Wednesday, January 14, 2009

BNP links to immigration service staff

An official investigation has been launched after two immigration service staff working with asylum-seekers were found to have links to the British National Party, The Independent has learnt.

One guard employed to look after asylum-seekers at a detention centre has been forced to resign after his name was found on a membership list of the BNP. Another man has been suspended while his employer investigates alleged links to the same far-right organisation.
Both cases raise serious concerns about racism within the immigration system, where membership of extreme political groups has long been suspected. Over the past two years The Independent has helped reveal nearly 300 allegations of brutality, including 38 claims of racism, made by asylum-seekers about private security and immigration staff. Some of the allegations included abusive and racist language, in which refugees fleeing persecution were referred to as "monkeys" or told to "go back to their own countries".

The only two services where membership of the BNP can be grounds for dismissal are the police force and the Prison Service.

In the case of the immigration service, everyone working in immigration removal centres or in the guarding or removal of asylum-seekers must sign a declaration making clear that they are not members of the BNP, Combat 18 or the National Front. Those who are found to belong to any group that promotes racism will lose their accreditation to work in the immigration system.

Last night, the UK Border Agency said it "will not tolerate racist behaviour by individuals working in immigration removal centres. All allegations are investigated and the UKBA can revoke an individual's accreditation to work for the agency or have any contact with detainees."
It is understood that a security guard resigned after a list of BNP members was leaked to the media last year.

In the case of the suspended guard, the investigation is being conducted by the private contractor. During his suspension, the man will not be able to work with refugees or enter any immigration building.

BNP policy on immigration stipulates: "We will also clamp down on the flood of 'asylum-seekers', all of whom are either bogus or can find refuge much nearer their home countries."


Anonymous said...

Tell Israel/America to stop bombing them and killing them, and they'll stop coming here.

Anonymous said...

So what, its only fitting that an anti immigration party be incharge of sending these fuckers home.

Anonymous said...

Germany to contribute to Auschwitz renovation
Tue, 13 Jan 2009

Berlin - Germany is ready to make a contribution towards renovation work at the former Nazi concentration camp of Auschwitz in Poland, a Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said Tuesday. The spokeswoman said the government was in contact with Polish authorities about what was required. "We consider it a core duty of Germany to keep the memory of the Holocaust alive," she said.

An estimated 1.1 million European Jews died in the gas chambers of Auschwitz during World War II. The concentration camp, built in 1940, is badly in need of repair.

Without foreign assistance it faces falling into decay, according to the director of the Auschwitz memorial centre, Piotr Cywinski, who sought international funding last summer.

The centre requires around 50 million euros (160 million dollars) for urgently needed restorations. The Polish government provides it with the equivalent of 2.5 million euros annually.

In the 1990s, Germany contributed 30 million marks (19 million dollars) towards renovation work


Anonymous said...

Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for 'Wiping Out' SEMITE'S!!!

Anonymous said...

Re. Germany to contribute to Auschwitz renovation

At least if Germany put their minds to it they could build a better mock-up "Gaskammer" at Auschwitz than the Poles did at the end of the war. LOL

Anonymous said...

Venezuela violates Declaration against Anti-Semitism, say Jews
The Simon Wiesenthal Center feels that Venezuela violated the undertaking executed at the end of 2008 by Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela to condemn racism, religious intolerance, racial discrimination and related intolerance
Related Articles
Israeli ambassador Shlomo Cohen is leaving Venezuela

Jewish community in Venezuela bid farewell to Israeli ambassador

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, an international Jewish human rights organization, urged the governments of Argentina and Brazil to denounce the Venezuelan government for having violated the Declaration against Anti-Semitism, in a communiqué released on Friday in Buenos Aires.

The organization, which gathers more than 400,000 members, feels that Venezuela violated the undertaking executed at the end of 2008 by Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela to condemn racism, religious intolerance, racial discrimination and related intolerance, AFP quoted.

"The decision to expel Israel's ambassador to Caracas and support a terrorist group like Hammas, which quotes in its founding charter an anti-Semitic text like the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Sion, reverses the commitment made by President (Hugo) Chávez less than one month ago," added the notice.

Anonymous said...

In Britain the “Friends of Israel” organization, in its various guises, has stooges occupying key positions at the heart of government. These individuals paralyse any effective action against the lawless regime they subscribe to. They ought to be treated as agents of a foreign military power and weeded out, especially with the European elections coming up and a general election just around the corner.

Membership of Friends of Israel is nowadays a necessary stepping-stone to ministerial rank, I’m told. It is one thing for the Jewish community to back Israel but a much more serious matter if anyone in public office secretly places himself under an obligation to a foreign power and allows it to influence his work. Hundreds of our MPs may have crossed that line.

It is deeply worrying to discover that our Intelligence and Security Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee and Defence Committee are all chaired by Friends of Israel. How can it possibly be in our nation’s best interest?

Anonymous said...

I just feel sorry for all the hard working members who have recently been sacked from their jobs, because their names were on the leaked list and have been exposed by the bastards in the media. It not going to be easy find work at the moment during the credit crunch and all Gri££in can say is it's good for publicity! This from the lazy middle-class bum, who has never had a proper job in his entire 49 years.

Anonymous said...

So look what now gets wheeled out of its coffin in order to 'poison the
well' of international outrage at Israel's behaviour.

Heavens above, do they think we're all morons ?? .I'm sure there'll be a
word from Hitler a little later on, praising the anti-Israeli sentiments of
so many countries.TEEEEEEEEEEHEEEEE

Anonymous said...

Warren Glass expelled and proscibed by the BNP?

Anyone know whether this is true?

Anonymous said...

If it's true about Warren, who is a harding working dedicated Racial Nationalist to the cause, of many years standing, it must be down to that F**K WIT S.E. Regional organiser Andy 'shit for brains' McBride, this piece of garbage is a disgrace to the movement, he is ineffectual and incompetent, but of course he is one of Gri££in's most ardent arse lickers. If Warren has been expelled it is a great loss, yet another commited man lost!

The Green Arrow said...

When we come to power, the REds will not be allowed to work in any job other than in lavatories which is where they do most of their business anyway.

Anonymous said...

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Canada becomes a colony.

Canada used to have an independent parliament.

1. Canada has become a very nasty place!

It has lost its independence and become an ignorant little colony of a fascist-gangster state.

2. Canada Stands Alone for the Terrorstate
"Canada is all sewn up for Zionism.

"You’ve got both major party leaders, a controlled and compliant media, and you’ve used your influence to make sure that all Canadians hear are the Israeli Press Release version of the news."

3. According to - Canada votes alone for Israel

"Canada stood alone before a United Nations human rights council yesterday, the only one among 47 nations to oppose a motion condemning the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

"The vote before the Geneva-based body shows the Stephen Harper government has abandoned a more even-handed approach to the Middle East in favour of unalloyed support of Israel, according to some long-time observers.

"Thirty-three countries voted for the strongly worded motion, which called for an investigation into 'grave' human rights violations by Israeli forces, while 13 nations, mostly European, abstained.

"The United States, regarded as Israel’s greatest ally, is not a member of the council."
Harper, the prime monster of Zionist controlled Canada.


"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper ... claimed that criticism of and opposition to the Israeli policies of ethnic cleansing and apartheid against the Palestinian people amounted to 'anti-Semitism' ...

"How could a state that possesses more than 300 nuclear weapons and has one of the most powerful armies in the world, and in addition to that, tightly controls the politics and policies of the only superpower in the world, be under threat?

"Are you fornicating with words, Mr. Harper?

"The truth of the matter is that Israel continues to threaten, bully and attack its subjects and neighbors and their citizens.

"In the West Bank, Israel has effectively morphed Palestinian population centers into modern-day detention camps, thanks to this gigantic wall of shame built on stolen land, coupled with hundreds of hateful roadblocks manned by Gestapo-like trigger-happy Israeli soldiers who draw satisfaction from tormenting and humiliating their helpless Palestinian victims.

"And in Gaza, the country which considers itself a 'light upon the nations' is effectively carrying out a slow-motion genocide against 1.5 million thoroughly starved Gazans whose only crime is their refusal to elect as their leaders Israel’s quislings and collaborators."

Anonymous said...

The Green Arrow said...
When we come to power, the REds will not be allowed to work in any job other than in lavatories which is where they do most of their business anyway.

15 January 2009 14:31

Shut up you a#se licking Griffinite numptie. No decent nationalist listens to anything you have to say anyway.
You are that far up Griffins bottom its hard to tell where you finish and he starts.
You really do make my p#ss boil!

Anonymous said...

Greetings TEE-HEE.

About mid-2008 Russia revealed they have the complete Auschwitz prison camp records, and they claim less than 300,000 jews died in that prison.

Would appreciate if you can run this bit of information to ground as I never believe any jew, and with good reason, to wit Tipsy Yiddleski (whatever her name is)proclaiming to the world "there is no humanitarian disaster within Gaza".

Anonymous said...

When we come to power ..

Call yourself an Arrow, more like Griffins butt for him to brown his bent arrow in.

Anonymous said...

John Hutchyns Tyndall   14 July 1934 – 19 July 2005 The above picture was taken just prior to  concerted vicious left wing attacks ...