"The UK economy is not my brief," he writes, "but I see that hedge funds are circulating a report from the US guru Jeremy Grantham predicting a very bad end to Gordon Brown's debt experiment.

"The UK housing event is probably second only to the Japanese 1990 land bubble in the Real Estate Bubble Hall of Fame. UK house prices could easily decline 50% from the peak, and at that lower level they would still be higher than they were in 1997 as a multiple of income." That is one hell of a call.

"If prices go all the way back to trend, and history says that is extremely likely, then the UK financial system will need some serious bail-outs and the global ripples will be substantial," says Grantham.

Indesit confirms 423 job losses
THE worst fears of hundreds of Peterborough workers became reality yesterday (August 18) when fridge maker Indesit confirmed it is to shut its city manufacturing plant.
Following a 90-day consultation, the white-goods company has announced it will end production at the factory, in Woodston, on November 28, with the loss of 423 jobs. Bosses have blamed a downturn in the market for free-standing fridges for the decision, saying the plant had become unsustainable.

Job security fears affect more than half of IT contractors
Fears over job security are affecting more than 50 per cent of IT contractors compared with just one in 10 six months ago.

More than half of contractors said they are concerned about job security, compared with just 12 per cent in February, as redundancies increase 20 per cent across the sector. One in three IT companies are making job cuts, according to the research

Warning to agriculture bosses as UK-wide redundancies loom
Agriculture bosses planning redundancies should be on 'red alert' for falling foul of employment law a leading law firm is warning following surveys revealing that widespread job losses are looming.

DIY chain HOMEBASE is drawing up plans which could see hundreds of staff offered redundancy.
The retailer intends shake-ups in a third of its 302 UK stores.
Full-time staff in the affected stores will see a cut in working hours or be offered redundancy. Sun City has seen a copy of the letter which will be sent to staff at the UK’s No 2 DIY chain.

It reads: “Our store is one of a number where availability of our customer-facing colleagues does not match our trading patterns or customer demand. Also, sales performance has meant we need to review our store payroll costs.

News of the potential job losses comes days after The Sun revealed that COMET is in talks to make 100 deputy store managers redundant.

Redundancies loom as 20:20 and Dextra businesses merge
20:20 is set to make a raft of redundancies at its UK business, as it looks to eradicate duplication in functions across its 20:20, Dextra Solutions and Caudwell Logistics divisions.

It comes after the long-awaited integration of the separate businesses. James Browning (pictured, right), the former Dextra chief, has been appointed MD of the new UK business, with 20:20 boss Trevor Price moving to the Middle East.
The company is currently building its new UK management team, using the individuals who had headed up the Dextra and 20:20 businesses.

A further rung of the sales, purchasing, marketing and finance functions are expected to be reviewed in the coming weeks.

Oldersma said: ‘In the three-year plan we’ve written, we’ve seen that the UK is flat. It is simply not growing. The organisational design had to reflect that. It had to be more relationship based, and on process.’

Homes group announces redundancies
REDROW homes says that 30 workers from its Preston Brook offices will be transferred to other parts of the business when the office closes at the end of September.

The remainder of the 70 Preston Brook staff will be made redundant.

Linda Bright, on behalf of Redrow, said: “The housing market continues to experience an extremely challenging environment as a result of the credit squeeze.

“With no immediate prospect of a change in market conditions, like many other housebuilders we have had to make further significant reductions in employee numbers. Š

“As a consequence of this review, we announced the proposed closure of two offices in our trading update in early July and those closures have been subject to a consultation period with staff affected.


Anonymous said...

Jeez, that's scarey

Anonymous said...

Not as scarey as knowing that Griffin has turned the BNP into the anti islam party, and made it ill equipped politically to deal with the pending disaster.

When this bites us really hard people will vote Conservative, why? Because the BNP is just an anti immigration party with no economic brain.

The Capitalists are destroying us financially, and Griffin is financially destroying the party and its members. Which to choose?

Anonymous said...

Trinity Mirror .... Biggest load of journalistic scum around. They should consider a career move up the moral ladder and become street prostitutes..

The Birmingham/Sandwell Evening Mail used to be the biggest selling evening paper around our way. It got worse and worse..The Express & Star AKA the Tory advertising sheet , bog roll though it is, is far superior...

There's certainly scope for genuinely independent newspaper entrepreneurs...

In any case. Trinity Mirror journalists. I hope you lose your jobs and homes, you are SCUM.

Anonymous said...

Griffins truth truck will save us! Or, Barnbrook astride his plastic fruit bike, or horse?

Seriously though, its not funny is it? Griffin has sacked any, and all brains, and with it, our chances of winning. Britain is in a depressing state, and Griffin enjoys it that way. It makes him money.

Anonymous said...

"In any case. Trinity Mirror journalists. I hope you lose your jobs and homes, you are SCUM.

20 August 2008 00:14"

I have to agree, they're a pretty weak bunch who follow orders to keep their pay packet, but I hope the men on the factory floors don't lose their jobs.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry, in Labours Britain they can all work for McDonalds, or shoot each other with guns.

Anonymous said...

"Seriously though, its not funny is it? Griffin has sacked any, and all brains, and with it, our chances of winning. Britain is in a depressing state, and Griffin enjoys it that way. It makes him money.

20 August 2008 00:16"

Indeedy, Griffin has sent the BNP up the blind alley of immigration. On the outside looking in, the BNP has as much chance of winning as a krill in an ocean of whales. We have to get rid of Griffin.

Anonymous said...

Stormfront UK is being heavily censored again in favour of Griffin.

Anonymous said...

"Stormfront UK is being heavily censored again in favour of Griffin.

20 August 2008 14:39"

Don't worry, the NWN forum will be launching soon, you'll be free to speak your mind and debate on a whole range of topics.

Anonymous said...

I'm really concerned about the current global situation, and the fact that the BNP is not equipped to deal with it. What can we do?

Anonymous said...

Griffin doesn't give a sh1te about all this. He loves cowing the members and keeping them ignorant.

No jobs? Blame the muslims
Housing crisis? Blame the muslims
Gas prices rising? Blame the muslims

Griffin should be taken out and hung as a traitor. He's taken advantage of the gullible and stupid for almost a decade.

White SouthAmerican said...

Greetings from Chile to all British Nationalists.

Anonymous said...

"White SouthAmerican said...
Greetings from Chile to all British Nationalists.

20 August 2008 23:15"


Anonymous said...

Greetings white southamerican !

Anonymous said...

Anyone with an ounce of grey matter knows Griffin isn’t up to the job. He’s either a psychopath, megalomaniac, or is working for the state.

Our country is falling apart and he holds a three ring circus in a field purely for the purposes of making money, and advancing the anti’s cause of making us all look like idiots. A real political leader would have scrapped the tent pitching years ago in favour of an annual conference in a large meeting hall. 1000 bums on seats smartly dressed. Discussions on the matters of the country , and our regions. A civilised buffet, and a collection after the final speech, but not Griffin, oh no, he dons a chefs frickin hat, and proceeds to screw money out of working class paupers, and those who already give above and beyond anything he’s ever given in his life.

Someone on here said recently that he was the most hated nationalist figure ever, I’ll second that, and if he thinks he’s taking a severance from the party he can think again. His only severance should be the removal of his head from his body to be placed upon a spike atop London bridge. Griffin is a traitor, pure and simple.

Griffin, I hate you, my family hates you, my grandchildren hate you, and those yet to be born hate you for squandering the finest years we should have had.

Anonymous said...

The BNP is the State's safety valve. The BPP is the BNP's safety valve.

We need a proper party, with an economic policy and potential ministers/spokespersons for each aspect of policy.

A coming recession and time of austerity cannot be missed as our chance to change things for ever.

Anonymous said...

I read on a Red site that Lancaster's Chris Hill was thrown out of the RWB for punching someone on Saturday night. Please God let it be Collett he punched. If it was Collett Chris goes up two points in my estimation straight way.

Anonymous said...

"A coming recession and time of austerity cannot be missed as our chance to change things for ever.

21 August 2008 13:56"

The BNP likes to con members that no venue will have them. Its a lie made up to hold members back. The reds will demonstrate wherever the BNP is, and its the polices job to hold the nutters back.

Griffin, has been fooling you all.

Anonymous said...

"The BNP likes to con members that no venue will have them."

I booked the Birmingham City Council, Councillors Chamber. A beautiful building steeped in history. The publicity from the event would have been huge. Griffin and Darby pissed all over it. It never went ahead.

All political parties are entitled to do this, and to discuss within those walls the advancement of their regions.

If BNP members cannot see that they are being lied to, ripped off, and conned, after all the testimonies from people, then, they deserve what they get.

Griffin likes to keep the BNP in a state where it attracts the undeducated, fearful, and the thugish underbelly. Griffin doesn't want to move forward, he likes things just as they are, and the only icing on his cake would be a seat on the Euro gravy train so he can wave goodbye to you all.



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