Thursday, August 21, 2008

Police chief to join Gay Pride party
20/ 8/2008

THE new chief constable of Greater Manchester will be among 300 police officers joining in the party at the city's Pride festival this weekend.
Head of Cheshire police Peter Fahy, who will take over the top post with Greater Manchester's force later this year, will join the largest ever contingent of police officers to take part in a gay pride event when he helps celebrate the festival's 18th birthday on Saturday.
Officers and staff from 16 forces across the country will join the parade through Manchester city centre, leaving from the Museum of Science and Industry, in Castlefield, at 2pm. GMP is one of the lead sponsors of this year's Pride celebrations.

The force's parade appearance has been organised by Police with Pride which consists of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender representatives from forces across the north west.Sgt Julie Barnes-Frank, coordinator of GMP's Lesbian and Gay Staff Affiliation, said: "I am totally overwhelmed with the response we have had this year.

"It is fantastic that so many police officers and staff are taking part and it's a credit to them. Each year our presence gets bigger and bigger and this year it is true to say there's never been anything like it in the world."
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Anti-gag said...

The worlds gone mad!

Anonymous said...

Why can't homosexuals just get on with their lives? You never see a heterosexual march! If they want to be treated as ordinary and normal, why don't they just live their lives like the rest of us?

Final Conflict said...

because they're not effing normal!

Anonymous said...

I think that the title of the previous article is very apt.

'Britain in Crisis'

Another nail banged in.

Anonymous said...

He's obviously a closet queer!

All is forgiven Gary Glitter, Manchester wants you to lead their Gay Pride march.

Anonymous said...

It's Fahy preferring Asians to white coppers for promotion that should be the main concern here.

He is obviously an anti-white racist !

Marcia said...

I agree with anti-gag who said the worlds gone mad - I have no personal feelings one way or another about peoples sexual preferences except to say that I think this is a personal and private matter and I don't want minority groups to shove it in my face.
The police force has always had a masculine identity of courage and
protectors as have the army, fire service and paramedics.
This becomes an illusion when there top brass encourage and make our boys participate in these flivilous antics. I am sure this doesn't go down well with the rank and file.

seventh victim said...

It is worth pointing out that some forms of homosexuality have a connection to mental illness- the hypersexuality of the gay 'club scene' in spite of the risk of aids- is an obvious exemplar. The 'pride marches' is merely the political muscle of a deviant and hostile group.

Anonymous said...

Fahy is just another political copper. We have had them since

God help the poor coppers that have to work under him.

He prefers asians to British coppers.

Anonymous said...

North West Ambulance Service recently issued an internal circular in which staff are asked to support the event.

Anonymous said...

95% of homosexuals are paedophiles. Very few homosexuals are what you might call 'straight', in that they simply prefer an adult of the same sex.

Anonymous said...

Fahy looks ..........erm, a bit gay does he not ?

behind blue eyes said...

This is the same force which stated last year that it wouldn't arrest and/or execute outstanding warrants on Moslems during their festival of Ramadan due to not wanting to upset cultural and religious sensitivities.

The ruthless promotion of homosexuality is part of the Judeo-Masonic cabal's plan to undermine, destabilise and ultimately destroy society by removing one of its major obstacles, the family unit.

The mass murdering Jewish Bolshevik Lenin stated -
'Destroy the Family and Destroy Society'.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...