Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Heretical two - latest news !

What ever we may think of some of their website content , they deserve support any letters or reading material would be appreciated to relieve boredom in jail.

Sheppard, Simon
0800006404, 4B B2
C/O Santa Ana Jail
PO Box 22003
62 Civil Center Plaza
Santa Ana

Dear ,

Many thanks to you and Kate for the letters, received this morning. They cheered us up considerably, practically the only news we've had. It seems that our scheme of seeking political asylum was a good one, even if it doesn't work out in the end it will have made a point and embarrassed the UK government (which they certainly deserve).

We appealed the first official we saw at LAX with "I'm sorry to be a nuisance but we wish to claim political asylum." Thence we were processed for about 12-14 hours. Then held in "tanks" for 24 hours. After our rapid flight it took about a week to recover from this (jet lag also part of the equation). We are currently in a federal jail, could be a lot worse. Steve and I have managed to stay together, though it's been touch and go at times and we are presently sharing a two-person cell. The asylum claim may take 3 months.

If I read you right, there was no conviction for the printed matter (holohoax and DBS) so on appeal we could be completely aquitted. That's good news, but entirely representative of the malicious nature of the prosecution if they are seeking a retrial on just those remaining charges.

The more publicity we can get, the better. It has cost us dear in travel expenses and so forth and the publicity is its benefit (even though twisted, mendacious, etc. - they say all publicity is good publicity). I'm only allowed two free letters (I only discovered this yesterday! Also my list of addresses is locked away elsewhere) so I hope you don't mind if I use this letter to you to convey messages to others, and a few misc. items:

Anyway, we are taking it easy after the stress of our flight and reading lots of books. Please convey our thanks and best wishes to all those who have expressed their support. We're doing our best not to let them down.

All the best,


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Anonymous said...

The Website was set up in the USA where it is completely legal that could be grounds for the two to take the Crown Prosecution Service to Stasbourg on the grounds of breach of human rights.

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