Thursday, September 06, 2007

"After years of 'cloak and dagger secrecy' with the party leader having sole access to national funds and accounting records , the BNP now has a fully accountable financial system complete with close scrutiny of all transactions by
key officials "........ And theres more !
Click the above pic to enlarge it , which is yet another gem from the BNP's magazine IDENTITY 2001 issue p.6.
The last sentence by Nick Griffin is a real hoot. So we had in fact been warned here hadn't we ?


Anonymous said...

Cor blimey, I can go to bed laughing now :-)

Any sign of the BNP accounts?



Siegfried said...

Griffins farm house gets grander with every passing year. He wants power and money, just like the main stream politicians, ideology comes second place.

Talking of the BNP who is Bill Pugh Copeland BNP who is writing on Duncan Money's blog, about how the BNP is not racist and he is proud of his mixed race grandchildren ??

Anonymous said...

"Any sign of the BNP accounts?"

I had a look this morning but the column 'Year ending on or after 31 December 2006' is still empty.

But maybe the folks at the Electoral Commission have forgotten to put it up?? :D

Anonymous said...

Well NWN, the last of Nick’s comments is no lie, i.e. “Fund raising has always tended to be our Cinderella, we need to make it our top priority.”

He certainly did that!!!!

free nationalist said...

Thanks for showing us what went on before. It looks bad for Mr Griffin.

West Mids said...

I hear someone's been asking questions about you at your college NWN? LOL

NorthWestNationalists said...

West Mids......your wearing our patience on here.

You, and your tiny group of 'paid' Griffinites, giving out fellow nationalists personal info makes you a what ?

Even the 'reds' are not as bad as you scum these days.

Even some of them have more decency than you do.

West Mids said...

VNN is full of it Pete. Take a look mate, you're quite the cause celebre tonight. Tee hee.

NorthWestNationalists said...

West Mids from Slough ?

82.44.208.# (Telewest Broadband)

ISP; Blueyonder

Meh, Slough isn't quite in the West Midlands is it ?

West Mids said...

Tell me where I said I live in the West Midlands!

NorthWestNationalists said...

It also transpires that you are also Purging the droid off SF UK.

My word you are a norty boy !

West Mids said...

Whatever, Peter... ;o)

Anonymous said...

West Mids said
"I hear someone's been asking questions about you at your college NWN? LOL "

You filthy little snitch!

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