Wednesday, September 05, 2007

It's that zionist judge again !

Should everyone in the UK be on the DNA database?

How can we strike the balance between combating crime and guarding civil liberties?

A senior appeal court judge is calling for the national DNA database to be expanded to include everyone living in the UK - and everyone visiting the country.

Lord Justice Sedley says the current position is "indefensible" because ethnic minorities are disproportionately represented on the database and offenders who have evaded arrest are not included.The chairman of the DNA database strategy board, Chief Constable Tony Lake, says there should be a debate about the future of the database. He has suggested that samples could be held for limited periods.

NWN: It's Steven Sedley ex of Siefert,Sedley &Co; that long term supporter of far left wing causes. Only a few weeks ago, he ruled against a couple of BNP members who had a run in with Zionist/communist SEARCHLIGHT magazine. We said then, to 'keep an eye out' for this character.

National DNA database ? NO !


pete r said...

A suitably Stalinist suggestion from Judge Sedley.

Anonymous said...

Ah ... but according to the new Zion-friendly BNP, Jews are cuddly and beautiful ...

Anonymous said...

Anyone born in the 70's is already on the database. They started taking blood from babies and keeping it around 1977


S Ebanks

crackshot said...


Lord Justice Sedley
Lord Justice Sedley, a former Communist, is widely regarded as one of the most Left-wing of current judges.

Sir Stephen is a strong supporter of human rights, and spent his 28 years at the Bar working principally in the fields of civil liberties and discrimination law.

In 2000, he was elected president of the British Institute of Human Rights. His Who's Who entries, under recreations, have included "changing the world".

He has said that judges should assert themselves to curb abuses of Government power and failures in the democratic process.

In the 1970s he was a tutor at the Communist University of London, a nine-day summer school organised by the Communist Party.

Its aims were to help students to develop a critical approach to the material taught in their regular university or college courses.

The father of three became a Lord Justice of Appeal in 1999, and has also sat as an ad hoc judge in the European Court of Human Rights.

Anonymous said...

Jewish Red as judge arguing for a police state.

you couldn't make it up.

Imagine an "ex-fascist" being a judge!

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