Saturday, September 08, 2007

STORMFRONT UK on it's last legs !

The latest is their ban on any discussion of the witch-hunt against Mike Easter, the campaign manager for Chris Jackson at the corrupt last Leadership challenge.

Griffin opponents are being banned at a whim by the Griffinite trio moderators.

Any credibilty Stormfront may have had has now gone. They are biased in the extreme, in favour of 'Agent Griffin'.

However, we must give more coverage to the below post by someone using the name 'Wolf from Birmingham' on SF UK.

Maximilian, Brummie76, also works to an “anti-nazi” agenda, so in this sense, both he and the lamentable John Wolf, can truly be said to be bedfellows.

I’m afraid that there is a new destructive breed within nationalism, infusing its poison, destroying the mere chance of a movement for change.

There is not much to separate, this new breed from the neo-con, and should one take the time, one can discern a strong “anti-nazi” perspective to all they do.

So-called “anti-nazi’s” or advocates for Israel, should be avoided like the plague, they bring to the table, only duplicity and conflict, ironically at the very time our people need a movement, these people appear to wreck it.

Oh they will talk of modernising, presenting an acceptable face, they will even endeavour to convince us, that their “new way” is the best, however it is a sham, or at best, immense self-deception.

I have coined a new term I believe, “new way nationalism“; it sums up the new right, in their battle for total hegemony, given the chance, they would have us rushing to the Zionist banner, contesting only Islam, whilst our country dies.

There are issues to be addressed concerning the “new nationalist” BNP, however I have heard, that here is not the place to air them, expurgation deplorably has the day. It has come to something, when nationalists must hold their own against so-called fellow nationalists, when leaders of parties, disparage willy-nilly.

However there are other forces adrift in this world Maximilian, forces far older than the BNP, currently there is such a flux within nationalism, so many disparate entities that eventually something must be done.

Nationalism has never been the BNP and perhaps egotism blinds, in any event they heap their own pyre, reap their own ill wind. We must stand fast in these times, hold out until things clear, we must realise, that there are those who profess nationalism that are not part of the pack.


beanbag said...

stormfront has outlived its usefullness. it used to be unbiased and godwinson was chosen as a mod as he was nf rather than bnp at that time.even though it is banned for use by the bnp it is run by the griffin faction. shame.

big bad bev said...

Dave Jones has stopped posting due to a gaffe/balls up he made on here and the fact he has been told to stop posting on NWN by the Griffin regime.

nettles said...

These destroyers of nationalism only appear on stormfront or in the BNP magazines now the BNP is run by the worst enemy nationalism has ever been confronted with .

Griffin though is not the real enemy. He is not clever enough. But he is clever enough to know he is being used by greater powers.

nettles said...

good post Wolf !

nettles said...

Anonymous said...

The BNP is finished. How many votes in York the other night for the PREMIER nationalist party that has been going for more than 25yrs?

York is about to get a mass influx of ROMA and still the BNP gets nowhere. They need to stop beating up Islam and concentrate on communities instead but I know they don't have the skills for such thankless hard work. Many BNP members are no better than those they dare to call lemmings many of them will put football and beer first. All those prepared to sacrifice, and it does take sacrifice, have been shit on from a great height by a man whose intention has always been NEVER TO GET ANYWHERE BUT THE LOCAL BANK SO HE CAN FILL HIS OWN POCKET.

I believe it is time to ditch the BNP and revive the NF with the intellect it had in the 60's/70's. It must take to the streets enmasse and demand equality and rights and the abolishion of RACIST positive discrimination. It must become a party of the people for the people and smash the corrupt BNP.



Anonymous said...

i agree.

Stormfront UK is liberal, kosher, pro-faggot BS masquerading as white nationalism.

btw - according to the FC Blog [] Mike Easter is expelled.

Anonymous said...

NETTLES said>>Griffin though is not the real enemy. He is not clever enough. But he is clever enough to know he is being used by greater powers.<<

Griffin has no ideology. He's an opportunist, pure and simple.

He pushes their agenda and they help him to get rich. he doesn't buy their agenda - or anyone else's for that matter. All he wants is money.

Anonymous said...

Big black will says hi ya

yankee doodle dandy said...

Screw Don Black he had to do a Lecomber.

Lecomber was threatened with a life sentence for his bomb making exploits.

Black did his deal due to his invading Dominica with a load of other merceneries.

Black could have got the death sentence.

Anonymous said...

At last, Stormfront UK allows posts about Mike Easter.

Thankfully NWN has so many influential nationalists and reds who read it avidly.

Thanks PB for a (free) good read !

Anonymous said...

A good post by wolf.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the NF with a good breath of oxygen and a real passion for our future.
It could be done and the foundations so ably laid are there.

Anonymous said...

good post wolf !

a white nationalist

biscuitbarrel said...

John 8:32

"Know the truth, and the truth shall set you free"

paul said...

What did ashtonscout do the last time Griffin and co trashed the nationalist movement ?

Anonymous said...

who is the wolf

Anonymous said...

"I believe it is time to ditch the BNP and revive the NF with the intellect it had in the 60's/70's."


The NF website is filled with expletives. The small group running the NF obviously think that shouting 'fuck' and 'bloody hell' are good ways to gather public support.

Are these people really going to let the more thoughtful take over? And ruin their little club? Because the NF is not a political party, but a group therapy session for demented berks to vent their inchoate anger. Nothing more.

"It must take to the streets enmasse and...."

All 200 of them?
How are they to recruit members and supporters "en masse" with such an attitude?

SE (presumably Sharon Ebanks) is just floating another idea for her to get back into nationalist politics ie via a revived NF.

She should do something positive with all the evidence she says she has got, but never produces.

She could produce a website, put all the evidence on it, then write to all the BNP members on her list with a hard hitting summary, inviting them all to view the whole file on the website and offering copies of documents to anyone who writes to her with a stamped addressed envelope.

That way she could keep the membership list confidential and still have an impact.

But the problem is that this scheme involves hard work, painstaking analysis etc. Not as interesting as shouting in public and drawing attention to oneself.

Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

Bill Jax is right.

Never mind messing about with micro parties. Do a first class expose of Griffin and get him out before he destroys the party completely.

It would be interesting to see the Jewish controlled press remaining totally and mysteriously silent about all the Griffin material when it came out.

Anonymous said...

"But the problem is that this scheme involves hard work, painstaking analysis etc. Not as interesting as shouting in public and drawing attention to oneself.

Bill Jax"

It's with the police and the Electoral Commission and the only party that Griffin fears is the NF, it's why he won't proscribe it. He wants the name so he can sit on it.

If those angered by Griffins behaviour still wish to belong to something that given some work could actually start winning, then why not join the NF?

It's all very well you slagging off the NF's Internet presence but I'd rather have bad language than a councillor who beats up women and throws children across rooms, eh?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...