Friday, January 30, 2009

Will Griffin sell his soul to Searchlight?

Searchlight have launched a petition. Will Griffin sell his soul?


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think he'll apologise.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think he'll apologise.

And rightly so. He needs to be realistic enough to move on from this bullshit and focus on the real problems of today.

E. N. Ronn said...

Would you buy it? Though Gerry's sins may be scarlet, at least he has remained true to his people and his beliefs all his life. I would rather have his conscience, than Gri££in's.

Anonymous said...

Griffin would sell his arse, and probably has done.

Anonymous said...

How can you find out who signed it? Will they present the petition to Griffin in person?

jack from rochdale said...

Britain is doomed.

If anyone thinks that charlatan Nick Griffin will do the nationalist thing, they should be hit with a piece of 'four by two'.

Tommy Williams, Dave Howard and Beverley Kerry (all from the sheffield area) all support Nick Griffin and his wanting non-British/non-whites into the movement.

Anonymous said...

If Griffin apologises you will witness the birth of a real Tory party.

And if he does apologise does that mean Searchlight will leave him alone?

We warned you all that the BNP was a state trap.

Anonymous said...

I would rather trust Joe Owens leftie mates Searchlights Nick Lowles and his anarchist/AFA mates than Nick Griffin.

Simon said...

He must have had to much ale on those occasions.Anyone with half a brain knows what went on in those camps.
He must apologise and mean it to shut the lefties up.
Also the Bnp must allow ANYONE who is British born to join,this really would shut up the lefties and allow the Bnp to move forward bigtime.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is being used by the establishment and will then be spat out when convenient.

But not until he has fully denied his own political position and that of nationalism. Still some way to go on that.

A vital step will to for him to say that immigration has been beneficial. Another is that nations are outdated.

Won't be long.

Anonymous said...

Gri££in sold his soul to the International Jewish Order and Free Masons a long, long time ago. The media are going to play him up now, you just wait and see!

Cllr Chris said...

If NG had said "The extermination tale is a mixture of propaganda, lies, hysteria and TRUTH" then a lot more people might have agreed with him. No apology necessary. That's the trouble when you go too far to exaggerate a point.

Anyway - I seem to recall NG saying at one point that he may well not be the person to lead the party to victory in the polls - precisely because of his past "baggage". Didn't he say something like that?

Anonymous said...

Surely the correct position on the Holocaust is that it is being used as a political weapon against people who had nothing to do with it.

If we British perfectly reasonably want to keep a living space we are accused of being 'Nazis' by the left.

It is utterly ridiculous yet by constant repetition has gained a currency.

This is the point to hammer.

Anonymous said...

Why is Charlotte Lewis allowed to stand in Croydon with her criminal convictions? Something in the BNP stinks.

Griffin claims to have changed the BNP image and here we have a fooking female wannabe terrorist as a candidate for chist sake!

Anonymous said...

" Simon said...
He must have had to much ale on those occasions.Anyone with half a brain knows what went on in those camps.
He must apologise and mean it to shut the lefties up.
Also the Bnp must allow ANYONE who is British born to join,this really would shut up the lefties and allow the Bnp to move forward bigtime.

31 January 2009 09:11"

And when he does this, the establishment will step aside and allow a nationalist party to atain power and we will all live happily ever after.

Keep taking the tablets Simple Simon.

Anonymous said...

Why is Charlotte Lewis allowed to stand in Croydon with her criminal convictions? Something in the BNP stinks

What has she done?

Anonymous said...

"What has she done?

31 January 2009 15:54"

She has 4 convictions for harrassment. I'm sure Croydon people will love to have a councillor like that!

Anonymous said...

she has convictions for animal rights protests which is an honourable thing in my eyes ,so anon why are you trying to stir up the sh-t and try to make out she is dishonest ,are you sure you are not bob gertner with the hump that she is croydon organiser now and you aint ,dont take the piss you muppet and she has one conviction not four so dont give it or we will come to clapham and take it up with you personally if you know what we mean

Richard Chadfield said...

As posted.
Nick Griffin has said that the
“extermination tale” is a mixture of propaganda,lies and hysteria.
Does'nt this quote define Mr Griffin as a holocaust denier? And once a holocaust denier always a holocaust denier (in the eyes of those whose name can not be spoken) no matter how abjectly the holocaust denier may crawl on his/her belly in the fruitless hope of forgivness and the opportunity to dine at the Jews table.
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

Gerry Gable has been working for the state for a very long time. Even the Left has finally grasped the fact that he's been playing both ends against the middle.

Anonymous said...

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Wayne Madsen

Jan 30, 2009

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Anonymous said...

Trying to appease those whose name must not be mentioned is futile.

Friendliness is taken as weakness.

Courtesy from a position of firm resolution - different.

Anonymous said...

Antifa are not happy...

"Antifa has long been used to the pseudo-antifascist organisation 'Searchlight' actively harming the fight against the BNP but this is taking the piss.

Searchlight's latest genius scheme to stop the BNP in their tracks is to demand Nick Griffin apologises for denying the Holocaust. They've even got a petition set up, apparently if enough anti-fascists sign it then Griffin will sit up and take notice!

If Griffin does seize this opportunity and apologise then Searchlight have handed the BNP a major publicity coup to raise their national profile and bolster claims that they've left all that nasty fascist stuff in the past. It's not impossible that he could either, Griffin's 'modernisation' strategy has involved the ditching of what have previously been core fascist positions like compulsory repatriation from the very beginning.

The strategy of Searchlight is still stuck firmly in the 'BNP = nasty Nazis' approach that has been completely ineffective in the last few years. Do they really think people vote BNP or not depending on their opinion about the Holocaust?

This is yet another piece of evidence that Searchlight is either clueless or wasting people's time.

Stay well away."

Free Thinker said...

Hang on a sec, is this not the same site that supports the Heretical (Holocaust denying) two? Griffin dropped revisionism years ago, yet you still slag him whilst supporting the Heretical two!

Make you minds up you hypocritical bunch of pricks!

Anonymous said...

Believing in Nationalism has nothing to do with the Holocaust.
Griffin was an idiot for saying what he did but that doesn't mean we all believe his version of events.
Those skeletal figures behind the barbed wire seen on actual footage of liberation weren't actors nor were the piles of bodies.
The numbers are difficult to prove so why say they are false.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...