Sunday, September 16, 2007

VNN working for new world order/reds !

We have made many complaints to posts on VNN, about posts attacking the owner of this blog.
We have asked for the UK forum to be closed down, as it serves no useful purpose.
Alex Linder has shown no sign that he is interested in this international incident.
Linder has allowed multi-racial porno to be posted on his site.
Linder is also a friend of international boozer and supergrass, Glenn Miller
We now know why VNN is not even mentioned by European nationalists.
These yanks are just a damned joke , and in our opinion, a disgrace to the white nationalist movement.
The USA is falling even below our low standards.
Stormfront is bad, but VNN is even worse. It appeals to the very worst in society.


Anonymous said...

The yanks are bloody useless mate !

Anonymous said...

Apart from David Duke, the last yank nationalist was Dr.Pierce.

Anonymous said...

This has just appeared on LUAF:
Phil Edwards, the National Press Officer for the BNP has resigned. More as and when we get it. The statement on his website says;

'This is my last post as I resign my position of National Press Officer for the BNP in order to concentrate fully on my business interests.
It’s been fun this last six years but I’ve done my stint, and thank anyone and everyone who has taken the trouble to read my scribblings...'

What the hell is going on?

I just do not believe he is leaving to concentrate on his business interests.

Anyone with any more news?

All the best...Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Further news of the resignation of the bnp press officer. This has just appeared on the luaf site:
Anonymous said...
Doc Edwards left because he had enough of the endless stream of abuse from two Yorkshire based spiteful individuals towards his wife Wendy. Its got a 2 year history..... anyone wanting to know the full story will have to wait for the book to come out! The "Doc" was a strong supporter of Griffin but even Griffin's (half hearted) intervention was not enough to quell the troublesome stirrer. Anyone getting on the wrong side of you know who and his tiny clique always end up falling on their sword or getting the chop.
The only fireworks at next years RWB will be the scraps between Treasury and pissed off members looking for their money!

9:26 PM, September 16, 2007

Can it really be true that the bnp press officer is hounded out by an endless stream of abuse from Collett and friends?

Is that the standard of behaviour tolerated by the chairman (I hesitate to call him the leader) Nick Griffin?

All the best...Bill Jax

pete r said...

Some of the folks on VNN need to grow up.

Others (like Tommy Williams) are irredeemable scum.

TRATOLProductions said...

America has proven to be an enemy to Britain over the last century. Therefore, Brits should have washed their hands of America decades ago.

The demise of Britain can be blamed on the insipid 'culture' of America, which has swept through our country like another black plague. Not to mention their anti British (specifically anti English) propaganda campaign that 'Hollyvood' has been putting out into the world.

Let's also not forget America's interference with the N.I issue either, as well as funding and arming the IRA. Yet, despite all their crimes against us over the decades, we, like the ever faithful lap dog we have become, follow America into their 'War on Terrorism', with our tails wagging firmly behind us.

Britain should just concentrate on Britain FIRST and establishing friendships with European countries.

Fuck America and fuck the bloated inbred cunts that populate it.

Siegfried said...

I read 'aryanworld' today, Eddy Morrison's blog-site and he says he avoids these forums because people are getting dragged into pointless feuds often by agent provoceteurs.

I think they are becoming a joke and causing arguments where there would not be any. Anyway his piece on this is worth a read.

Soup Dragon said...

Has this site stopped updating?

NorthWestNationalists said...

re Siegfried,

your point about Eddy Morrison has some validity. But he should rein in his second in command of the threesome in the BPP;Pete Williamson.

Williamson is forever slagging off genuine nationalists on the internet.

Anonymous said...

Wherever Williamson goes, there's trouble.

Anonymous said...

Beverly Kerry, A.K.A Odinsgal88. Is connected to the C.U.N.Ts site too. A misfit
who claims to have cancer (but we think she's just using it as an excuse but
shh). As far as we can tell she's not well liked in the right wing movement.

Anonymous said...

Why do these so called 'hardliners' support Nick Griffin ?

I cannot understand this.

They must be too thick to understand

Anonymous said...

kerry lives in Birmingham.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...