Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mr. Ahmadinejad of Iran

A very interesting video from Mr. Ahmadinejad of Iran


Anonymous said...

He speaks too much sense to survive and you can bet Hilary Clinton and Sarkozy will see him swing while they burn Iran and slaughter the women and children.

The world has to pay every kind of homage to Israel and the people who have caused suffering and poverty for millenia. Israel is a nationalist apartheid state that denies the same for the rest of the world. Greedy war mongering murderous scum.

They dare to ask why they have been the most persecuted race on earth when they have slaughtered and enslaved billions.

The zionists hate the Islamic world because the muslims don't want anything they have to sell, and if you ain't buying from the Zionists you're marked as dead. The world is full of greedy cowards afraid to be called anti-semites. In the world that THEY have created to be an anti semite is a badge of honour.

Boycott Israel



PS Great quote someone found on SF

"During an argument between the Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, Peres said that Isralis' policies of continued violence might "turn the US against us".

To this Sharon retorted:



-- Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon
October 3, 2001
(IAP News)"

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax says:

Please forgive me for not knowing how to post this comment to NWN in a relevant place.

I have put it here, in the comments section of your latest piece, because I do not know where else to put it.


Over at Covert mansion, you will see a long piece exposing Pete Rushton as a long time Trotskyite.

Covert backs up this accusation with copies of a series of posts by Rushton on usenet.

Readers should be aware of the propaganda technique used here.

The Covert piece relies on the fact that most readers will not bother to go through all the copies of Rushton's posts.

The casual reader, ie most of us, will glance over the headline describing each post, such as "Rushton admits long time contact with Marxists!", and conclude that Rushton must therefore be a marxist spy etc.

However, if you read through each post from beginning to end, you will not find anything to support the headlines accusing Rushton.

For example, Rushton's long time contact with marxists was 'admitted' in a throw away line about not having been in contact with any marxists since 1993.

I joined the National Front in 1974. I had frequent contact with marxisrts, trots etc as I beat a couple of them up at University when they tried to exclude me from a public meeting. Does that mean I am a bigger marxist spy than Rushton?

Griffin has long time contact with Marxists and has them today...AS OPPONENTS AND ENEMIES.

It is the nature of the contact that matters, not the fact of the contact.

Rushton makes no mention of what kind of contact he had with marxists in this supposedly damning post, so this post is not evidence of anything.

So, although Rushton might be a marxist spy and agent provocateur, none of the posts quoted on the Covert site proves it or provides any evidence one way or another.

I suggest readers go through all the posts themselves, rather than take my word for it. It will not take too long, once you are aware of the technique. Find the so called damning evidence and see if it justifies the headline. It won't, but as I said, don't take my word for it.

The technique used by Covert is also used by a so called US academic, called Ward Churchill.

He writes historical tosh, describing the evils of white immigration to the USA and the racial holocaust the whites unleashed on the peace loving, cuddly Indians.

Books like: "A Native Son: Essays on Indigenism".
(He claims to be Indian, but in fact has either 1/16th or no Indian heritage at all.)

Also: "A Little Matter of Genocide".

Here he describes how the whites deliberately spread smallpox amongst Indians in the mid west.

He backs up his claims by referring to diaries of local fort doctors etc.

Trouble is, when you actually find his source material and read it yourself, you find that Ward Churchill's sources do NOT state what Ward Churchill says they do.

They state the opposite, that the fort doctors and traders etc were very concerned about smallpox and tried to prevent an epidemic, because the Indians were very valuable to them.

How does he get away with this?

Ward Churchill never publishes in peer reviewed journals, where any work is rigourously checked and criticised by rival experts in the field.

He only publishes in obscure, lefty liberal marxist journals, whose readers do not bother to check his sources.

His audience/fan club consists of those already committed to his world view, who are looking to have their prejudices confirmed and therefore will not do the hard, tedious work of checking his sources.

So with Covert mansion.

Rushton may be a spy...or the man in the moon...who knows?

But I do know that the 'evidence' published by Covert would not convict a dingo of pissing in the desert.

Let's all be aware of the technique and ensure we do not descend to that level ourselves.

All the best...Bill Jax

Anonymous said...


Anything that comes from that source cannot be trusted.

A bunch of inadequate pissheads, junkies and cowards who think saving the world constitutes their disgusting blog and handing out a few leaflets. If they were'nt such cowards they might actually try standing in elections rather than using the cowardly excuses of being afraid of being beaten up or that their families might not be safe.

They don't mind slagging off people who have more courage and brains than they do, though. SCUM



Anonymous said...

Actually, back in his populist NF/ITP/Strasserite days, Griffin himself had some very friendly contacts with SWP members.

That's something else that has gone down the BNP memory hole.

Yorkie said...

I wrote to the Electoral Commission with some questions relevant to the charges against Michael Easter contained in Tina Wingfield's letter. This is the reply I received and below is my original Email.

"Thank you for your enquiry.

From the description you provide it would appear that the British National Party Reform Group would be defined as a "members association" under the provisions of the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA). A members association is a group that is wholly or mainly made up of members of a political party. There are requirements under the Act that members associations report donations received of more than £5,000 to the Electoral Commission and do not accept donations of more than £200 from donors that are impermissible as defined by the Act.

In terms of the accounting requirements of political parties, members associations are viewed to be separate organisations from the party and accordingly are not required to be included in the overall party's accounts.

Should you wish any further information regarding members associations then please let me know.



I am hoping you will be able to answer this question. If some members of a political party join together for a particular objective, which may or may not be approved by that party nationally or locally, does their income and expenditure have to appear on the party's accounts submitted to yourselves? I am concerned about the case of the British National Party Reform Group, which campaigns within the membership of that party for changes to the way the BNP is run. Do its accounts have to be submitted to the BNP itself for inclusion in its own accounts?

Thanking you in anticipation"

Assuming I have asked the right questions, it seems the grounds for Michael Easter's expulsion contained in Tina Wingfield's letter to him are spurious. It is no wonder that Scott McLean resigned rather than put his name to such nonsense (if that is why he resigned). Nick Griffin should reinstate Mr Easter now, before it costs us a fortune in legal fees. Incidentally, our local fund-holder, a Griffin voter and founder member of the BNP says that he does not feel Michael Easter "spat in his face" (to use Tina Wingfield's phrase). If you are reading thjs, NG, don't pretend you are doing this to protect our interests.

Anonymous said...

"In terms of the accounting requirements of political parties, members associations are viewed to be separate organisations from the party and accordingly are not required to be included in the overall party's accounts."

So, once again Griffin has broken the law. Do Mr Easter have an appeal fund toward his court costs?
I would suggest decent BNP members donate to that rather than put Griffin aboard his Euro train.



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