Thursday, August 07, 2008

Heretical Two Appeal Fund

British asylum seekers in the USA - The Heretical Two !


At last, a veteran nationalist, Paul Ballard, has agreed to administer a fund, see details below.
This might be an opportunity to embarrass the Zog governments of USA and UK as 'defenders of demockcracy'

Subject: Heretical Two Appeal Fund

Dear All,
It's agreed then that I will be acting as treasurer and keeping a record of all transactions. bureaucracy!
The details for the Heretical Two bank account are as follows:
All cheques etc. for the Appeal fund to be made payable to the;

Croydon Preservation Society
Lloyds Bank
Sort code 77-30-03
Account No 86187860
(Bank Address - Lloyds Bank, 49 / 53 High Street, Sutton, Surrey SM1 1DT)

All donations can be posted to, or they could be sent to the account - via
PayPal using email:
Western Union etc.
P.O. Box 301

Racial Regards
Paul Ballard
We can be contacted at either:- /


baz said...

Please would you include the Paypal "email" address for this account,

E. N. Ronn said...

BTW, it's Lloyds Bank, which should be added to the address.

Anonymous said...

baz said...
“Please would you include the Paypal "email" address for this account,”

I am trying to contact Paul Ballard to confirm his email address. I am also attempting to determine which email addy can be used for payments via ‘paypay’.

E. N. Ronn said...
“BTW, it's Lloyds Bank, which should be added to the address.”

I have added this now. Does it look ok now?

E. N. Ronn said...

The sort code should be stated as 77-30-03, otherwise it's fine.

Thanks are due to Paul Ballard for taking on this role.

Anonymous said...

Thanks E.N.Ronn.
Sort code corrected.

Sorry! No details yet from Paul Ballard about the email address for paypal.

Anonymous said...

I have just received an email from Paul Ballard. His email address is and he confirms this is the one to be used for paypal payments.

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