Sunday, September 02, 2007

Stormfront UK moderators - 'piss poor'

We would really like to hear your comments about these berks, sorry, chaps.
They have done a good job in screwing down the potential of the white nationalist movement in the UK.
None of them have any nationalist experience, but yet they have been censoring posts made by nationalists.
As far as NWN can discern, there are the following scumbags/moderators;
GODWINSON - Charlie xxxxx - Educated moron. Went to 'Oxbridge' but is living in Tyneside on the dole ? We don't believe it.
JOHN JOY TREE - Andy Robertson - this guy needs to be watched, a nationalist he is not. But he does pay big money to be a moderator on Stormfront. Lewes is a rich area
RED X KNIGHT - Kerr (?) - A berk from that white nationalist stronghold Ulster. This fellow is a pain in the arse for real nationalists.
All of them support Agent Nick Griffin !


a friend said...

I won't leave my name as I am still in the party. But I have been to Andy Robertsons house. Here are the photos of 38 South Way Lewes.

He is older than us by the looks of him.

Anonymous said...

You may be a little unfair to the others mentioned BUT

John Joy Tree - An extremely stupid self styled "clever" person. Sings from the Griffin hymn book without to my knowledge ever having delivered a leaflet in anger.

Suspicious in coming from "no where" to be a moderator on SF - but just as likely to be a keyboard activist who has bought a certain amount of "influence" by making donations.

The heavy "moderation" of the anti NG posts may be because of their American overseers. I'm just speculating on that one. Don Black may be very sincere but he's not very intelligent IMO.

BTW IP numbers are swapped between StormFront and the BNP forum - so posters beware !

10:54 AM

Anonymous said...

Re: a friend.

Are those really photo's of JJT's gaff? I know the address is correct and the white coat in the back of the van makes sense. He did after all say that he was a physician working from home.

West Mids said...

Anonymous said: "BTW IP numbers are swapped between StormFront and the BNP forum - so posters beware !"

Bit late for that, friend!


Anonymous said...

They are banning posts about Mike Easter.

Anonymous said...

Yet another non-griffin nationalist has been banned from Stormfront UK forum.But the paid griffinites are given free rein in there .

West Mids said...

Anonymous said: "They are banning posts about Mike Easter"

Perhaps they think he's not worth talking about?

pete r said...

West Mids wrote (re Mike Easter):
"Perhaps they think he's not worth talking about?"

I've only just got back from abroad, so I'm not up to date with what's been happening on Stormfront.

But I hope that Stormfront's moderators would not share your typical Griffinite arrogance in presuming to dictate what is or isn't worth talking about.

Particularly odious is the Griffinite chutzpah reflected in your assumption that the disciplining or expulsion of a BNP founder member would not be "worth talking about".

Mike Easter supported and funded BNP activities all through the years while Nick Griffin was playing silly factional games, running off to France, wasting the NF's remaining funds, bankrupting himself and shooting his own eye out.

observer said...

Peter, a question, shouldn't you be building up your own party, the England First party?

Maybe you can get pete b to join. Also, Shazza, etc.

And show the 'Griffinites' what they are doing wrong!

pete r said...


Don't worry - you will be seeing significant developments in the realignment of non-Griffinite forces (including the EFP) during the next few weeks.

Don't imagine I spend all my time on the internet complaining about Griffin.

During the next week or two I'll be out campaigning for a council by-election in South London, editing the epilogue for the new edition of a DVD, and beginning work on another DVD!

Plus long delayed website updates that had to wait while I was overseas.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...