Friday, August 22, 2008

Time they reinstated the good name of Kevin Hughes

Most Nationalists will have heard of the incarceration of Kevin Hughes, the former Worcestershire Organiser.

Kevin was and is a good friend of mine.

I visited him often in prison.

Now he wishes to put in the public domain information about the trial.

I asked Kevin to give a brief account of what happened the night he encountered a particular Iraqi Kurd. This is what he said :"I had been out with my friend and his partner. On leaving I was walking parallel with a chap who looked foreign and I asked him where he was from and he told me to "fuck off" and he pushed me.I pushed him back and then he hit me. I then grabbed him by the shoulders to stop him striking me again and we both tumbled to the floor.

I got up and walked away,went to the nearest telephone and called my wife to come and pick me up. When she arrived I got into the car and we drove off. At the traffic lights the door opened and a policeman put me under arrest for suspicion of assault.

The Iraqi Kurd was by his side, his shirt was still on his back and un-ripped and there were no injuries.

I was held overnight and charged with "racially aggravated Common Assault " the next day."

Kevin informs me that the company that he paid to give him the manuscripts from his trial nearly two years ago have misrepresented what happened. The company responsible for providing the manuscripts are :

Margaret Wort & Co, Edial Farm. Burntwood, Staffs.

Every Crown Court trial is recorded on tape, and there is provision for the accused to have a written transcript of the recording. Despite being told that the manuscripts would be available after six weeks, it took four and a half months for them to become available ! There may just be a suggestion of a fishy smell here bearing in mind what was related to me next.

The manuscripts bear no correspondence to the trial whatsoever. Kevin assures me they are a fallacy. The main flaw in the supposed trial accounts mention that the charge from “Racially Aggravated Common Assault” to “section 47 assault” (ABH) was at the instigation of the prosecution when it was in fact at the instigation of the judge. The upgrading of the charge occurred after the judge asserted that the Iraqi had a cut on his head and before the jury entered the courtroom AND THEREFORE BEFORE EVIDENCE WAS PRESENTED BY THE PROSECUTION. I have no criminal law knowledge. Kevin who has looked into this has said for a judge to upgrade a charge is highly irregular and from what he has researched, actually “illegal”

Kevin Hughes was tried by Judge McEvoy at Worcester Crown Court on 25/5/06 , was convicted of racially assaulting a (twice failed) Iraqi asylum seeker and sentenced to two and a half years in prison. (Isn't it strange that the Establishment can murder hundreds of thousands of Iraqis yet present one up as a "victim" when needed !)

The trial had many questionable features to it, including:

1/ No photographic or medical evidence entered with respect of Kevin’s alleged assault on the other party. In fact the Iraqi was completely unblemished even though accusing Kevin of punching him six or seven times in the face. Kevin is an extremely powerfully built man and could seriously injure someone if he was so minded. There were doctor’s notes for Kevin who had been punched in the head BUT NONE for the other party. How could Judge McEvoy make the assertion he did about the cut ? (Does Judge McEvoy belong to the same Masonic Lodge as Lord Hutton ? :-) )

2/ Questioning of Kevin’s political beliefs, including BNP membership, whether he was a councillor and his views on immigration – with the usual inference that said membership bestows a “thug” tag on such a person. THE TRIAL MANUSCRIPTS GIVEN TO KEVIN HUGHES DO NOT CONTAIN THIS LINE OF QUESTIONING !

3/ Other than the Iraqi and Kevin Hughes there were no witnesses. Many may find this very odd and for what its worth I'm told it's a breach of Magna Carta !

Kevin Hughes persecution at the hands of Judge McEvoy and no doubt his Masonic Establishment contacts who instructed him needs to be widely known. Political interference in trials is seen to a greater extent then the Establishment would like to admit. I don’t believe there is a separation of Judicial from the Executive and Legislative parts of government as the Establishment likes us to believe.

Kevin was a political prisoner.

He had been the Worcestershire organiser for the BNP, a superb activist, including canvassing all over England for the BNP. Instrumental in getting the first BNP councillor elected in Redditch, (the constituency of a JOKE of a Home Secretary Jacqui Smith – but they’re all puppets anyway, even when they seem plausible.) The Establishment had clearly removed what they thought was a political threat to the future Home Secretary's "territory".

Posted by Simon Smith


Anonymous said...

Kevin had to be brought down, he was making Worcester to successful. They did the same with Ebanks.

Darby and Griffin have let these regions slide ever since. They are obviously doing the work of the state safety valve.

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with the first posting. Kevin's imprisonment was used by Gri££in and Darby as a publicity stunt and photo opportunity outside the Royal Courts of 'Justice' in London last year to boost their own egos. Kevin is a hero to the Racial Nationalist cause and has discovered that Darby is a state asset recruited years ago. One day we will rid ourselves of this pair of unscrupulous no goods who have hijacked our party, then we can get on with building up our movement! I live for that day!

Biggles said...

It reminds me of the peson who was convicted of racist abuse depsite no victim being found and the only witness unsure of what they actuallt heard.

Despite that a guilty verdict was returned. Totally bizarre but it shows what we are up against.

Best of luck to Kevin Hughes he has a biased judiciary and establishment to overcome to clear his name. It shouldnt be like that justice should be for all and not for a priviledged few who can use the race card to further their case.

spetznaz said...

If we had 'Justice' in this Country for indigenous British people, there would have been no need for the Heretical Two, to flee the UK, to the USA, and claim political asylum.

Anti-gag said...

'Time they reinstated the good name of Kevin Hughes'

Here here!

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

Things have deteriorated - at least in the old -days the police would have fabricated some evidence.

It would seem they no longer need to do this, as they can now obtain convictions without evidence of any kind.

Cllr Chris said...

From the reporting at the time it was painfully obvious to me that Kevin was being well and truly stitched up by the system. This article confirms how the authorities are thorough and ruthless in their dirty tricks. I have experienced it first hand. I suppose if I hadn't then I would be like every other Joe out there -unable to believe our political and judicial systems could be so cunning and so susceptable to such widespread corruption. How are we ever going to clean it all up??

NorthWestNationalists said...

Hello 'Cllr Chris',

we have in the UK what is called the 'Ombudsmen system'.

This allows elected Councillors to avail themselves of an extra Court for unfairness in our bureaucratic system.

charlie seiga said...

Even though Joe Owens has been charged with seven murders he and is also mates with Mark Wollett and Anarchist leader Larry OHara.

He is the only one in the UK who is NOT State !

Anonymous said...

NorthWestNationalists said...

Joe Owens is very lucky I am not a rich man, otherwise he might find himself in the dock again, for his very serious libel of me in his semi-literate book.

Owens book has no real relation or knowledge of British nationalism in the UK.

I mean come on.......Liverpool a hotbed of nationalism ?

A hotbed of communism more like !

p.s. Owens went mad that I never bought his book.I have never met the fellow.

Anonymous said...

"How are we ever going to clean it all up??

Good question ! :-)

I keep on asking myself this question and keep coming up with the same answer in one form or another.

People are stupid,they deserve the "leaders" they get, but those of us still in the political arena might wish to conduct themselves in words and actions in a way that might mean something to those that come after us...

Anonymous said...

Kev goes down in history for his support of Britain.

Nick Griffin goes down as the complete antipathy of Kevin.

Anonymous said...

Odd how Gri££ins "support" of Kevin never went beyond a publicity stunt for himself. Another marvellous opportunity to hammer the establishment quietly set aside.

pot bank said...

Kev Hughes just like the poor soul from Stoke who was murdered by Pakistanis are victims of 'the struggle'.

They should be honoured and supported.

WE must always support our activists.

Anonymous said...

Neither Griffin nor Darby did anything to support this lad.

Bloody shameful.

Anonymous said...

There has to be a real reason for the establishment to pervert the course of justice in such a slatant way.

Some other factor must be at work here -

I think that, as Simon suggests, the potential challenge to Jacqui Smith could well have been that reason.

NuLabour may well be grooming her for some scary future role.

This "Asylum seeker" has served the state well.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...