Monday, August 25, 2008

The missing six million

Author: Editorial, Solidarity, 21 August, 2008

The Socialist Workers Party’s behaviour at last Saturday’s [16 August 2008] protest against the British National Party’s Red White and Blue festival was spectacularly crass. But nothing they did was odder than the text of the petition they were circulating to gather contact names.

Using Love Music Hate Racism as a party front, their petition’s second bullet point reads: “[The BNP] deny the holocaust where thousands of LGBT people, trade unionists and disabled people were slaughtered.”

No mention of the main victims of the Holocaust, the Jews.

How could such an omission be accounted for? Perhaps, it could be argued, the Jews were simply forgotten, left off the list of victims through casual error. Perhaps we should regard this as a stupid mistake, but not a malicious or politically significant one. Perhaps a young, new SWP member should take the blame.

Let us assume that a young member did write this. Don’t more experienced comrades in the SWP check political material before it is circulated? We know they do.
But let us also assume that the youngest, newest SWP member produced this material, which was then circulated, unchecked by anyone else within the SWP. Why would this hypothetical new member “forget” the Jews?

To say something has been “forgotten” is a description, not an explanation. For example, one of us might forget our office keys — a description of an event. But the explanation may well be that somewhere in our brain, perhaps semi- or sub-conciously we don’t really want to go to work.

Political people, writing political documents, make such glaring omissions for identifiable political reasons.

Our charge against the SWP is not that they hate Jews — not as individuals. Our charge is not that they are Hitlerites — of course they are not. Our charge against the SWP is that their hostility to “Zionism” (i.e. to most Jews in the world) is now so deep-running, so pernicious, so unthinking, blinkered and automatic, that such an “accident” or “mistake” is possible. By creating an organisation with such a default setting, the SWP’s leaders are building a group which will “forget” the Jewish victims of the Holocaust. Shame on you!

More power to the SWP for finally recognising those who bring misery on every country in the world, including ours. Perhaps deep down the SWP may think Hitler had a point, or perhaps they realise that the 6 million figure has purchased war and misery on a level the Jews themselves have never felt. It was only 2 weeks ago that Israel was looking to shed blood in Ossetia. One would genuinely assume that any peoples who had really suffered would never wish it upon anyone else, but we enlightened few know differently.


Anonymous said...

Strange that, I always noticed that LUAF only have stories about Jews and history. They probably don't care about other minorities unless it involves the BNP?

Anonymous said...

That's because they are hypocrites who don't care that blacks shoot blacks. They're only bothered if a white shoots a black, and if a black shoots a white they don't give a shit at all.

What they want you to do in propagating their 6 million lie, is to forget how evil they, and these people are. They don't like you to stop and think about Internet porn for example. Virtually every disgusting and paedo site on the net is owned by Jews.

The Yiddish Black Hand or the Jewish Black Hand Association was a criminal organization that operated on New York's Lower East Side during the early 1900s, led by Jacob "Johnny" Levinsky. Around 1906, Levinsky, with Charles "Charley the Cripple" Vitoffsky and Joseph Toplinsky, began an extortion ring from their hangout at a Suffolk Street saloon, delivering anonymous letters signed as the "Yiddish Black Hand" threatening to steal or poison the horses of local pushcart vendors and other businessmen. (This method was used earlier by Cammora and Sicilian mafiosi and others who preyed on Italian immigrants as the Black Hand.) Within three years, the ice cream manufacturers' association created a commercial fund from which they would annually pay off the organization.

By the end of 1913, having gained a virtual monopoly in their criminal activities, the three reorganized their criminal organization with Levinsky concentrating on extortion in the ice cream trade, Vitoffsky focusing on job offers between rival dealers and manufacturers of seltzer and soda while Toplinsky cornered the produce market, truckmen and livery stables. Although the three often worked independently from each other, they did work together when hired out for specific jobs such as assault, theft, and murder for hire. A member who had turned informant provided a description of their rates:

Shooting, fatal - $500
Shooting, not fatal - $100
Poisoning a team - $50
Poisoning one horse - $35
Stealing a horse and a rig - $25

Final Conflict said...

"That's because they are hypocrites who don't care that blacks shoot blacks. They're only bothered if a white shoots a black, and if a black shoots a white they don't give a shit at all."

Hear hear!

seventhvictim said...

I suspect it is part of their creeping to Islam. In any case weird-
by the way the AWL who penned this article is the most pro-zionist left group in Britain.bktrce

Anonymous said...

No matter what, these people will always be laughed at. No one could take any group seriously that discounts, and writes off, violence to a host population in favour of the outsider.

Remember how quiet the antifa were about the war in Iraq?

Its ok to kill Iraqis isn't it?
Its ok to kill Afghanis isn't it?

Its ok to kill Jews isn't it??????
LU are liars and hypocrites. They remain quiet about the Zionist controlled wars because they only care about Zionists. They are Zionist controlled and they hate us because we seek our freedom from their oppression.

Anonymous said...

This is a disgusting piece of propaganda from the Socialist Wanker's Party! They deliberately ommitted the most important victims of the Holocaust! Whose side are they on one wonders? Perhaps they should rename themselves the National Socialist Wanker's Party!

Anonymous said...

I've always said that when anti capitalists and nationalists unite, we will be unstoppable.

Anonymous said...

Irrespective of ideology, people should look objectively at history and indeed other matters.

Nothing lasting can be built on lies. Ideology itself must give way to knowledge and experience.

The SWP have obviously got wind of the UAF's State/Zionist agenda. Whether the "thinkers" in the SWP know the "Holocaust" (SWP forgot the capital "H" in "Holocaust" :-) ) is an "exaggeration" (and I'm being generous) or really believe it is unknown.

There is an upcoming generation of young people with internet access. They know what the truth is - more and more. They know how their town and cities are changing. The traditional "left" have ignored objectivity.

The "right" too must mature and look to what is possible. If we wish to achieve anything we have to be realistic and build a broad anti immigration/anti globalist front.

Anonymous said...

The brighter Lefties have been waking up to the role of the Jews for some time.

Odd that at the same time the BNP has been the party to take up the role of defending Israel ...

Anonymous said...

Simon Smith said

The "right" too must mature and look to what is possible. If we wish to achieve anything we have to be realistic and build a broad anti immigration/anti globalist front.

26 August 2008 16:37

Agree with this whole heartedly. It prompts the old saying, something like,

Gog give me the will to change the things I can change,
Accept the things I can't change and the wisdom to know the difference.

End quote.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...